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  1. Jim Snyder

    Nahant Surf Session: Day of the Seafarer!

    Hey Bob, what day is this? edit: Whoa I just saw the Monday tag...
  2. Jim Snyder

    P&H Scorpio

    The new corelite is 59 pounds without it's hatch covers. I'm going to have to weigh mine. It's not nearly as heavy as my new old Explorer which I haven't weighed either. I got spoiled by owning a 39 bound Zephyr.
  3. Jim Snyder

    P&H Scorpio

    I've made this boat comfortable for me with a different pair of shoes but am still open to a sale or trade if anyone is interested. This is the plastic version of the Cetus.
  4. Jim Snyder

    Odiorne 5/31

    Bumping to the top. Planning to launch around 10 am.
  5. Jim Snyder

    Odiorne 5/31

    Hoping to launch out of Odiorne or perhaps Newcastle this Thursday. HT 1:22 pm, fair weather, light winds and 1-2' swells predicted. Route to be determined by interest.
  6. Jim Snyder

    Odiorne 5/17

    Hoping to launch out of Odiorne or perhaps Newcastle this Thursday. HT 1:15 pm, light winds and 2' swells predicted. Route to be determined by interest.
  7. Jim Snyder

    Looking to try an Anas Acuta

    Moderators, can we get an edit on the subject of this post?
  8. Jim Snyder

    Marine GPS App for Android phone?

    I use Marineways (http://www.marineways.com/ but find it hard to use my phone in the sun, particularly with sunglasses on.
  9. Jim Snyder

    Portland Thursday 5/10 9am

    It might be a trick for me to get there by 9 but I'm potentially in.
  10. Jim Snyder

    Sunday April 29

    Plan is to launch out of Pavillion Beach at about 1:00 on Sunday. Route to be determined by conditions.
  11. Jim Snyder

    Sunday April 29

    The only place I've launched in that area is right there on the Parker River but with the tide ebbing we'd have to paddle against it on the way back. Pavillion Beach or Eagle Hill might be options.
  12. Jim Snyder

    Sunday April 29

    Looking for others to paddle with in the Newbury area after NTSKW on Sunday. Forecast looks good, high tide around noon.
  13. Jim Snyder

    Trans-Atlantic (X3) kayaker

    I couldn't stop reading this...
  14. Jim Snyder

    Heavy Boat Traffic!

    I love this!
  15. I love this. I tried to find the source and all I could figure out is that it lives on facebook?