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  1. Barb, if it helps, my red plastic boat I think you’ve used before is an Avocet. It fits me perfect- so would be roomy on you.
  2. Paddle cancelled due to no-fun forecast. Will try again soon!
  3. CANCELED due to unappealing weather forecast Hello! I am planning to paddle on Patriot's Day, Monday April 17. Will be somewhere in the north shore of MA (or possibly NH), exact location to be announced later this week pending forecast, with a mid morning start. Will post a float plan when I pick a location, but mark your calendars Will be open to all with appropriate equipment (sea kayak with bulkheads/decklines, clothing for immersion in still-cold water). Janet
  4. I’m not going to have time for this, so no need for an early return for me!
  5. Right?! New paddlers, someone buy this boat and kit ... screaming deal.
  6. I have some afternoon plans I have to be back for, so it depends on when and where!
  7. Bump! Googleform to indicate interest will close tomorrow evening - Wednesday 3/22 - at 10pm, after which time Joe and I will get in touch with the attending group directly for deposits. Thanks for all interest in this trip, Janet
  8. Anyone signed up and don’t want to attend? I’ll buy your spot…
  9. NSPN member Steph recently put an Immersion Research "Reggie" backband in her plastic Romany surf - not that hard to do and seems to work well for her.
  10. I put a blob of Lexal sealant on the inside of my old plastic valley kayak where it was leaking in the skeg control, seems to be holding up ok.
  11. If you end up with an alternate date that isn't 10/1 and works for me, I'd like to come if there is space. Late to the party though!
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