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  1. Skin on Frame

    While this post is still somewhat active I want to say if someone is thinking of building but lacks the equipment to get things going, I have a heavy duty table saw, 15" planer and bandsaw available here in Canterbury NH and would be happy to help get someone through the parts production phase. I'm not set up for bending yet if you decide to go that route.
  2. Skin on Frame

    Good luck John. I'm happy with how mine turned out but would do a few things differently if starting again. Let me know if i can help.
  3. Saturday 2/17 Portsmouth

    Sadly I'm out.
  4. Saturday 2/17 Portsmouth

    There's a parking lot and launch at the lighthouse on Newcastle that I have been intending to try. I'm told it's quiet in the winter and no fee.
  5. Saturday 2/17 Portsmouth

    Mark (Mford) lives nearby and on a recent trip pointed out a lot of alternative launch sites in the harbor. might be nice to try a different spot.
  6. Saturday 2/17 Portsmouth

    Me too.
  7. Baffin Bay Skin on Frame Build

    Perimeter lines installed so project essentially complete. About 7 weeks start to finish but I really didn't keep track of hours or expenses. I still have concerns about flotation and self and assisted rescues so no cold water or solo trips until those issues are sorted out.
  8. Baffin Bay Skin on Frame Build

    Thanks Brian, if I decide to change I'll want to see how they work on a boat sometime. Got to try the boat out in the pool today and was overall very pleased although I have a few issues to work on. I initially had some trouble rolling it although that was more lack of experience than anything with the boat. Thanks to Jonathan for helping sort out what I was doing. Here's Bob Levine completing a roll:
  9. Saturday 1/27

    Feeling committed. Soon though.
  10. Saturday 1/27

    I'm regretting I didn't get a trip planned. Let's get out soon Alex...
  11. Baffin Bay Skin on Frame Build

    Brian, as always thanks for your input. I guess I'm just going with what I know. With the non traditional hardware I'm using it will be easy to change rigging if I don't like how it's working. The bungee I have though is really tough.
  12. Saturday 1/27

    Sadly I abandoned this trip for lack of response and will be headed to the pool session tomorrow. Welcome to new member John though!
  13. Baffin Bay Skin on Frame Build

    Greenland storm paddle roughed out: Ready for finish sanding: First trip outside on the way to buy outfitting: Seat, backband, heelrests, and bungee installed, only waiting for deck lines: Ready for a maiden voyage at the Haverhill pool session tomorrow.
  14. 2018 Pool Sessions (updated 2/6/18)

    I'll take this spot if it's still available. What do I need to do, just show up?
  15. Saturday 1/27

    Saturday looks like calm ocean and mild weather. I hope to get out either in the Portsmouth area or open to other ideas. Anyone interested?