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  1. terese pawletko

    Lake Umbagog 2019 Camping Trip: Oct 4-7

    And here is another who cannot go most likely...company coming...also pm...willing to take 1/2 of cost in payment (dont even recall what it was given signed up a long time ago). Pm me
  2. terese pawletko

    7/17/19 Wednesday Lunch Paddle @ Odiorne

    had planned to join you all but the weather is too iffy happy paddling...Terese
  3. Hello, I've just signed up for this trip and I know that folks have had rooms for a while - if there are others looking to share a room, etc. keep me in mind. Otherwise I'll look into camping. thanks! Terese
  4. I'm interested...will look for when it is uploaded to the calendar. THANKS SOOO MUCH for organizing these amazing paddling weekends
  5. terese pawletko

    L2 kayak camping, Stonington, July 19-22

    DItto for this (I PM'ed you about it) Terese
  6. terese pawletko

    March 16 pool session

    all set with someone else's
  7. terese pawletko

    Rolling Lesson

    Sadly I did not get onto this pool session and would have been one of the learners anyway ... enjoy!
  8. terese pawletko

    Rolling Lesson

    Jonathan if someone cannot do the 16th I'd love a slot - turns out I can make it and would love to try learning to roll
  9. terese pawletko

    2019 Pool Sessions

    I'd love to do the rolling session - I know that the call went out .. I think it was for the 17th ... I was not sure I could make it but now know that I can ... thanks!! Terese
  10. terese pawletko

    Rolling Lesson

    Hi i wont know til the 7th as i need to get my house on the market in order to do it...wish i could commit before then
  11. terese pawletko

    Rolling Lesson

    Hi sadly i have to back out as i need to list my house so not even pool sessions (not free til after marxh 12th. Thx terese
  12. terese pawletko

    Rolling Lesson

    I've NEVER done/tried rolling but am game depending on the scheduling...
  13. terese pawletko

    Baja Kayakfest 2019

    I have to read up on/learn about this...
  14. terese pawletko

    NSPN Board of Directors & volunteers for 2019

    Wish i had aomething to offer...i am juat gwtting used to a new boat and learning about weather and navigation and hopefully some winter paddling as hand heals...thanks to all the incredible volunteer efforts...i will likely be moving toward portland so signing onto a committee does not make sense
  15. terese pawletko

    Thule saddle/sling vs. hullivator given NDK Pilgrim

    you are all terrific!! What an incredible resource!! thanks! Terese