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  1. New Year's Day Paddle 2018

    I'm a possible...
  2. Baffin Bay Skin on Frame Build

    I'm laminating two pieces of 3/4 X 7/8 stock to glue the bend into the gunwales. I had a momentary panic thinking about the route necessary to get the boat out of the basement but I think I'm okay.
  3. Baffin Bay Skin on Frame Build

    Starting to look like a boat.
  4. Odiorne Point on Saturday December 16th

    Long range forecasts are for quiet ocean conditions, one foot swells with light off shore winds. The temperatures are predicted to be 22 at 10 am rising to a high around 30.
  5. Baffin Bay Skin on Frame Build

    I was wrong about finding a piece of spruce good enough so I went to a specialty supplier in Manchester NH. I settled on using old growth Western Hemlock. It's clear, straight grained, and only slightly heavier than cedar, and substantially stronger. Figuring out how to rip and plane 18' lumber in my basement was a bit of a trick but the long pieces are all made.
  6. Odiorne Point on Saturday December 16th

    Assuming reasonable conditions, I'd be in.
  7. Baffin Bay Skin on Frame Build

    I'm pretty satisfied with how this turned out although I would do a couple things differently if I did it again. Not quite as much arch as the Zephyr but I think it's fine. Much more might make it hard to attach the fabric.
  8. Baffin Bay Skin on Frame Build

    Frames all cut. The bandsaw is in an unheated building so glad to have all the bandsaw work done. I realized that even though the cockpit I had cut out was very close to the Zephyr, it was looking flat without the graceful arch of that cockpit. So I tried to glue some arch into my plywood glue-up. I'll leave it clamped up until tomorrow.
  9. Baffin Bay Skin on Frame Build

    Here are the pictures from the previous post. I found that if I resized them under 1meg they would load. I'm continuing to cut the plywood frames. Soon I will shop for wood for the five long pieces, two gunwales, two chines, and a keel. These can be cut from an 18' piece of clear vertical grain cedar. I'm cheap though and that piece of cedar costs almost $200. I know I can find a piece of spruce framing good enough to make these pieces as I am a builder. It will be stronger, cheaper, and only add about 2 pounds overall.
  10. After a lot of time spent trolling the internet for ideas I decided to build a Baffin Bay greenland kayak from plans sold by Dave Gentry at http://gentrycustomboats.com/BaffinBay.html. This is a "fuselage" style construction where engineererd plywood frames hold gunwales, chines, and keel in place, eliminating the need for bending, other than a little prebending of the gunwales. My other deviation is strictly for comfort and safety, using a keyhole cockpit and elevating the front deck slightly for more legroom. I will post photos and comments here as construction progresses, and am open to suggestions and questions. I decided to start with the cockpit first because modifications I made there would affect other parts of the build. All the plywood parts are from a sheet of 12 mm okoume bs 1088 plywood from http://www.boulterplywood.com/MarinePlywood_4.htm. I roughly copied the dimensions of my Zephyr cockpit which is very comfortable for me. I left a lot of wood in the thigh area which I can later trim back if I want to. I set it up on buckets and boxes and climbed in for a test fit: I continued cutting frames. I used the band saw as much as possible but some cuts could only be done with a jig saw. When I had the frames immediately in front of and behind the cockpit cut I set them up for another test fit. I see I'm still having trouble getting pictures to load so I'll try to figure that out.
  11. Newcastle this Sunday 11/12

    I'm planning to paddle out of the launch on Newcastle on Sunday around 10am. I'm planning a low key trip visiting the near islands. Conditions look mild, low tide around noon. Post here or contact me if you'd like to join.
  12. Leadership Practice Paddles: Salem Sound

    PM seems to be working again for me... I'd like to come Saturday, wondering what the time frame is. Due to a dinner commitment I would need to be off the water by 3:30.
  13. Skin on Frame

    Thanks for your replies and to Bill for lots more input via pm. I owned a Chesapeake 17 for a while and while I liked it and would enjoy the woodworking part the fiberglass work is not for me. I've gotten interested in this company, http://www.madekayaks.com/ , they use cnc cross sections for a "fuselage" build. I would like to know if anyone has a boat that would fit me at 6'0" and 175# that would let me try it out. For some reason my text is stuck on bold, not intended for emphasis.
  14. Skin on Frame

    Since I got started carving and using Greenland paddles I have gotten interested in maybe building a skin on frame kayak. I'm wondering if there are any of you who have built or use them who I might talk to, or who might help talking me out of this???
  15. Big conditions off Marblehead

    Who else read the subject line and thought Joe headed out into the storm?