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  1. We have updated our site to reflect the new 2020 season with a few changes from last years programing. This year we are offering passes to our long term student program which will better help you as the paddler to work within a group and courses that speak more to your individual needs and desires. Our Long Term Student Development Program last year was a great success and many of our students anticipate joining us again this year! The 2020 season will be packed with surf classes, incident management and rock hopping courses! This year we also have included a sea kayak camping course which was highly sought after last year and we anticipate it to fill quickly this year. Additionally we will be adding more programs, retreats and expeditions throughout the year. If you don't see something on the website that you would like to do, please get in touch so we can set something up! We also have added two skills session in the Hudson Valley for New York based folks! For your convenience we also have added a new feature to the site which allows you to pay by credit card, however cash and check is always accepted! If you have any questions, concerns or feedback we would greatly appreciate it and we hope to have you join us this season! Please checkout our updated website here! We hope to see you on the water in 2020! Best, Jonathan & Kelsey
  2. In an effort to use up the last bit of gelcoat and resin I have I will be opening a few spots up to do gelcoat and fiberglass repair. If you have any repair work needing to be done shoot me a email with photos and I can give you a estimate. Since I am trying to use up the supplies before the winter pricing is reduced. Below are pictures of recent repair work I completed. [email protected]
  3. We have just two spots remaining for this program!
  4. jonathanoltz

    USB-chargeable marine VHF radio?

    I have had both Standard Horizon and ICOM radios. I wouldn’t trust anything but ICOM at this point and really like the M-73 for its compactness. That being said it only can be charged via the cradle which takes at 12v DC plug. When on longer trips I have a USB to 12volt cable. In all fairness though the battery on my radio seldom needs charging. I typically leave it on the entire day and it only needs charging about once a week. Last year in Wales I never charged it for the 5 days we were on the water.
  5. Hi folks, We have a few spots left for our navigation course on Oct. 5 & 6. This course will focus on navigation on the water, trip planning and reading water. If interested please email me at [email protected]
  6. jonathanoltz

    Delphin 150 - Remove thigh grips?

    I’ve removed the padding on the thigh braces and attached mini cell foam sheets in its place.
  7. jonathanoltz

    Temporary Rack Movement to Different Car

    Could use some c-clamps with steel bars and nylon nuts
  8. jonathanoltz

    Free avocet

    Awesome! I’ll shoot you a email and come up with a plan to pick it up
  9. jonathanoltz

    Free avocet

    Barb I’ll take it!
  10. Hi Al, We will be working on some rescue and incident management skills over the two days. We will be basing the venue off of conditions and will notify interested parties at where the location will be. Jonathan
  11. We have had a few last minute cancellations for our long term students session for this upcoming weekend here in Southern Maine. If you are interested in attending please reply here or send me a private message. This is a great opportunity for those wanting to prepare for an assessment or gain some new skills.
  12. jonathanoltz

    Scorpios and related items for sale

    What year is the LV?
  13. jonathanoltz

    Rolling Lesson

    Keep your eyes peeled over the next few days in case someone drops out.
  14. jonathanoltz

    Rolling Lesson

    Just checking in to see who will be here for roll help on Saturday
  15. jonathanoltz

    selling my March pool sessions

    I’ll take the March 16 session.