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  1. NPearson

    Re-purpose a drysuit

    Josko, Sadly not. My Palm drysuit died way too early and Palm were having none of it. Very poor customer service compared with Kokotat/ Goretex - you get what you pay for I guess. Does anyone want a sea-kayaker scarecrow? Nick
  2. NPearson

    Solstice L4 Group - June 22

    Hi Rob, we’ll both be there. Ali’s shoulder is still giving her a bit of gyp so she’ll make a decision on the day whether she’s up for the L4 or will opt for an easier paddle
  3. NPearson

    racking a mini-van ??

    TBH, a little bit of me winces when I don’t see a VW badge on the front
  4. NPearson

    4 used Thule roof bars

  5. NPearson

    racking a mini-van ??

    Pru, you want to have a look at my new Metris - a great little van (sized between a full size Transit and a Transit connect) By the way, The Kari-tek roof rack is very much the Freight train of the roof rack world; robust, well made, capacious... ...heavy, rattley, un-aerodynamic and a pain to store when you're not using it Nick P.S. I think that's a Metris hiding behind the kayaks in Rob's Kari-Tek photo
  6. NPearson

    Paddling film fest - Concord NH

    We'll be gong to this on Wednesday - anyone else? https://www.northernforestcanoetrail.org/event/paddling-film-fest-concord/ Nick
  7. NPearson

    location suggestions

    The Hermit island trip that I ran last year seemed to go down really well. The format worked; Travel Friday night to a campsite in Maine with a beach then do day paddles with Saturday evening at the campsite. Travel home Sunday after a short paddle. I plan to arrange another similar weekend in May/ June of this year and wondered if anyone could suggest alternative locations. Are there any other beach-front, tent-friendly campsites that you could recommend? Nick
  8. NPearson

    Drakes Estero / Point Reyes, CA (BASK club trip)

    Fantastic! I mountain biked out to Drake’s Estero a couple of years back. It’s stunning. Last year I paddled at moss landing, just south of Santa Cruz, there were otters!
  9. Pearsons will bring gluten-free sweet potato Mac and cheese
  10. Keep me in the loop, you can get to some unexpected places on a very high tide
  11. Hi Kurt, I have about 5 years worth of Ocean paddler magazines that I’d be happy to give away, would you be interested? Nick
  12. I have about 5 or 6 years worth of back issues. Anyone want them before I send them for recycling?
  13. same answers as David, Pru, Andy, Jonathon, Bob & Beth. especially Beth
  14. Both Pearsons will be there, we’ll confirm food contribution later
  15. NPearson

    New Year's Day Paddle 2019

    Count us out. Not for reasons of weather or conditions- but we’re away in Maine for NYE and I think it’ll be too much of a stretch to get to the put-in on time. Nick & Ali