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  1. Hi Sean-- If Jane doesn't take both, sets of pants, I'd be interested in the large dry pants and the XL dry top. I live in North Andover, MA and would be happy to meet you somewhere.
  2. Great stuff. Hoping to join next year!
  3. John

    Odiorne 9/5

    I'm in! Parking reserved... Looking forward to it... John
  4. Brilliant, Joe--thanks for the laughs. wish I had the wit to respond in kind!
  5. Add me to the lunch list, please. John
  6. Hmm...Red Heat sounds like a wise choice... $.02, John
  7. Would love to join, but am temporarily without a vehicle capable of transporting a boat. Any chance someone would be willing to let me paddle one of their boats for the day? Thanks for considering. John
  8. John

    Cabin Fever Party

    Thanks for organizing, Jane. I plan to be there and will bring a spinach salad.
  9. Good read--thanks, Joe. One hopes the CG finds another guy like Art...
  10. John

    Gloucester 11/11

    Thanks for posting--Wish I could join you but will be out of town... John
  11. First time night paddle...looking forward to joining you! John
  12. John

    Misery Island

    Thanks for posting this, Jeff. I, too, would love to join, but have Saturday commitments. If the trip goes Sunday, I should be able to join you. I will follow the thread. John
  13. John

    Saturday Aug 31?

    Great. See you there! Others please join in if you're free.
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