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  1. I have the following for sale: 1) Kokatat Drysuit. Large. Yellow/Blue GMER. Great condition….$350..The Large is a little—sadly—snug for me now…… 2) Astral Sea Wolf PFD. Black. Large/XL…..I purchased the Blue Jacket. The Sea Wolf is the same PFD with minor changes. Great Conditon. $70 3) Kokatat Bib. XL…..do not use. $150 4) Kokatat pants w/ socks attached. Waterproof. XL. …never used these. To Big for me. $100 5) Werner Paddle. Cyrprus. 210cm. Good condition. I use a 205cm currently. The Cyprus has a cosmetic blemish on the blade that does not affect the integrity or stiffness of this paddle. $285…. * if interested in any of these items contact me for pictures. Contact me/text: 5187966289….
  2. Really enjoyed reading your Newfy trip report and viewing your pictures. Brought back memories of my trips to that unique beautiful Island. Wondering why you chose to use the Lendal Cadence paddle more than the Cyprus paddle???…I recall you making a brief statement regarding those paddles. Strangely, I have and use both Lendal Cadence and Werner Cyprus paddles…..But wonderful trip report. Thanks much…
  3. I’m interested. Please keep me in the ‘loop’…
  4. Thank you for taking the time to write up the report on this trip. Really enjoyed reading it.
  5. Joe, I wanted to purchase a Lendal Storm paddle badly. I hesitated back in 2020 because of the steep price. Lendal wanted $495 for the black bladed paddle. More for the checkered color paddles. In 2021 the price of the Storm increased to $555. “Holy-Hurt!!” That of course is a $60 increase. Last year whilst paddling I decided to not be ‘cheep’ and treat myself to the paddle I have wanted. I would bite the bullet cost wise. While on the Lendal website in January of the new year, much to my dismay this company raised the price of the Storm paddle to $610. Are you kidding me. Another $55 dollar increase. A $115 increase over 1.5yrs. What is Lendal’s justification for this? I have e-mailed them and received no answer. I would guess that the company would inform me because of the Covid-19 pandemic prices for material have increased and it is difficult to get materials. Ok. But if that is the case why did Werner paddles made of the same carbon material as Lendal paddles only increase the price of their paddles—Ikelos/Cyrprus by only $10 over the same time period? Anyhow, I wish that I could purchase the Storm paddle. I’ve been trying to contact Lendal for some time and determine if perhaps I can purchase a blemished paddle for a sale price amount. Any thoughts? Have you had success contacting Lendal?
  6. What is the lay-up? Weight? Foot pegs or foam for feet?
  7. A great read and enjoyed the wonderful pictures. Brought back pleasant memories. I was fortunate to do a five day hike in Iceland. Certainly a magical land. if anyone has the opportunity to visit the ‘Land-of-the-Trolls’ then certainly visit this magnificent country.
  8. I have one for sale. I can send pics. if you request. It is in good condition. A 210cm straight shaft/standard. I want $285 for it. Text me w/questions or I’ll send photo’s via phone. 518-796-6289….
  9. I will ‘second’ David M’s thoughts on the Astral Blue Jacket. Used to be called the Sea Wolf. Many pockets. Love the big front fold down pocket. Very comfortable. I’m going on my 4th year wearing the Blue Jacket and it is in really good condition. I paddle around 80 to 100 times per/yr. and this PFD is well worth it for many reasons.
  10. Hi...I have two kayaks that have been hanging in my shed for the last 10yrs.+. 1) Necky Arluk 1.9....18ft/22....50lbs....$400 2) CD Caribou...17’8”/21....44lbs...$1200. If interested call me to discuss: 518-796-6289 or respond to this thread....Paul
  11. I could never understand why my buddies and my wife could wear neoprene gloves and stay warm. I’d always ask them during a paddle: “are your hands/fingers cold?”. They always responded that their hands were ‘toasty’ while my fingers were cold. The guys and gals that suggested latex-type gloves were right. Those types of gloves work better than neoprene. However, recently I start off using pogies. After no more than 10 minutes on the water my digits are warm and toasty. I have to take the pogies off and the remainder of the paddle I don’t use any type of gloves as strange as that appears. If my hands get chilled I simply put the pogies back on.....hope this helps.
  12. Boy!...those NDK Explorers just keep going and going no matter what the weather is. Are you doing a snow cone roll? :-))
  13. G’day Kayaker276. I cannot help you with your inquiry. However, I could not help but notice from where you are corresponding. I live in Queensbury. Paddle often on the Hudson and Fish Creek into Saratoga Lake. Anyhow, if interested in paddling with us send me an email at: [email protected] or [email protected] We paddle in the Adirondacks at least once a week.
  14. Good Day...sorry for the late reply. Yes the Cyp. is still for sale....call/text me at: 518-796-6289 to chat/discuss the paddle. I am dropping the price from $280....or e-mail me at: [email protected] [email protected]
  15. I have a Cyrpus and Ikelos 210cm for sale. Both Werner. paddles are posted in the classified section..
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