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  1. I was planning to come, but my afternoon work schedule is unpredictable so I’m not a reliable second
  2. Hi Dan. I tried but I get a "your recipient can't accept payments right now" message.
  3. JanetL

    Good simple PFD for women?

    I have a MsFit and find it very comfortable!
  4. Hi Dan! Is this still happening this year?
  5. I’m working nearby this week... hope to actually make it to one of these!
  6. JanetL

    Surfski safety

    Josko, is this ladies thing open to more? I'm interested...
  7. JanetL

    Aug 3 - Lane's Cove

    Excellent. See you tomorrow Liz!
  8. JanetL

    Lane's cove

    Join us for a paddle from Lane's Cove ready to launch at 9am. Plan to stop in Rockport for lunch if the timing works out. Please PM or post if you are coming or if questions. Details in the message board trips section!
  9. JanetL

    Aug 3 - Lane's Cove

    We have a quorum so paddle is a go for Saturday... forecast looks good and more company would be welcome. PM or post here if you plan to come.
  10. JanetL

    Aug 3 - Lane's Cove

    Hmm, Romaine.... I wasn’t planning any portages this time. Perhaps we’ll just have you carry the boats up and down the beach a few times to substitute... 😉
  11. JanetL

    Aug 3 - Lane's Cove

    Long-range forecast looks amenable to a paddle next Saturday, and paddling plans make the work-week go by faster... Join us for a paddle from Lane's Cove to Rockport, ready to launch at 9am. There's a shop I'd like to visit briefly in Rockport, where ice cream and other treats can also be found for those inclined. If conditions look not favorable to go around to Rockport, alternative route could be to go the opposite direction up into the Annisquam and visit lobster cove etc. Please post here if you are coming, and PM me if questions, concerns, or coffee shop recommendations. I'll post again later in the week if the forecast changes substantially. NB: This will be a CAM paddle, not a led trip, as per NSPN website description
  12. JanetL

    Greenhead flies

    My itchy legs are very envious! 😉
  13. JanetL

    Greenhead flies

    They were fairly obnoxious at the Odiorne boat launch yesterday. Not a problem once on the water.
  14. JanetL

    Walden 7/16

    Won’t be paddling tomorrow... my stuff’s all under plastic and a bunch of basement renovation dust one day earlier than expected!
  15. JanetL

    Walden 7/16

    Anyone planning to go to Walden tomorrow evening? Need to decide tonight if I want to bring the kayak or the bike to work... 5:30 would be about the earliest that I could arrive.