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  1. Bo Gus. They're not heated. https://www.smartsaker.com/products/warm-thermal-gloves-cycling-running-driving-gloves-1?variant=32967030276180
  2. I picked up my drysuit from Outdoor New England today with three new gaskets. They did a great job at a very reasonable price. If anyone wants to get a suit tuned up during the summer and you paddle with me, I would be happy to ferry your suit to Franklin if that works out for you.
  3. Honestly it might work well for someone else. It's a matter of geometry, anatomy, and tayloring. It was fine once I had it on and if I could have gotten in and out without so much stress it would have been great.
  4. Ed, I am so frustrated with this software. I downloaded some local charts and got them to display once but now they're gone and I can't get them to display.
  5. Brian, it was more the geometry of trying to get the ring to clear my head at the same time as the gasket. The gasket itself really wasn't a problem. Outdoor New England is now installing three new gaskets and going over my suit for any other problems. The yellow retainer had slipped out a little and the ring was starting to come unglued in one place, both as a result of the struggle to put on and take off. Anyone who's watched me taking my suit on or off lately knows what I mean. I did like the silicone gasket, I wish they could be glued in. If anyone wants the Si Tech ring and silicone gasket, you're welcome to it.
  6. Follow up. The bad news: Sadly I'm abandoning this modification. The problem is with my big giant head it's so hard to get both the ring and the gasket on and off that I put a lot of stress on both the ring and the gasket that on doing a safety inspection this morning I found the ring starting to fail. The good news: My local whitewater shop, Outdoor New England, or O. N. E., Is doing drysuit repairs at very reasonable rates. I'm dropping it off tomorrow to get a standard neck gasket and maybe replace the wrists just because they're getting kind of old. https://www.outdoornewengland.com/
  7. I plan to paddle on Friday and would like to pull a group together. It's going to be very light winds and temps in the low 30s. I'm initially thinking York Harbor but if their are MA paddlers who feel more comfortable in NH we could do Rye Harbor. It's going to be very long period small swell so there should be some nice surf and rock possibilities. Reply here if you're interested!
  8. Rye Harbor State Park. The green line is us. For reference, the red line is from a large group including you on June 27th.
  9. Jim Snyder, Nick and Allie Pearson in their Valley tandem, the "Bismarck", and John Dowd. Calm winds, swells ranging from under a foot to occasional 2'-3'. Air temp low 30s, water temp mid 40s. We launched from the State Park beach just north of the harbor as I had been told they were dredging the harbor and it would be unavailable. It turned out that the dredging operation was taking the day off but our launch was probably easier anyway. Heading South towards Hampton was a stretch of coast I had yet to paddle. As we paddled on both sides of a fairly high tide, there was not a lot of opportunity for surf or rock play as the waves were breaking very close to the beach. There were a fair number of board surfers catching nice short rides. Even so the calm day was very enjoyable and we were all happy to be out on the first day of the year. We landed, almost without incident at Bass Beach for a stretch and lunch. The Bismarck can apparently be a bit of a trick to land. As the launch after lunch was fairly steep we all tried variations of a seal launch from the slots between soft rocks. After successful launching we decided to paddle out to some exposed rocks that were the inside margin of Rye Ledge. For me this was the highlight of the day. If the water had been warmer it would have been fun to explore all the breaks and features that were mostly still submerged. As the water wrapped around the huge submerged ledge it formed a spectacular zipper along the narrow spit that uncovers at low tide. I got a little surprise ride passing over the zip. Coming back to the launch it looked much as we had left it, having passed through the slack at high tide and dropped back down. It was a good thing we had four people to get the Bismarck back up to the parking lot. Happy New Year everyone. Hopefully by the time the water warms up we will be back to something like last year (2019)!
  10. Kayaker loses paddle rescuing goat?? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.newscentermaine.com/amp/article/life/maine-woman-police-rescue-escaped-goat-from-belfast-bay/97-6562a3f7-83c5-4fd1-bba6-27a002b5767d
  11. Again, and risking sounding stupid here, isn't the idea of neoprene gloves that they act like a wetsuit for your hands? I know they are advertised as being waterproof but that doesn't make sense to me. If I just wanted waterproof I have much warmer gloves I could wear but they would be useless if water got inside them. Likewise I wouldn't think of grabbing my glacier gloves to go play in the snow. What am I missing here?
  12. I think part of the problem is that we wear neoprene gloves and expect them to keep us warm and dry. They are a wetsuit for your hand and depend on a thin layer of water warmed by your hand to keep it from losing heat. This doesn't work if either your hand can't warm it up, or the warm water gets flushed by cold water, or if you're trying to stay dry. You couldn't imagine reaching for your neoprene gloves to go skiing on a cold day... https://www.explainthatstuff.com/howwetsuitswork.html
  13. Wait, I think we can do this! If we each put in $1000 we'd only need 2000 of us. I'm in!
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