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  1. I'm signed up for Jewell. Will drop in at REI to touch base & perhaps get instruction on a sub-topic "hands-on how to make them-there charts". Also for feedback on ice-ages climates & coasts slides, from p.o.v. of interest in aspects we encounter. yes to the food
  2. I am also interested in the campsite option, perhaps as a stop between points sw and ne.
  3. Name some paddling locations you expect to visit in 2019 or 2020 for which you don't already own a chart: Nfld, Haida Gwaii, Vancouver I., N Maine If you DO own some charts, how do prefer to get them? online (for pickup or printing), looking for aerosol plasticizer to coat paper; on the spot (browsing) If you were to BUY a chart, would you choose a $25 waterproof chart or an identical $10 paper chart? waterproof, but if I had aerosol plasticizer, paper How much would you be willing to pay to BORROW a waterproof chart that you didn't have for the duration of an NSPN trip? If I needed one , and didn't think I'd be revisisting (to buy), it'd be nice to rent at the put in. Depends on the duration, cheap is good. Which of the following do you NOT currently own? waterproof chart case, deck compass, handheld compass, marine radio, tow belt, helmet. Helmet, marine radio, satellite radio, and typically, the right smartphone/provider/service across the border.
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