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  1. Sue and I are getting the skills practice sessions for 2022 organized. If you are an NSPN member and want to help facilitate, and you didn't get a private message from me already, let me know! You don't need to be an instructor, coach, or expert paddler to help facilitate - just enthusiasm for getting on the water and working together to improve our skills. More details here
  2. Sue I don’t know your size, but a lot of people like the Avocet and there’s one on FB marketplace for $1200 right now - fiberglass. If I didn’t already own one …
  3. After a year of trying, finally the parking situation, mid-day high tide, low winds, and work schedules aligned to make this loop possible. 8 NPSN paddlers were present - half Ipswich locals! (helpful in calming my "is this the right creek?" worries). We had a glorious day of bluebird skies, little wind, and friendly company. Despite Mike's baffling 3-foot wind wave prediction there there was not much swell to be found although there was a very interesting zipper going on partway down Crane's. Doug has the good idea to lunch on the very scenic back of Crane's rather than wait for Choate. Some folks were able to see baby osprey peeking over the edge of a nest hear Choate - sorry I missed that! The day finished with some successful rolls. Thanks to everyone who joined on this beautiful day. Hopefully it won't be another 5 years till I paddle this area again!
  4. Thanks everyone! she has some options to try now
  5. Chris, space for you - please join us!
  6. And that's our group for Sunday! Please let me know if any changes in plans. Will update Saturday night if any changes need to be made.
  7. Logistics align to allow a circumnavigation of Castle Neck (Crane beach) on May 1 - before parking turns to resident-only! We will launch from Pavilion Beach in Ipswich (NOT in Gloucester!), ready to paddle at 10am. This route is about 10-12 miles long and will take us through what may be bumpy moving water at the exit from Plum Island Sound and entrance to Essex bay - please contact me before signing up if we've never paddled together before. We'll likely have lunch on Choate before heading back through Fox creek near high tide. Must have sea kayak with deck lines and flotation, clothes for immersion (drysuit this time of year), and a signed waiver on the new NSPN system (linked below). Post below to RSVP (limited to 8). Plan is subject to weather changes but it looks pretty good right now!
  8. In search of gently used sea kayak paddle for a friend - something that's neither low end plastic nor high end carbon, in the 210-220cm range probably. Anyone have anything hanging around?
  9. For 2 years I've been unable to find a short-tunnel sprayskirt to fit my sea kayak, and it seems supplies are still pretty tight. I want a short-tunnel version (6 inch tunnel - like the women's specifics Seals Athena / IR J-Lo / custom Seals) because my torso is quite short proportionate to the rest of me and a standard neoprene tube is uncomfortable. I've been using a WW skirt that fits me great but the boat not so great, or an adjustable waist skirt that fits the boat well but lets a lot of water in the top. Was curious if anyone had any experience with buying a standard tube sprayskirt and having it hemmed. I would probably bring it to my local dry cleaners. Anyone tried this before?
  10. I tried a spray on product by Gear Aid, twice. First time, sprayed it on while the drysuit was wet, let dry for 48h. Didn't seem to make a lick of difference. Second time, sprayed it on while the drysuit was dry, then dried it with a hairdrier. Managed to singe one of the cuffs a bit (below where the wrist gasket attaches, so no harm to usefulness). Also didn't make any appreciable difference. I've heard the really helpful thing is to wash and dry it in the tumble drier, but can't do that with gaskets....
  11. Session #6 of the Summer Skills Practice Series. Details (place, focus, registration) will be added closer to date.
  12. Session #5 of the Summer Skills Practice Series. Details (place, focus, registration) will be added closer to date.
  13. Session #4 of the Summer Skills Practice Series. Details (place, focus, registration) will be added closer to date.
  14. Session #3 of the Summer Skills Practice Series. Details (place, focus, registration) will be added closer to date.
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