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  1. Yall are in! (the 6 posts plus me) See you there.
  2. Celebrate the opening of West Beach to nonresident parking for the fall with me! We'll head out along the coast to Manchester, with time for play as conditions allow. 9:30am launch. Max 6 paddlers... RSVP here. Please bring clothing appropriate for immersion, a sea kayak with deck lines/bulkheads, lunch, and a helmet if you want to play in the rocks.
  3. until
    Details here, RSVP via google doc.
  4. Join Janet Lorang and Joe Berkovitz for a beginner-friendly but not beginner-exclusive camping trip in Casco Bay, Oct 16-18. You can stay just Saturday night, or stay on both nights. We will launch from the north side of Casco bay Saturday morning, camp on a protected MITA island, and do a day paddle on Sunday, with options to stay Sunday night or paddle back to the launch for those who work Monday. We welcome those new to kayak camping and will provide instruction ahead of time on packing, gear, and Leave-No-Trace techniques (via Zoom the week prior). This should be a great time of year - less traffic, fewer bugs, and still warm water. If you want to come but lack any needed camping equipment, please get in touch with Joe and me via PM - we can likely round up anything you may need to borrow. Sign up on the google form: https://forms.gle/5bKDjNUY4UtggwMUA Limit of 6 paddlers; COVID-19 vaccination required.
  5. I paddled with the videographer last weekend; sounds like he's doing as well as can be expected. Has some healing to do.
  6. But yet I can't find a sprayskirt that fits both me and boat in stock anywhere! Who is buying them all?? 😉
  7. I’m sure some of the folks here know some of the people involved. Really well-done rescue IMO and I hope Mike is recovering well.
  8. On Saturday, David, Karen, Doug and I headed from Odiorne to Rye with sunny skies, hot air, and relatively calm seas. We were joined at Odiorne by what must have been 90% of the sea kayakers in the area -- there was a large AMC trip and a NH based ski club (going paddling for lack of snow, I guess) launching at more or less the same time as us, but we managed to avoid picking up any spare paddlers. With not much action for rock play, we made very quick time down to Wallis Sands where we were very surprised and pleased to find lovely surf to play in. There were only a few swimmers present so we had our choice of spots -- what a treat! I obliged Prudence's edict to do something silly for her by launching off the beach after a swim with no spray skirt, filling my cockpit nicely with water and giving me an excuse for dump-and-scramble practice past the breakers. Heading on towards Rye, I saw a seal and pointed it out to Karen who replied back "Well, I saw a great white". (Much to my relief, she was recounting an earlier and non-paddling boating trip). At Rye we discovered that there is very little landing real estate at high tide (see photos). Also for the record: the lobster roll store takes ApplePay and the lobster salad rates 4.5 / 5 stars, per David. Our paddle back was largely uneventful other than a near-miss with a solo diver who had no flag or other marker lurking around some lobster buoys . We suspect he was poaching lobster traps and trying to be low profile, but I bet we gave him a good startle. Thanks to all for a great day, and if you missed it, I think the lobster pound runs weekends through September.
  9. By "follow" you mean paddle circles around us in your very speedy ski? You are very welcome! It was nice to meet you.
  10. Actually padding at 0900! I recommend arriving no later than 830; the gates open at 8. I believe there in an AMC trip launching there at 9am tomorrow as well so we'll try to not steal any of their paddlers accidentally.
  11. Not doing the skills practice Saturday? Join us in a paddle from Odiorne to Rye (where I have heard they sell lobster rolls). Change in conditions may dictate route change so may be best to bring a snack as well as cash. 9am sharp launch from Odiorne to return by 3pm. Make sure you reserve parking! https://www.nhstateparks.org/visit/state-parks/odiorne-point-state-park Post here or PM me if coming. 14 foot sea kayaks with flotation and deck lines required.
  12. As a wide-headed person, I haven't found the WRSI trident or the Sweet Strutter comfortable, sadly. I have a Sweet Wanderer which is exceptionally comfortable but has no brim, and a Shred-Ready T-Dub which as a brim but isn't quite as perfect a fit. You are welcome to try both tomorrow as well.
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