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  1. Hi Josko, sorry I won’t Be able to make it, I have been in Texas working from home since the COVID epidemic started and I will not be. ACL in New Hampshire until July. I hope that there will be other opportunities to go on a kayak trip with you this summer. Enjoy!
  2. Hi Josko, i would love to join but I am a working remotely from Texas right now. i should make it back to New Hampshire in a couple weeks and hope to get back on the water in June. Enjoy!
  3. I had a great time last year and certainly would like to do it this year too
  4. May be, I will know Saturday afternoon if I can go or not Phil Gassin 469-323-8512
  5. Hello, This looks great, I would like to come Phil Gassin 469-323-8512
  6. Hi Joe, i would like to join. I am not sure if we paddled together before. I moved in the area last year and did a number of trips last year including Gay Island with Kyle and Woods Hole with Josko I both sea and river kayak and I have taken the Maine guide course for sea kayaking. best regards
  7. Thank you so much for the offer I found space for my sea kayak at Esther’s Marina in Portsmouth and it Is working out well so far. Hopefully I will finish moving and buy a house this spring and it will not be an issue anymore. best regards
  8. Hi Josko, unfortunately I will still be in France so it is not possible for me. Enjoy!
  9. Hi Paul, I am interested if we can make the date work.
  10. Hi, I signed up for Saturday and Sunday trips at Wood Hole with Josko. I don’t know if this is compatible but if it is I would be interested. Best regards
  11. I am still interested if you want to go paddle
  12. Hi, I would like to come. I will be driving from Manchester NH so put in at 10h00am works for me.
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