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  1. Christopher Carroll

    Solstice L3 Group - June 22

    I have all necessary gear, and look forward to it. As this will be my first time on the ocean this season, I am looking mainly for time in the boat to shake off the rust. A 10:00am beach breifing sounds like a good start to the plan. The viability of destination options should come into focus on Thursday when the weather predictions are 48 hours out.
  2. Christopher Carroll

    NSPN Cabin Fever Party, Sat Jan 26 6pm Gould Barn Topsfield, MA

    Looking forward to Saturday night. I will bring brownies, likely frosted.
  3. The following info comes from the Nov ’18 issue of The Waterline, the monthly online publication of the Harbormaster in Manchester, MA. Bowditch Ledge Sometime over the last week the Bowditch Ledge stone marker just West of Baker’s Island collapsed. The USCG has been notified and a buoy will be placed to mark the hazard. Our boating season is over but repair or replacement is unlikely before the next boating season begins. The ledge was named after the father of Nathaniel Bowditch author of “The American Practical Navigator” after he wrecked his ship on the ledge. - (source: The Waterline, November 2018)
  4. Christopher Carroll

    Rendezvous Housing

    HI Cathy: I also need a place to stay for Rendezvous. If you find an opportunity for a house rental, I would be interested. Please keep me in mind. Thanks, Chris
  5. Christopher Carroll

    New Year's Day Paddle 2018

    Menu looks good. I vote Red Heat Tavern at 1:30pm.
  6. Christopher Carroll

    New Year's Day Paddle 2018

    .....unless of course A & B Burger is closed on Monday (note to self, keep up with the flow of messages).
  7. Christopher Carroll

    New Year's Day Paddle 2018

    Previuosly, A&B burger was a great choice after the paddle. Due to the weather condiition expected on New Years Day, it is an even better choice instead of the paddle. Chris
  8. Christopher Carroll

    New Year's Day Paddle 2018

    It may sound like a cliche T-shirt slogan, but New Years Day kayaking could prove to be the best Monday morning of 2018, weather permitting.
  9. Christopher Carroll

    2017 CAM On-Water Training #2 June 17

    I look forward to it, and sorry that I am not able to do both.
  10. Christopher Carroll

    2017 Pool Sessions

    Hi Yingjie: I am glad that you are able to take my place, and that a spot is not just sitting idle. Enjoy!
  11. Christopher Carroll

    2017 Pool Sessions

    If someone wants to take my place at the pool session tomorrow please do so. Bad weather has delayed the scheduled arrival of my new boat today. No need to pay me for the pool session, but consider a donation to NSPN instead.
  12. Christopher Carroll

    CAM Summer Session: 07/16/16

    I'm planning on joining the 7/16 CAM trip, and I am flexible on the launch point.