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  1. Jim Snyder

    Kayak Sails

    I abandoned this idea. If I'm going to sail it's going to be in a daysailer. I did buy a cheesy spinnaker to play around with and determined if there was enough wind to make it usable there was enough to make it scary. You can have it if you want it. If you're interested in a real sail I would talk to Kris on this forum.
  2. Jim Snyder

    NOAA paper Charts to be phased Out

    It looks like this may happen slowly but I think it might make sense for NSPN to develop a library while the .pdf charts are still available. I have most of them saved already from the Bold Coast to Scituate and would be happy to work on this if the board deems it of value. Of course anyone can still download the charts now but those new to the sport ten years from now might appreciate a library.
  3. Jim Snyder

    Gloucester 11/11

    I guess maybe I should have reposted this with a new title. Planning on launching from Odiorne at 10 am tomorrow if anyone else wants to join.
  4. Jim Snyder

    Gloucester 11/11

    Waves at 1' predicted on nearby Jenness Beach with light onshore breeze. HT around 10 am and LT around 4 pm, which is to be avoided at Odiorne.
  5. Jim Snyder

    Gloucester 11/11

    I'm a possible. I was planning on maybe Odiorne. Would you consider changing venues to get a quorum?
  6. Jim Snyder

    Wednesday 11/6

    I'm interested in getting out on Wednesday somewhere between Odiorne and Ogunquit but want to have a group of at least three. Anyone interested, realizing it's short notice.
  7. Jim Snyder

    West Beach, Beverly to ??, Saturday Nov 2

    Winter paddling season is just getting started!
  8. Jim Snyder

    Ogunquit, 10/19/19

    I want to go back also before really cold weather. Let's keep an eye on conditions...
  9. Jim Snyder

    Ogunquit, 10/19/19

    It was a beautiful morning at Ogunquit Beach, not a cloud in the sky for the whole trip. Present were me, Dave Carroll, Prudence Baxter, Janet Lorang, Paul Sylvester, Andy Schoek, and Josco Catipovic. We paddled with bald eagles, seals and cliff divers, with a possible whale sighting by Josco. This link should open directly in Google Earth: track-101919-100420am.kml. Temperatures in the low 50's light winds, water temperature mid 50's. One foot swell was predicted and was pretty accurate except that periodically a set of 3 or 4 larger ones would make things interesting. We launched on the river side as the walk to the water at low tide on the ocean side was much longer. Paddling out of the mouth of the river there were some nice waves which we surfed briefly before heading down the coast. The coast between Ogunquit and Perkin's Cove follows the "Marginal Way" walking path which is worth the time, especially when conditions are big. This was my first time to see it from the ocean. . We paddled briefly into Perkin's Cove. Somewhere along the line, Dave managed to tear a gash in his boat and was taking on water. We landed on a stony beach and Andy patched it up with some epoxy. Heading on down the coastline with occasional rockplay: At one vertical rock face Paul, Andy , and Janet decided to do some cliff diving. Hopefully Prudence got pictures of kayakers in flight. After loading everyone back in their boats, we headed on. At one point Andy was in a passage and doing some nice maneuvering... when he briefly seemed to leave his boat and paddle without it. A little later he got tossed and made a spectacular combat roll. Sorry, no picture. We went on to have lunch in Cape Neddick Harbor. The trip back was pleasant but uneventful with a mostly following breeze and current. At the mouth of the river we got some nice waves to finish a great day. Thanks to everyone for making it a safe and enjoyable day! IMG_0851.MOV IMG_0851.MOV
  10. Jim Snyder


    Ken- give it a try, we'll take turns towing you Josko and Andy, glad to have you! The guy from visitor services that called me back about parking said it's a shorter walk at low tide to launch in the river than the ocean. We'll aim to meet at 9:30. Janet- I start with the .pdf versions of NOAA charts, this is from 13286 which unfortunately is fairly large scale but I don't think anything else covers that section. I copy a section of the chart into a publisher like program then make sure to grab the scale while I'm still in the same enlargement. I paste the scale and compass rose where they'll be out of the way and save as a .pdf. I'd be happy to walk you through it by phone. I've been having Staples print and laminate but I'm experimenting with printing myself on waterproof paper. I'll show you. New roster: Me, Janet, Prudence, Paul, Andy, Josko, maybe Ken.
  11. Jim Snyder


    Can't help you with breakfast but can you go wrong with a Surf? By the way although the MSW forecast has remained steady for tomorrow, the offshore buoy is reporting an 8' primary. As they say in politics lately, we'll see what happens...
  12. Jim Snyder


    Weather and conditions forecast have remained steady. Western Maine Shelf buoy has water temp at 55.4. See you tomorrow!
  13. Jim Snyder


    Sorry Prudence, Janet has it right. here's a view that shows the route in from route 1: Here are the directions from I95: I got confirmation that there will be no parking fee. I expect we'll launch from the ocean side for the shortest carry.
  14. Jim Snyder


    Confirming details for Saturday morning: As of now we have four paddlers: Me, Prudence, Janet, and Paul. Others should feel free to jump in, even at the last minute. We'll meet at the main parking lot on Beach Street at 9:30. If we're expecting you and you're delayed, please call or text me at 6O3 783 922six. Weather looks nice, with a south breeze building in the afternoon to sail us home. While MSW has 12' swells and sustained 40 mph winds on Thursday morning, it's supposed to have calmed down to one footers by Saturday. LT at Cape Neddick is 9:13 am, HT 3:18 pm. Max current on the flow is 1.7 kts at 1:42 pm. I've tried to confirm that the parking will be free on Saturday but am still waiting to hear back from "visitors services". If this changes I will post here.
  15. Jim Snyder


    I am suggesting 10am meet in deference to those with a longer travel. It will also give the 9:15 LT a chance to turn a little. I'm fine with 9:30 if most prefer.