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  1. Light off shore winds are predicted with air temps in the high 30's and water in the mid 40's. I anticipate a conservative close to shore paddle planning on a 10 am launch and land by 2 pm to avoid the difficulties getting out at Odiorne with low tide. HT 9:45 an, LT 4:11 pm. Post here or pm if you'd like to join me.
  2. Worth watching although the narrator came off as somewhat naive to me. I still maintain we were statistically safer paddling among whales than we were on the long drive up to the Bold Coast.
  3. Paul, first let me thank you for always being on top of these legislative idiocies in New Hampshire. Second, I was only kidding about pool practice with a flag. In the unlikely event this bill passes, I expect to proudly practice civil disobedience, and incidentally it won't be my first time. Third, for those of you who want to be prepared just in case, I found this: https://www.austinkayak.com/YakAttack-VisiCarbon-Pro-Light-CPM/ACK7483P.html Who doesn't like carbon fiber? It says it can be removed in seconds! What about a practice roll where you go over, remove the flag and tuck it in along side your paddle, then roll up and reinstall it???
  4. I had a nice talk with representative Conley. He says they've been getting a lot of input on this, mostly negative. He said the bill was a response to a constituent concern about kayaks creating safety concerns on the Piscataqua. He incidentally doesn;t think the bill has a chance of passing in it's current form. Just in case though I might mount a four foot pirate flag on my boat and see if I can roll it in the pool.
  5. So is this trip happening or not?
  6. In the 1970s, hoping to rediscover the art of navigating without tools, a hodgepodge of Hawaiian anthropologists and adventurers built a replica of a traditional sailing canoe, which they named the Hōkūleʻa. (Hōkūleʻa translates as “Star of Joy” and is the Hawaiian name for Arcturus, a star which—at the latitude of Hawaii passes—directly overhead every 24 hours.) Leading the way was a man named Mau Piailug - a fisherman from the tiny atoll of Satawal in Micronesia who still knew the traditional art of navigation. http://outsideinradio.org/shows/ep19?rq=canoe
  7. John, not positive I'm going yet but assuming I do you can use my Cetus HV if no-one has anything that fits you better.
  8. You couldn't ask for better conditions in late December. Cloudless sky, temps around 50, water at 46, light offshore breeze. Present: Me, Bob Levine, Kevin Beckwith, all in NDK Explorers. We launched into the river just after high tide and drifted out to head south along the coast. There was medium sized surf in the mouth of the river and just outside but we passed it up to look for rocks. This section of coast is spectacular and even with half a foot of predicted swell, there was plenty of action around the rocks. Sadly, pictures were only taken in the tamer sections. As we rounded Bald Head the winds picked up and the chop was developing. We decided to retrace our steps and check out the rocks with the lower water level. We tried to get Bob to do some cliff diving of the 30 foot face at Bald Head Cliff but he didn't want to risk it in his new drysuit. Lunch on a pebbly pocket beach on the way back. We did a little surfing at the mouth of the river on the way back in. Good rides were possible if you were patient. Then fighting close to a 3 kt current to get back to the put in point. This could have been timed better but we would have been riding a tide in at near dark. Thanks to Bob and Kevin for an enjoyable day. Looking back over my reports for the year I feel fortunate to count 34 voyages on the ocean in 2019. Not ruling out one more but thanks to all of you who helped make that possible! track-122319-103008am.kml
  9. This trip is a go, though we have only 2 so far. Predictions: Very small, very long period swell. Light offshore breeze. Sunny, mid 40s. Water high 40s. HT 8:27 am, LT 3:01 pm. Meet around 10:00 and plan on heading south along the rocky coast. Cold weather equipment and drysuits necessary.
  10. The skies look bright The winds look light Join me for a paddle at a great launch site! Details to follow if interest is generated...
  11. I abandoned this idea. If I'm going to sail it's going to be in a daysailer. I did buy a cheesy spinnaker to play around with and determined if there was enough wind to make it usable there was enough to make it scary. You can have it if you want it. If you're interested in a real sail I would talk to Kris on this forum.
  12. It looks like this may happen slowly but I think it might make sense for NSPN to develop a library while the .pdf charts are still available. I have most of them saved already from the Bold Coast to Scituate and would be happy to work on this if the board deems it of value. Of course anyone can still download the charts now but those new to the sport ten years from now might appreciate a library.
  13. I guess maybe I should have reposted this with a new title. Planning on launching from Odiorne at 10 am tomorrow if anyone else wants to join.
  14. Waves at 1' predicted on nearby Jenness Beach with light onshore breeze. HT around 10 am and LT around 4 pm, which is to be avoided at Odiorne.
  15. I'm a possible. I was planning on maybe Odiorne. Would you consider changing venues to get a quorum?
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