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  1. Who else thinks you're discriminating against us retired geezers? Lawyer time...
  2. I'm 6'0" and 180 lbs. I was having a little trouble getting comfortable in my Explorer with my size 13 winter boots so I had my eye out for an HV something. I ended up buying a Cetus HV which I really like but it's definitely a big barge that's really too big for me and I find it much more difficult to roll. Plenty of footroom though. I ended up solving the Explorer problem by foaming out the bulkhead and abandoning the footpegs so I have more possible foot positions available. All that being said, you should try both an explorer and Kris's HV. If it feels good on you, it looks like a beautiful boat.
  3. Jim Snyder

    Wed. Lunch Paddle #15: 8/14/2019 @ Nahant Beach

    Thanks for the efficient rescue! track-81419-101408am.kml
  4. Jim Snyder

    Bold Coast / Fundy / Cobscook 8.2 - 8.5.19

    Nice report, Joe. I have some additional pictures, charts and satellite images here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1k4dru8kwpw8hsx/AADBiysGJipVeNSV8yYBjLRva?dl=0 The .kml files can be opened in google earth.
  5. Jim Snyder

    Wed. Lunch Paddle #15: 8/14/2019 @ Nahant Beach

    Finally I can make it again...
  6. Jim Snyder

    Surfski safety

    Sorry Prudence...
  7. Jim Snyder

    Surfski safety

    Be nice if some of the surfski guys could do a clinic for curious kayak guys...
  8. Jim Snyder

    Kayak transport options?

    My foam blocks are custom cut for my rack but even so without the towel they want to rotate off. With the towel, not a problem. There is a moment when you have to let go of the stern and you have to make sure it's passed the balance point and that the bow will land on the front foam. Getting the boat down solo I move it back almost to the balance point then throw a strap over the stern to pull it down.
  9. Jim Snyder

    Kayak transport options?

    I have a similar setup on my truck. I tried an arrangement with some casters mounted upside down but this was a failure. The kayak will slide nicely on a towel over a foam block but alone this is tricky due to the height, especially if it's windy. I find I can set the boat across the bed rails then stand in the bed, get it up to shoulder height and rotate it 90 degrees onto the rack. I may have to keep getting lighter boats as I get older!
  10. Jim Snyder

    Cape Neddick

    Can you call or text me at 6037839226so I have your number?
  11. Jim Snyder

    Cape Neddick

    I think parking is available either at the campground or the restaurant.
  12. Jim Snyder

    Cape Neddick

    OK. I would need to be headed home by three. How about meeting at 930? Anyone else want to come?
  13. Jim Snyder

    Cape Neddick

    OK. I would need to be headed home by three. How about meeting at 930? Anyone else want to come?
  14. Jim Snyder

    Cape Neddick

    I did not go today, I was thinking of Monday because I like the conditions better but if I have anyone who wants to go tomorrow I could be convinced.
  15. Jim Snyder

    SOS on NDK kayak?

    Am I the only one wondering what happens to the one you don't buy at a "spectacular price"?