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  1. Sounds like more fun than my Thursday. Wish I could come!
  2. No leads (unless we want to travel to my brother's shop in Pittsburgh), but wanted to say I would LOVE to attend such a workshop! I hope someone has a space.
  3. JanetL

    Cabin Fever Party

    I will be there with a side dish of some sort.
  4. I’m in, conditions permitting!
  5. JanetL

    Gloucester 11/11

    I can bring one. See y’all tomorrow!
  6. JanetL

    Gloucester 11/11

    Sure that works for both of us - shall we plan on odiorne instead?
  7. Sue H and I are hoping to paddle from Gloucester harbor on Monday (Veteran’s day). Route to be determined by conditions and interest, launching at the Greasy Pole boat launch 10am or other agreed upon time. (I could be talked into 11/11 at 11:11!) Please post if interested as we’d like 3 minimum for cold weather. Requires sea kayak with bulkheads, deck lines, drysuit/weather appropriate clothing.
  8. Can’t on Wednesday... any interest in Sunday or Monday this coming weekend? (It’s a holiday)
  9. Like new snap dragon pogies. I find them claustrophobic and prefer another pair but probably you are less picky than me. Available in Woburn or hopefully on more sunny day paddles this fall / winter season.
  10. Thanks for organizing Jim! Lovely paddle and cliff-jump. I want to make a return trip just for those friendly waves at the end.
  11. JanetL


    Jim, can you share how you made that lovely PDF?
  12. JanetL


    I have not been there but is this the spot? https://goo.gl/maps/c1Yc5Xpz6PUkS3187
  13. Free 5mm booties. Men’s 9 (too big for me even with a drysuit). Good shape. Can bring to Ogunquit next weekend or midcoast rendezvous the following, or you can pickup in Woburn.
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