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  1. Hi...I have two kayaks that have been hanging in my shed for the last 10yrs.+. 1) Necky Arluk 1.9....18ft/22....50lbs....$400 2) CD Caribou...17’8”/21....44lbs...$1200. If interested call me to discuss: 518-796-6289 or respond to this thread....Paul
  2. I could never understand why my buddies and my wife could wear neoprene gloves and stay warm. I’d always ask them during a paddle: “are your hands/fingers cold?”. They always responded that their hands were ‘toasty’ while my fingers were cold. The guys and gals that suggested latex-type gloves were right. Those types of gloves work better than neoprene. However, recently I start off using pogies. After no more than 10 minutes on the water my digits are warm and toasty. I have to take the pogies off and the remainder of the paddle I don’t use any type of gloves as strange as that appears. If my hands get chilled I simply put the pogies back on.....hope this helps.
  3. Boy!...those NDK Explorers just keep going and going no matter what the weather is. Are you doing a snow cone roll? :-))
  4. G’day Kayaker276. I cannot help you with your inquiry. However, I could not help but notice from where you are corresponding. I live in Queensbury. Paddle often on the Hudson and Fish Creek into Saratoga Lake. Anyhow, if interested in paddling with us send me an email at: [email protected] or [email protected] We paddle in the Adirondacks at least once a week.
  5. Good Day...sorry for the late reply. Yes the Cyp. is still for sale....call/text me at: 518-796-6289 to chat/discuss the paddle. I am dropping the price from $280....or e-mail me at: [email protected] [email protected]
  6. I have a Cyrpus and Ikelos 210cm for sale. Both Werner. paddles are posted in the classified section..
  7. Good Day. I have two Werner Paddles for sale. 1) Ikelos. Excellent condition. No scratches. Used once. 210cm. Straight Shaft. $320 2) Cyprus. Good condition. Has superficial scratch(s). 210cm. Straight Shaft. $280. contact me: pitt16martin at icloud.com or pitmartin at roadrunner.com.....or on this nspn site... finally, Sea Wolf Astral PFD...good continues. Black. L/XL ...$85....
  8. Oops, I made a mistake. It should read 80-100 times per/yr. Please forgive me ;-))
  9. I hope your tread wasn’t entirely directed at me. I was responding to a post that did not want a police force or government interfering with travel. New York had the highest incident of covoid 19 cases with sickness and death. Our Governor did something about it. Our rate of infection is one of the lowest-if not the lowest-in the country. I paddle 80-100times per/wk. I do not want to see Florida/Georgia plates at the launch sites in NY. Those two states in particular did not follow CDC guidelines and are now paying the price for lack of action. I agree, that people need to use common sense. Wear a mask and practice social distancing. Go out for essential items only when necessary. Common sense. Yet, I don’t believe I’d be welcome to paddle in Massachusetts or Maine???
  10. I live in the Adirondacks of New York. NY’ers have flattened the curve and our rate of infection has made the Empire state a safe place to live. Since this darn virus is ‘asymptotic, I do not want to have people come to NY from Florida or other states that did not practice CDC guidelines and politicalized the virus as not being serious. Also, the brilliant Governor fo Florida stopped NY’ers form entering Florida in late March—April because of the widespread infection rate that New York—mostly NYC residents and the suburbs—had at that time. While DeSantis opened Florida up without restrictions because after all the idiot couldn’t or wouldn’t cancel Spring Break for the college kids.That would be very bad for businesses in Florida. And I imagine that those kids went home after their partying and infected others. Now Florida has a high rate of infection and I’d prefer gator-staters stay put and not visit NY. Once again, we do not know who has this virus and is carrying it around and infecting others. It’s a shame that a virus that can make so many people very sick and even kill someone turned political.
  11. I need to get rid of equipment that I have not been using. Here is my inventory: 1) 2 Werner Paddles. All Carbon. Ikelos straight shaft 210cm. Not even a scratch on this paddle. Just do not use it.$325 Cyprus 210cm. straight shaft. Scratch on one blade. Good condition $285 2) Kokatat Gmer drysuit. Large. Great condition. $350 3) Bibles Bivy Tripod. Never used. $285. There is a story as to why I have never used this bivy. Ill share with you in private conversation if you wish to know. 4) MSR solo tent. Good Condition: $80 5) Astal PFD: Sea Wolf/Black L/XL size. Great condition: $85 6) Sleeping Bags: theNorthFace Cat Meow; $100 great condition, Big Agnes summer bag $50 used once/one time: Mattress $25 7) Garmin VitoActive Watch/GPS .Never used. In original box. Lists for over$300. Sell for $225 call me/text me for pics. or chat at: 518-796-6289 or [email protected]
  12. G’day Terese....I do not want to put pressure on you regarding the purchase of a new paddle, but I have two paddles in my family room that have not been used in two years. Both are Werner carbon paddles. One is a Cyprus straight shaft at 210cm. Good condition. I would like at least $285. I am using a 205cm Cyprus that is why I am not using the 210cm. The other paddle is an Ikelos at 210 straight shaft. Excellent condition. Not even a scratch on the paddle. I use an Epic Carbon in lieu of that Ikelos. I would sell that paddle for $325. Let me know if interested or text/call me if you have questions at: 518-796-6289...Regards.
  13. G’day Sue....surely you meant 1:30PM...if not so....please bring coffee. Plenty....This is most interesting. I might even purchase the book.
  14. I’d like my post of the Lake George New Year’s Day paddle returned to Trips/Events. My wife has some Facebook friends who call themselves: The Adirondack Pirates. The paddle will be messaged through Facebook by her. On the other hand I am a member of the NSPN and would like my New Year’s day paddle posted here for all NSPN member to view. I received you e-mail pertaining to this event, but do not agree with the switch out of the Trips/Event section since once again I am a paying member of this group.
  15. G’day Paddlers.....the Adirondack Pirate group does an annual New Year’s day paddle. Paddlers from NSPA are welcome to join us on Lake George to ring in a new decade. We paddle around some of the Islands then time it right and paddle down to Million Dollar beach to watch the Polar Bear Plunge. After our paddle we go out and dine. Hotels/Motels are cheap in the offseason. Can secure a place right in the town of Lake George. Leggings are numerous up here now. *Let me know if interested in joining us and if members are interested in paddling up here then I will give the simple directions to the launch site. I realize that this trip could be 2.5-3.5hours away for most of you, but I’d like to give members of this organization a ‘heads-up’....Regards. Hoping all of you a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year......Paul ...aka...Capt’n Dangerous -
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