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  1. Jim Snyder

    Kayak Sails

    I'm thinking of playing around with a sail during my sometimes boring solo paddles on Lake Winnisquam. Anyone have recommendations or equipment for sale or loan?
  2. Tracks straight and turns on a dime!
  3. Jim Snyder

    Beaver attacks kayaks

    https://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/national/article216433675.html Not even because of a wooden paddle
  4. Jim Snyder

    Punting vs. Paddling

    That's assuming his power is sufficient to overcome the current. He hasn't demonstrated that in still water.
  5. Jim Snyder

    Punting vs. Paddling

    We know in the original example the paddler would achieve 9 knots down current while only 1 knot up current. Since the punter is dependent on the ground, which in either case is now moving with respect to his position in the water, I maintain he would be helped less by the following current and hurt more by the opposing one. Kayaker wins!
  6. Jim Snyder

    Punting vs. Paddling

    The difference here in theory is that the paddler is at the mercy or benefit of the current, no matter what. If he had no visual point of reference in perfectly flat water, he would be mercifully unaware of it's effect. How many things in life may be analogous? The punter on the other hand has the ground as his point of reference. Is he limited to five knots in still water because of his strength or the hull speed of his boat? While the paddler is moving forward with respect to the water at five knots while moving backwards with respect to the ground at 95, it's not clear what effect the current would have on the punter. If he was unable to resist the force of the current, his means of propulsion would totally fail.
  7. Jim Snyder

    Punting vs. Paddling

    Sorry, I still don't buy the "locked paddle". I'm willing to call it an "apparently locked paddle" but physics would argue otherwise. The only way to avoid the equal and opposite reaction is paddling in a medium that offers total resistance in a boat that is capable of zero friction. The punter would find his "punt rod" or whatever he calls it useless in your 100 knot current, wouldn't he? When they turn upstream, the hundred knot current would capsize both of them. I'm thinking of taking up punting now.
  8. Jim Snyder

    Punting vs. Paddling

    Ok I'll bite. The current shouldn't matter in either direction but this would be a stupid brain teaser if I weren't missing something. It reminds me of the stupid argument that it's possible to plant a paddle in one place in the water and propel a boat without any backwards paddle motion with respect to water.
  9. Jim Snyder

    Portland, Saturday August 11

    Looking for co-paddlers out of either Bug Light Park in South Portland or Kettle Cove Beach a little farther south. Could include a trip to Maine Island Kayak on Peak's Island to demo boats if anyone's interested in that. Post here or contact me if interested. I have never used either of these launches so unless you have it will be new territory.
  10. Jim Snyder

    Problem uploading photos

    Not sure, I haven't posted pictures since the sof construction. This one loaded with no error messages at 4.4 mb.
  11. Jim Snyder

    Problem uploading photos

    I was having trouble and found that they would only load if I reduced the file size. 1mb files are fine for screen viewing but it's a pain if you're trying to load a lot of photos to reduce them all. I can only do this one at a time.
  12. Jim Snyder

    Sunday July 29th

    Where's Brave Boat Harbor? How long of a trip are you anticipating Jonathan?
  13. Jim Snyder

    Level 2+ Gerrish Island Saturday July 28

    I'm a possible at this point so please include me on the list.
  14. Jim Snyder

    Tall Ships Parade, Portsmouth 7/25

    I'm out based on conditions and my schedule. Thanks for offering this.
  15. Jim Snyder

    Tall Ships Parade, Portsmouth 7/25

    Chance of thunderstorms ramps up around one. Paul, what are your thoughts?