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  1. I'm also willing to share accommodations, sleep on an air mattress...Llangolan Inn and Rose Eden cottages are fully booked. Guess there is always camping but would be nice to be closer. Terese
  2. I did not see anything posted on the calendar as yet but will check later today as I'm interested in going. Also if anyone is looking for roommate given rooms likely booked I'm interested in sharing room - this would be my first time going (prior years I've been working so this is first opportunity). Thanks in advance! Terese
  3. are you all filled up for this trip? If not I will send funds and join in the fun!
  4. I am assuming since i am waitlisted i should not reserve a pkg spot
  5. If anyone backs out i would like to go terese
  6. will look forward to the next one = will be getting my dog home from surgery around that time...looking forward to seeing you on the water! Terese
  7. I could always pick up your order Gary and bring it with me being a Maine resident (smiling) Terese
  8. Do you then print at home or send to staples? terese
  9. Thanks for sharing this mike...what a huge loss
  10. Thank you all for your tips! I will go ahead and return the Kalliste. I actually made a GP with Turner but have sanding and ceiling to do and it still seems kind of long but i have not tried it and turner took my measurements. I will take my time and read through all your comments and do some research...i have a lot to learn re paddle strokes etc ... NSPN rocks because of all the generosity of its members...i live in portland now so can check out Harley at the kayak shop...and will consider used ones as well...thank you all again for your generosity
  11. do you have any Greenland paddle makers to recommend? I did order a Werner Kallista 220 carbon as it was almost 100.00 off at Kittery Trading Post but could return it. I've never paddled with a Greenland before...about what does a Greenland cost? The Kallista was not cheap...thanks Ed!
  12. Currently 230 so way too long for someone 5’6” and short waisted...it was what the shop who sold me warlier boat had recommended...220 felt good when i borrowed one...i was interested in input re brands too. Thx Paul
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