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  1. This year has been one for wildly fluctuating surface water temps!! On Wednesday we had a midday high tide and consistent strong off shore winds, when that happens (surface water goes out and deep water comes in) inner Salem and Beverly waters will drop to 49-51F since that’s the temp all Summer below a ~25ft deep thermocline. Fortunately the water temps in the morning were still almost 65F from heating up the previous weekend and lots of NE and SE wind. Earlier this Summer we had many cycles of back and forth and at one point in early August Salem Sound went from 71F to 51F in just 16 hours. I am so bummed I missed the mola. Really great to see you guys on the water!
  2. I remember first hearing about this video 4+ years ago. I would try my best with a dry sponge and one hand on the paddle. IMG_3161.MOV
  3. I'm interested! I've never paddled inner harbor.. big vote for Boston
  4. Unfortunately I may be busy on Sunday and Saturday’s weather looks nasty. I am also concerned about MA travel restrictions. A launch in Newport or Compton would not be recommended for those traveling back into MA. There are MA launch options in Mt Hope Bay in Swansea however Mass. waterfrontage is limited in that area- we would surely enter RI. Might have to scrap this plan
  5. https://www.google.com/amp/s/turnto10.com/amp/news/local/rhode-island-removes-new-england-states-from-travel-restrictions MA, NH, and ME paddlers are welcome!
  6. I have been worried about that myself having a MA license plate while living in RI for 4 months, because authorities wouldn’t know the difference. I’m not sure where to find official info on that
  7. Next weekend is looking quite warm for paddling and I will finally have a kayak down here in Rhode Island. If anyone is interested in paddling, either or both days, comment here! I am open for anywhere. We will be on fairly big tides that weekend. Best spots are Sakonnet Point or a trip around Newport. Upper bay is also great for Prudence Island or on the West passage to Dutch Island.
  8. I am thinking about a MAJOR project for my Black on White Explorer. After this repair I may look to sell the boat, or I may fall in love with her again and get back into my long distance paddling. Has anyone resurfaced a sea kayak 100%??? Hull and Deck, sand down the gel coat completely and reapply a new coat. Back in November I believe Pru and David suggested a fellow paddler had done this before. Who was it? My explorer has scratches and spider cracks and big cracks and chips all over. At this point it's just not worth grinding out each imperfection and filling them in. But I do wonder, could I possibly sand down the rough gel coat and reapply without those cracks showing through after a short time? Looking for some advice or someone to tell me not to bother trying!
  9. Jim, I was looking for this thread! I dive an OMS drysuit (purchased my DUI) with DUI ZipSeals silicone gaskets on wrist and neck -- I've tried the ZipSeal dry gloves too. This system is critical for replacing gaskets because even the smallest cut or stretch in a gasket makes the suit useless underwater. I love it, but I think my head is bigger than average. Similar to you I have a problem getting my head in the hard ring that holds the neck gasket. There's no good alternative for this really, glueing on gaskets is just impractical for my diving schedule. Just wanted to share my similar frustration!!
  10. I’m always up for a paddle! I’ll stay tuned for dates (zoom, too)
  11. Thanks for the tip! My skirt just split in two at the seam after 4+ years
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