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  1. Hi. Janet. I'd love to join you, but right now I am seeing a wind forecast of 15 Knots for Rye, NH, oddly less than 1 ft. waves, so . . . I have a "full set" of deck lines, but want to wait to commit a bit closer to the day. Really would love to see you and Steph. I realize I will probably get bumped by someone who can commit, but you know me and my chicken feathers. With that said I have been out in a few "small craft" warning conditions this year so confidence is high. The training with Nate last year really helped. I'll check back on Sat. and confirm if there is still an opening. Romaine
  2. For sale - beautiful 16' maroon fiberglass Ranger Canoe, excellent shape, housed indoors, light weight (about 50 lbs), $700 or bo.Canoe_1.eml
  3. Dan, I tried paying through my paypal account to [email protected]topografix.com and it doesn't seem to be acknowledging that this is a valid account or some such because it won't let me hit the next buttom. What might I be doing wrong? I have Zella account with my bank. Do you have a Zella account? Thanks, Romaine
  4. Janet - Hi. I'm in. Romaine
  5. Yup I am out of town next week and the following week as well.
  6. Definitely interested. Have never been to Lake George. Thanks for organizing. Romaine
  7. Dan, Hi. Thanks for organizing so that I may actually achieve my goal of practicing my roll enough that I can get it grid ironed. As discussed, I would also enjoy swimming with you at Walden. So I am a little bummed. I was hoping for Wed. nights which are free for me. I have a conflict on Tue. with my bike club, but I will figure it all out over time. Soon, Romaine
  8. Hi Gary, I am a Level 2 paddler and I would love to come on this trip. Let me know if I can put it in my calendar. Thanks, Romaine
  9. Please add me to the wait list. Somehow missed the post as well. Not sure if my skills will be up to the weather conditions, but will to wait and find out.
  10. Please wait list me. I may be optioning for the hikes versus paddling based on the conditions. Thanks, Romaine
  11. Hi. i am trying to pay for a slot 2/23 and 3/9 or 3/16 (I thought the 3/9 was closed, but I would take the 2 slots 3/9 and 3/16 together preferably) and I can't the website to work. I can get one session in the cart but when i go to pay there is nothing there. I can't seem to add the $5 fee. Please let me know what I can do to hold these slots and pay. Thanks, Romaine
  12. Gary, Hi. I am not a level 3 paddler, level 2. However, I love to kayak camp. If the weather conditions are more of a level 2 for the weekend I would love to go. Thanks, Romaine
  13. Yes, I would be interested. I have had a few lessons and I have had some success but not really there yet. What sessions would work for you?
  14. Dan, Hi. I could do the Feb. dates, but not the Jan. dates. Your curiosity is infectious. Romaine
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