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  1. Will see you then. Mark 603 498 7449
  2. I'm also interested. I can do any time. Live 10 min. Away. Mark
  3. Anyone used on hull of kayak? I have recently used some on car and seems to be pretty cool. Gets me thinking. Got to love kids
  4. We will most likely run into you. Jeanine and I will be on the water heading to Rye at 8am. Mark
  5. Do you have a picture. Most likely I can tell you how to fix it
  6. Will be there 430. Anyone else tonight
  7. Is it to late to join in ? Thanks Mark
  8. I'm looking at putting a keel strip on my boats. Does anyone have a factory keel strip already , and can tell me the width. I believe its 2 inches ( a little wider due to gelcoat). I have just never measured. Thanks
  9. Looking for some people with interest in early trip to Stonington Maine. Planning on camping on islands. Route will depend on weather. Will depart from old quarry. Want to do a day hiking on isle of haut as well. Plan let me know if any Interest. Mark
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