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  1. John

    Great read about USCG search and rescue

    Good read--thanks, Joe. One hopes the CG finds another guy like Art...
  2. John

    Gloucester 11/11

    Thanks for posting--Wish I could join you but will be out of town... John
  3. John

    Full moon Sat., Sept. 14

    First time night paddle...looking forward to joining you! John
  4. John

    Misery Island

    Thanks for posting this, Jeff. I, too, would love to join, but have Saturday commitments. If the trip goes Sunday, I should be able to join you. I will follow the thread. John
  5. John

    Saturday Aug 31?

    Great. See you there! Others please join in if you're free.
  6. John

    Saturday Aug 31?

    Oops--I was looking at Friday for the tide times. HT on Saturday is 12:35. I still think a 10 AM launch makes sense, but I'm flexible. Looking forward to it. Have you had any other takers?
  7. John

    Saturday Aug 31?

    I'm seeing high tide at 11:45 with 2-3 ft. swells and not much wind. It's nice to launch and land there before the tide gets too low. How about if we launch at 10 and maybe go around Newcastle Island?
  8. John

    Saturday Aug 31?

    Love to! How about Odiorne? John
  9. I'm in! Looking forward to it. Thanks for posting. Can't wait to show you my new boat, Pru. I think it actually fits me. John
  10. Dave Merriman and I are planning a "workout" session on Lake Gardner in Amesbury from 1:30-3:30 on Saturday, May 4, rain or shine. Great chance to practice strokes, rescues, rolling and tows. Love to have others join us. Directions: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Lake+Gardner/@42.8598239,-70.9395967,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x89e2e387e52e3f29:0x578c01c9fa86e779!8m2!3d42.85982!4d-70.937408?hl=en
  11. John

    5/1 - Wednesday Lunch Paddle @ Lanes Cove

    Sure wish I could join in. I teach Wednesday till noon, but am free after that, generally. Any chance you might try a later start (say 1 PM--a late lunch) one of these Wednesdays? May 8 or May 22 would be ideal! Thanks for considering, and have fun tomorrow!
  12. John

    L2 Trip - Malaga Island, Phippsburg, ME

    Me too, Jane. Looking forward to it. John
  13. John

    (Pre) Easter Plunge Saturday April 20th

    Alas, this turns out to be Grandparents' Day at Brooks School where I teach, so will be unable to join this time. Have fun, all.
  14. I'm going, Peter! Can't wait. John