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  1. Astounding. Thanks, Joe, for such a wonderful account of your adventures
  2. Hi Gary--I'm afraid I'll be in CT visiting my father those days...hope it's a great trip. John
  3. Let's hope MITA and Colby come to an agreement. It would be great to have those islands added to the Maine Island Trail... JH
  4. Hi Nick-- If the dry suit is still available, I'm interested John Haile
  5. Please add me to the wait list. John
  6. Hi Kyle-- I definitely want to reserve a spot on this trip. I wasn't sure how to confirm. Thanks. John Haile [email protected]
  7. Hi all--given the uncertainty regarding the possibility of Sunday in RI, I'm opting for Dana's paddle from Lane's Cove. Hope that doesn't inconvenience anyone. Hope you can all get out on thee water! John
  8. I'm in, Dana. Sounds like Alex is not available on Sunday, and this paddle involves a lot less driving. John
  9. I'd love to join if the trip is Sunday--I'm afraid I can't do Saturday. I'm up for anything--I don't know the area at all.
  10. Good idea, Jim. I'm interested.
  11. I'd be interested in joining you. Please keep me in the loop with details. John
  12. Hi Sean-- If Jane doesn't take both, sets of pants, I'd be interested in the large dry pants and the XL dry top. I live in North Andover, MA and would be happy to meet you somewhere.
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