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  1. Hi Joe, I think I signed up for this earlier in the year, is it still on? thanks Nick
  2. We had a couple of nights on Little Chebeague this summer - a Ripple effect group was there on one night but we camped well away from them and hardly saw them.
  3. Harbormaster informed - this was a shart call follwed by an e-mail to confirm make & model of vehicle and my contact details.
  4. Is parking at Cousin’s island a problem mid week? I was planning to launch from there this Thursday
  5. Hi Dan, I think this is a great idea, include me in the working group if you need more do-ers. Nick
  6. I'd like to join please - Probably still just me though
  7. Ali had one custom made for her by Beale https://bealepaddles.com/ - highly recommended
  8. Hi Jim, Interested! (Ali seemed keen on the idea too)
  9. Hi Jane, sorry to Hijack the thread, but there is also an alternative trip from Rye hbr tomorrow for the NH lepers. Otw at 11. PM me if interested. Nick p.s pink ooze?
  10. Jim, Count me in for NH paddles Thanks Nick
  11. Yup - I'm a big fan of the gore-tex bivvi bag as an extra layer - surprisingly warm, considering how thin it is. Mind you, I lost mine for a year or so. Eventually found it wedged right up in the bow of my boat
  12. For now I stand as one upon a rock environed with a wilderness of sea, who marks the waxing tide grow wave by wave, expecting ever when some envious surge will in his brinish bowels swallow him. oh - I see, sorry Andy Nick
  13. Right - Sea-lect it is - I just have to find someone who has them in stock now... Thanks N
  14. Neither of the two day-hatch covers I've bought for my Explorer seem entirely satisfactory. The NDK one has lasted about a year and cracks are appearing, It also never looks like it's on properly, even when it is. The alternative Kayaksport one sits nicely and seems to last well but is slightly loose, the contents of my day hatch always get slightly damp as a result. To save me the expensive process of elimination, can anyone recommend a hatch cover that properly fits the NDK day hatch and lasts more than a year - and preferably has a hole for a tether. thanks Nick
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