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  1. To be clear, Bob is the driving force here, all I did was host the zoom.
  2. If you're a late addition or have trouble joining the zoom session call me, number in profile.
  3. Kayaker support needed for swim race. I did this two years ago and may do it again this year. I'm pasting the entire text of the email below. Good morning everyone, I am sending a courtesy email to see if any of you from previous Boston Frogman Swims would be interested in support kayaking for our 3rd Annual Swim in commemoration of D-Day on SUNDAY 06 JUNE 2021. I understand that some of you escorted a specific swimmer in years past, that may not be able to swim this year. However, I’m sure the past two years must have left a lasting impression on you and the support given for the Navy SEAL Foundation that you may be willing to meet and help escort a new swimmer this year. The success of the event comes down to our safety kayakers, and without your support and eyes in the water, we wouldn’t be able to execute such a tough and cold swim this early in the season. You are all tremendous assets to the BFS and we are truly grateful for the time you have given up to help grow this event. The BFS will be held at the same location of years past, the Piers Park Sailing Center in East Boston MA. We are currently working to make things much easier for kayakers this year, both access in and out of the water at the launch area. More details to come as we get closer. As always you will receive a shirt and wristband for food & drink (which will be provided by a food truck this year) right at swim start/finish location at Piers Park. We appreciate your consideration in and support for the 3rd Annual Boston Frogman Swim and hope to see you there on Sunday June 6 to support the Navy SEAL Foundation and remember the heroes of D-Day! Registration link can be found here. https://impact.navysealfoundation.org/event/3rd-annual-boston-frogman-swim/e329024 Please pass the word along to other kayak friends in the area that may be willing to support! Thank you, Geoff Leard Event Director, Boston Frogman Swim Ambassador, Navy SEAL Foundation Brian Marobella Kayak & Volunteer Coordinator Boston Frogman Swim
  4. How about a new subcategory under "paddling with NSPN on the home page. "Trip Planning" could have a description of the workbook and a link. This would also be a place to land other trip planning topics.
  5. Joe and Bob, what do you think about putting this in the download section? It doesn't seem to fit in any of the existing categories but maybe a new category would attract some other good contact.
  6. Doesn't look that bad. I think I might have considered looking at this boat once off craigslist...
  7. Let's see a "before" picture Jonathan...
  8. I like the 3", it feels good on my back. This is in an Explorer, it happened to work out that keeping it parallel to the bulkhead felt good.If you have a bandsaw that's the best way to get a clean square cut. If you make it so it fits behind the seat tight you can see how it feels and change the angle if needed. You can see in the picture I initially left a gap at the top of the seat pan causing a pinch but it was easy to fill in with a scrap. This made this boat so much more comfortable, and easier to get in too, with out having to adjust the backband. If anyone wants a vintage NDK backband you're welcome to it.
  9. So they claim on the website but there were none there yesterday.
  10. We parked there back in January and I called the harbormaster to confirm availability. At that time we were all NH plates.
  11. I think mine came from NRS: https://www.nrs.com/product/2076/minicell-foam?utm_campaign=shop_comp&utm_source=google&utm_medium=buy_now&utm_term=goog_product_2076&gclid=CjwKCAjwgOGCBhAlEiwA7FUXkl9ZU6tIeeqeSL2Qlc_uFspXATtDuDwhy84sn3M1ArHlqYKSVZ06wRoCifkQAvD_BwE
  12. I couldn't find a block to purchase so I made one out of a piece of 3" foam leftover from a bulkhead block. I love it!
  13. Update on Odiorne: Reservations required Friday-Sunday. Rest of the week "Iron Ranger" (self serve pay station). Porta potties on weekends.
  14. I can't find the original post but if anyone wants this spruce blank you're welcome to it. It has straight grain all the way through. Perfect for a first try at carving without putting a $50 piece of cedar at risk.
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