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  1. JanetL

    Odiorne 9/5

    Oh no! Sorry Liz. Judy we are actually oversold but hope to catch you again in the future.
  2. JanetL

    Odiorne 9/5

    Sure thing, Judy.
  3. JanetL

    Odiorne 9/5

    Given that we will have 3 carpools, I think 12 is fine. Trip is officially full now though :).
  4. JanetL

    Odiorne 9/5

    Doesn’t matter - same list!
  5. JanetL

    Odiorne 9/5

    One spot left! What a fun crew!
  6. JanetL

    Odiorne 9/5

    Planning a paddle from Odiorne this Saturday 9/5, with intention to circumnavigate Gerrish counter-clockwise (HT 1:58pm), weather permitting (looks great right now). 9:45am launch, likely a stop at Wood Island to look at the Coast Guard building, then a stop at Brave Boat harbor for lunch. Require 14 foot+ boat with deck lines/flotation, weather appropriate clothing, and a mask to wear at launch. Bring a helmet if you want to play in the rocks please. Make your parking reservations early! ($5 online) https://www.nhstateparks.org/visit/state-parks/odiorne-point-state-park Please post interest here and PM me if we haven't paddled together before. Limit 10 paddlers. Thanks!
  7. I was at Cranes for several hours today and was surprised to see only ONE green head.
  8. keeping an eye on the forecast for Sunday and will update tomorrow late afternoon with final plan - anticipate we may shorten distance a bit to get off earlier.
  9. A couple of us are going to paddle from Odiorne this Sunday. Wind looks low and a midday high tide should minimize the muck somewhat. And I don't think there have been any sharks spotted there, yet.... Meeting at 8:30 at the boat ramp parking lot for a 9am Launch, paddling towards Rye and back. (Lunch on beach, not at the food stand area) - ~10nM. Open to all paddlers with proper equipment (sea kayak/flotation/deck lines) and not expecting a racing pace - this will be a led paddle. Limit 8 (including me and Steph) -- RSVP via post here and then make your parking reservation ASAP at https://newhampshirestateparks.reserveamerica.com/camping/odiorne-point-state-park/r/deDetails.do?contractCode=NH&parkId=270106&siteId=62638. Still open parking last I checked. I'll have waivers but please bring a pen and a mask for the launch/landing. Thanks!
  10. I also played around with this the past couple days. We did determine that the hull shape of the boat makes quite a difference - a "steeper" V on the bow makes things less stable than a boat with a flatter profile, as it kind of tips sideways on the rescuer boat. (Atlantic LV harder than a Cetus LV!) For me personally I think if someone needed a rescue quickly (cold water, near rocks, injured paddler, etc) I think the risk of injury to body/boat more than the risk of covid transmission. But in benign conditions I'd certainly try this first.
  11. There is one in Reading, MA on Facebook marketplace
  12. I’m in! Preference for Saturday but Sunday would work if we are landing by 3pm ish. Thanks Prudence!
  13. Hi Joe. I can and would get screened. I have access at work, but I believe there are options more in the $50 range. Happy to send a message to the smaller group.
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