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  1. Very interested; esp the May trip. AMC camp is a great group base for anything Reid to Popham are close. Have stayed there many times for BC training with Carmody.
  2. Hi Barbara, Welcome to the NY chapter of NSPN!
  3. Gary, I think I had lunch with you at #9 during an MDI retreat. It's also a favorite camping spot of yours. #4 I think we were there during a water reading/nav session training session this summer. We had a lovely lunch on the balcony and talked charts and pulled out compasses. Not 100% sure.
  4. Paula, Have you ever put on a dry suit with all of the fleece layers and warm socks you will need underneath it? AKA have you ever tried one on with all the kit? I would do so before you purchase! Unless you are 110- 120 lbs I'd question a size small. Karen year round paddler on Lake Champlain and ocean whenever I can get to it!
  5. Can't resist a blue sky in November! See you there.
  6. I was with the crew at Squam in May! Would be fun to see it in the fall! However, I'm going to be teaching research methods to a graduate audiology class on Thursday afternoon so can't join you. I'm bummed . . .
  7. Interested if on a Friday or weekend. Thanks for organizing!
  8. Thank you! Is this the sort of trip that could be done in July or August or are you aiming for June in 2023. Reminds me of Giants Causeway and rock formations in Ireland. What does a dulse boat engineered to harvest seaweed look like?
  9. Assuming the sea state cooperates do you anticipate journey planning from say Ordione to Rye being a part of this class? Also, I'm very interested in local knowledge--anyone been there recently? I was there pre-covid and remember waiting for the gate to be opened at 8am? Is there still space?
  10. Matt, The friend I borrowed the wing paddle from uses what he called a small face (680?). He views 5 knots as a recreational pace and 6 knots for racing. He says he can keep this pace for 6 hours without tearing his shoulder. He lives in West Virginia so I'm afraid not a source of wing paddles to loan.
  11. Very interested. This is the Fisherman's Beach in Swampscott? I've only used a wing paddle once for about 5 minutes. Then the guy I swapped with decided he really didn't like my Werner Cyprus . . . Guess the catch is completely different . . .
  12. Was Bill in his Cape Falcon F1 or LPB that he was thinking about building? A friend is building me a CF LPB so I can have dreams of leaving you in the dust . . . (Not really but I am looking forward lifting 30 lbs instead of my ~62ish Cetus MV)
  13. As a "not Dan Foster speed" paddler I really liked the Cadence when I borrowed one from Todd during Rendezvous. It made me look almost competent at the small tide race at the mouth of the Kennebec and I didn't swim. I wish I had purchased one from Jonathan last December.
  14. Just received this morning from the local Chamber of Commerce... I live close to the US side of the border. "The North Country Chamber of Commerce is expressing regret at the announcement today that, starting December 21, returning Canadians who have come to the U.S. will once again need a negative PCR test even if they have visited for less than 72 hours. The edict also requires that the PCR test be administered in the U.S., barring an earlier practice of short term visitors having a test in Canada before departure. "We have referred to U.S.-Canada border policy as a see saw in terms of each country progressing at different speeds," says Garry Douglas, Chamber President. "But now it's more like Charlie Brown and the football. Canada moves forward, particularly for short term visits. Then says they advise against travel but are making no test changes. Then two days later, we go back to where we were before November. What a way to run a border and to show understanding of the unique and special people-to-people bonds between Americans and Canadians. We obviously need to step back and restart the messaging we were engaged in several weeks ago." Douglas notes a new wrinkle is that short term Canadian visitors to the North Country will now be required to have a negative PCR test done in the U.S. in order to return without quarantine mandates, unlike previously when a Canadian test was acceptable so long as it was no more than 72 hours old. "This will again strain our limited testing sites here for those Canadian friends who do come, for example to see family over the holidays." "The over-arching failure after nineteen months remains the continued absence of U.S.-Canadian coordination," says Douglas. "We welcome the continuation of U.S. policy, allowing entry with full vaccination, which at least will continue to allow purposeful visits to see family, visit property and conduct business, as well as use Plattsburgh International Airport. We will begin strategizing with officials in partners in both countries immediately." "
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