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  1. Can I get the specs/brand on those inflatable boat rollers. They look like something for sailing so I'm not sure where to start. Thanks!
  2. RU going to be at the Solstice paddle on Saturday?
  3. Looking forward to seeing everyone Saturday morning around 9am. Assuming beach brief around 10am. I'm staying at an airbnb in Marblehead so just let me know if you guys want to leave earlier. I don't see any big conditions yet for Saturday but of course it's still a little early. Am debating wetsuit versus drysuit. Anyone paddled in the area recently? Is there a googlesheet somewhere to enter name boat etc.?
  4. Please keep me in the loop. Will be at Cobscook Maine all next week so not a lot of cell service.
  5. Robert, Would you please post a picture of your square waves sea state. I'm curious too. I'd love to join you all but doesn't sound like the weather would justify a five hour drive from Plattsburgh NY. Hoist one for me at the PPPO. Cheers Karen
  6. Jane, We often paddle up here after dark. Stern light so other boats can see you. Quickly accessible head lamp or light to signal other boats. To be determined by group but yellow chem for helmet and green chem hanging off bow for out of boat experiences at night common. Cathy too late for non New England paddlers but is this something they do every sat post turkey day? Me planning for 2019.
  7. We are going to have fun! I'll leave the moose to Prudence😎 I have been warned it can be cold. I'm bringing my winter bag and long johns and sleeping hat..
  8. Hi, Anybody else going to the Solstice paddle on Saturday? Sherry and I plan to chat at the potluck about the trip. I realize most of you don't know me. I paddle a lot with Robert and Cathy and the Jonathan and Kelsey and Prudence and Mike Habich and Dave Mercer via the Carmody training events. My only club paddles are Gerrish Circumnav last Feb. and the Easter paddle. Cheers, Karen
  9. Is anybody using the Motionize Kayak Tracker Edge for training to improve the efficiency of your forward stroke? If so what is your opinion of the product?
  10. I'm in. Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. Will email.
  11. Sorry, I don't know the area. Are you talking about launching from Piscataqua River Public Boat Ramp
  12. I would be up for your Gerrish circumnav or your Wallis to Odirorne shuttle. I haven't been in current since last October and am rusty. I've never crossed the Piscataqua but have been told it's some of the fastest current in the area. For me a mistake on my ferry angle and an out of boat experience in 40 degree water to start the trip is not what I'm interested in. As this is CAM, if the rest of the group prefer the Newcastle Island circumnav there is always another weekend for me.
  13. Hi Prudence, Count me in. Jonathan--did you buy a drone yet?
  14. Where would you be launching from and about what time? Thanks
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