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  1. 2022 Update: I spoke with Jack Farrell of https://www.seacoastmaritimecharters.com yesterday and the format will be changing a little bit this year and trips can't start until after June 20. He also plans to have a new, bigger boat ready in July or August and he is enthusiastic about it's kayak carrying capabilities! I hope to organize several this year and will start a new thread for 2022 when we get a little closer.
  2. There's a form to fill out, I have a link. And it would make more sense coming from you, Joe. Let's see what others think about using Riverhead if it's discounted or free.
  3. I talked with Parks and Recreation at Marblehead and if we make an application the board would consider it at their June 14th meeting and possibly give us a group rate or waive the fee. I guess that's cutting it close but I think it's worth the effort.
  4. I've often thought it would be a good idea to do a simulated rescue situation in cooperation with Coast Guard and others where an incident escalated along a planned path and have a rescue drill. Maybe I can find someone to cooperate.
  5. You lot??? From my HX870 manual: From the Google: The automatic identification system, or AIS, transmits a ship's position so that other ships are aware of its position. The International Maritime Organization and other management bodies require large ships, including many commercial fishing vessels, to broadcast their position with AIS in order to avoid collisions. For more alphabet soup, you have to have a MMSI to use DSC.
  6. While apps like "Maps" or "Google Maps" are great on land, and even on the water will show you where you are and which way you're pointing, they fall short for a number of reasons. No chart details, and some islands we visit regularly don't even appear on the screen at any zoom level. No tracking function. Marine navigation apps allow you to save a track as a .KML file, which can be imported to places like Google Earth to view your trip. They won't support navigation assistance point to point on the water. So if there was nothing better, they'd be amazing but we're so lucky to have better options. As an aside, I'd love to go back to visit my 20 year old backpacking self and tell him that when he was an old guy, he'd have a device in his pocket that would not only show him a topo map for where he was but indicate precisely his location on it and which direction he was facing. He used to get lost from time to time.
  7. I don't want this topic to become a discussion on the relative merits of gps versus chart and compass navigation. I was recently totally fogged in south of York and although we had a chart with us I was pretty happy to be able to look at my phone from time to time to verify our position. I would like to describe the apps I'm familiar with and ask if others have found apps that work for them. Gaia: This was my favorite for a long time until they were unable to deal with the changes at NOAA. The charts now are virtually useless for lack of detail but the tracking still works, you just have to export it elsewhere for it to have any value. I still like it for hiking and skiing. The free version is fine for most uses. SEAiq: This app has some different features like identifying other vessels in your area but if it has tracking capability I can't figure it out. I keep it on my phone as a backup. As of writing this, the charts still work normally. When I got it years ago there was a small one time purchase cost. Caltopo: I just realized Caltopo has a phone app. The free version operates on data to load charts or a cache of charts you've viewed in preparation for a trip. If you pay the $20 subscription you can download charts and store them on your phone. I had a little trouble sorting out how to use their map layers but if I only use it on the water I don't have to make any adjustments. Tracking works well as does storing waypoints. It has a "navigate to" feature that I haven't tried yet. What are you using?
  8. I asked Contoocook River who is a dealer and they said they thought they could get an order but timing would be as I stated above.
  9. Seals will definitely make you one custom, and you get to add color too if you want. The downside is they're probably at least a three month wait. I have a 6" tunnel from them and I prefer it.
  10. I dropped one at EMS in Concord but they didn't seem to have an appropriate place to post it. I emailed it to my friends at Outdoor New England in Franklin NH who were enthusiastic about promoting it.
  11. I'm dying to see this based on the lead in but the link is broken Alex.
  12. With the unavailability and high price of Brunton compasses, next time you see my explorer it'll have one of these babies mounted up front...
  13. Outdoor New England in Franklin NH has done excellent work for me at reasonable prices. https://outdoornewengland.com/
  14. I wouldn't be concerned. I've done kayak support for swim races a couple of times and they were extremely well organized with a staging area for the kayaks and free food afterwards. The hardest thing about swim support is paddling at <1kt. If they need more kayaks post here, I would go.
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