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  1. You guys realize that your white text shows up black on the "activity" list?
  2. While the suffering of those with this disease is horrifying, even the worst case projections pale in comparison to what my imagination can conjure up for a pandemic. It seems like we have more of a health care crisis than a health crisis. I learned a lot more here: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/26/coronavirus-may-be-deadlier-than-1918-flu-heres-how-it-stacks-up-to-other-pandemics.html
  3. Rock gardening on Winnisquam... This passage looked good but turned out to be a little to shallow: Paddling amongst the mini-icebergs:
  4. I just talked to the harbormaster in Kittery and he said the Town Dock should remain available so long as we don't jam up the parking lot.
  5. I had hopes that the boat ramp at Odiorne would remain open. their website says they are but I called the Seacoast Office and they said the gate is closed for now.
  6. I'm starting this thread so we can keep each other informed about places that are available for launches and those that are not. The discussion about whether we should paddle can take place elsewhere. I had unavoidable business in Gloucester this morning and hoped to launch solo out of Tuck's Point. When I arrived there was not only a "closed" sign but the entrances to the parking areas were blocked with boulders. . Please post here if you find common launch sites either open or closed. I think this is going to become more common for a while.
  7. will you be providing a waiver to sign? Drysuits required?
  8. I read back over this thread and confirmed that the positions of many of us (including me) evolved over the last week or so. But to be fair, even at the beginning I don't think any of us were second guessing public health experts. We were looking at what we do and saying in effect, that's easily adaptable to be no more impact than solo paddling. That being said, I have come around to the position that if I paddle with anyone else it will be meeting one other person on the water and keeping plenty of distance. If I see any other boater on the water in trouble, I will assist.
  9. This thread is to post pictures from solo trips during coronatime where you don't want to bother with a new thread, or pictures of other things you're doing to stay fit and sane. I got out on Winnisquam recently to search out the edge of ice. Found this guy in the water, couldn't tell if he was dead or just too cold to move...
  10. The amazing thing about that model is the relatively modest difference between doing nothing and social distancing. On the other hand the difference between social distancing and shelter in place is staggering. I am rethinking my position.
  11. I think kayaking is one of the few group activities that can be adapted to legitimate distancing. On the water it's a no brainer. For everything else: Don't park right next to each other. If you can manage solo paddling you've figured out how to get your boat from the car to the water and back without help. If a rescue is needed, it's because someone really made a mistake. Rescue them. I cringe at going to the grocery but I'll paddle with any of you.
  12. Look, most of us are old enough to have experienced a lot of crazy stuff. We'll get past this. Kayaking is something we can do at minimal risk. It's good for our mental health, which you're going to hear a lot from soon. I'll paddle with you until they start pulling us over for having boats on the rack and we'll be careful and responsible and go home and look forward to the next time. Full disclosure, PWI.
  13. This was a great trip. I was experimenting with trying to take video with my phone tucked in my pfd: Always try to get a picture of the boats taking their lunch break:
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