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  1. Odiorne Wednesday?

    My bad, I should have started a new topic, couldn't edit out the Wednesday after I posted.
  2. Odiorne Wednesday?

    Anyone interested in Odiorne this Friday or weekend?
  3. Greenland Paddle

    sorry, can't seem to get pictures right.
  4. Odiorne Wednesday?

    Anyone interested in joining me out of Odiorne Wednesday?
  5. NOAA raster chart display apps

    I could only find a $39.95 version of Seaiq for android.
  6. Greenland Paddle

    I'm using "Making a West Greenland Paddle" by Chuck Holst. Not sure why I can't get a picture to load.
  7. Greenland Paddle

    Sorry, posted 3 times trying to get a picture to load. Will try to edit later.
  8. Greenland Paddle

    I'm carving a greenland paddle for myself but got two nice clear spruce blanks out of the piece I bought. If you're interested I could custom cut the second one for you. If you like it, you can pay me what you think it's worth or propose a trade for something. I will be posting pictures of progress here and if I like the project I will design some jigs to make it easier and produce custom paddles out of spruce, cedar, or custom glue ups. 20171008_092629.jpg
  9. Salem Sound- 10/7 interest?

    I would be a maybe. Hey Alex I saw "DEBSKI" on a NH licence plate!
  10. I cant' believe I've gotten sucked into this. These guys can think they have their paddle "locked in" but it's a fact that the only way the paddle doesn't move with respect to the ground under the water is if the boat is moving forward at precisely the same speed as the paddle is moving backwards relative to the boat. These excellent paddlers approach that as the boat nears it's maximum hull speed but the paddle still has to lose position to the ground slightly to compensate for the very minimal resistance on the boat. Without this compensation the boat would slowly grind to a halt like a pendulum if the paddle never went back faster than the boat went forward.
  11. I think that's how we want it to feel but in reality unless the water was in a sense a solid, this is not possible.
  12. Cohasset Chart #?

    It's on the Boston Harbor chart too at a much smaller scale.13270 Boston.pdf 13270_Boston.pdf
  13. Cohasset Chart #?

    13269 Scituate.pdf This one includes Cohasset Harbor.
  14. Just Found This Organization

    Welcome, hope to see you on the water soon!
  15. Scituate

    Thanks Kate, sadly my trip has to be on a weekday to buy my pipe at Scituate Concrete Pipe. Looks like the Herring River trip would be really tide dependent. I Like the look of the lighthouse parking lot, looks like if It's not busy it would be easy to park my truck and trailer.