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  1. JRL

    Haiku Trip Reports

    Love it! Thanks Jim.
  2. JRL

    Short pump

    Not much, Pintail . Generally my glasses if they are not on my face or in my PFD, and the pump. Sometimes pogies or gloves. It's a very small bag. I unfortunately can not reliably open and close the dayhatch on that boat myself on the water - I need to work on my finger strengthening!
  3. JRL

    Short pump

    Thanks yall! I currently have clips under the deck to which I can clip an underdeck bag; when it's there my pump slides nicely between that and the deck. But it means I am bringing that bag on every paddle, even though I don't usually need the space. I imagine a hanging piece of foam core would interfere with that, but I guess I could replace it. (But where would I store my coffee mug? 😉) I suspect the Aqua-bound is the same size as the Harmony I already have, but if I see one around I'll compare. janet
  4. JRL

    Short pump

    Hello I am searching for a short pump -- small enough that I can fit it behind the seat in my Atlantic LV. The Harmony one I have fit great in the Zephry but at 17.5 inches it doesn't fit in my newer boat. Anyone have one that they like for this purpose? Thanks Janet
  5. JRL


    I really wanted a Sweet Strutter to fit (for the visor) but my head is short front to back and wide side to side. The Sweet Wander was a perfect fit. (I called the company and they talked me through the best choices for my head shape). Worth checking out if you have a short wide head.
  6. Yay! Great news, Mike.
  7. JRL

    Latex Care in the Non-Kayaking Commuity

    I have a bottle that lives in my PFD you can try this weekend!
  8. Hi Jane Yes still room for you but we will cap it there -- lucky 13! If you haven't sent me your float plan info yet, please do. Will send details by midweek with launch time etc.
  9. Glad so many of you can make it! If you haven’t already, please PM me your float plan info. Also an FYI - looks like they *may* be enforcing a $5 launch fee by next weekend. Thanks and looking forward to it! Janet
  10. Thanks for posting, Prudence! I'm really looking forward it. Here's my user ID for those who don't have it -- JRL. Please PM me with the float plan info above and hope to see you next weekend.
  11. JRL

    Paddling Woods Hole

    That's so generous! Thanks! Unfortunately looks like it may not end up being good for the folks I want to visit this year as they are traveling. But it's on my long term list. Still interested in a weekend Woods Hole paddle if you do one though.
  12. JRL

    Paddling Woods Hole

    Thanks for the tips, Josko. My paddling skills are currently stronger than my planning skills, so doing that crossing is probably not yet in my realm. Do you know if you can take a kayak on the ferry? (drag it on a cart?) I'm certainly still interested in a woods hole paddle with you and/or Mel, especially if it's a weekend but maybe even a weekday. So definitely keep me informed for the ladies paddle plans! Thanks, Janet
  13. JRL

    Paddling Woods Hole

    Hi Josko. I am interested but also tight on time -- pretty much weekends only at this point. I went there last summer and enjoyed very much. What I *really* want to do is find a way to paddle to my friends' house on Chappy! Probably involves a ferry on a kayak and then paddling around to Edgarton to meet them, or something like that. Have you ever done that?
  14. JRL

    Walden-area Tuesdays

    I'm interested in coming to some of these, but I can pretty much never make 5pm. 5:30 potentially. It seemed like in the past most folks would show up really early and things would probably be wrapping up by the time I'd get on the water, but if you think I'd have company on the later end I'd like to join.
  15. JRL

    (Pre) Easter Plunge Saturday April 20th

    Hi all, I’m planning on paddle and PPPO. Mike can I swing by your house before?