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  1. jonathanoltz

    Scorpios and related items for sale

    What year is the LV?
  2. jonathanoltz

    P&H Delphin 150 (yellow) for sale, now $590

    Andy can you send me some pictures of the boat?
  3. jonathanoltz

    Rolling Lesson

    Keep your eyes peeled over the next few days in case someone drops out.
  4. jonathanoltz

    Rolling Lesson

    Just checking in to see who will be here for roll help on Saturday
  5. jonathanoltz

    selling my March pool sessions

    I’ll take the March 16 session.
  6. jonathanoltz

    Rolling Lesson

    Works for us! See you all then!
  7. jonathanoltz

    Rolling Lesson

    Hi, please confirm back if your coming to 3/16 pool session.
  8. jonathanoltz

    Rolling Lesson

    Hi Folks, those wanting some rolling lessons we will be at the March 16th pool session. Please let us know if you will be attending.
  9. jonathanoltz

    Rolling Lesson

    Wow! This is great, will be in contact with each of you to discuss timing.
  10. jonathanoltz

    Rolling Lesson

    Any members in need of roll instruction? Kelsey and I need 1 or 2 people who’d like to work on their roll. Obviously we would arrange for it to happen during a pool session, your only fee would be the pool session itself.
  11. jonathanoltz

    Gear Sale

    Lendal Storm is sold!
  12. Last night after leaving the Cabin Fever Party I was sporting a new NSPN Sticker on my truck! And I didn’t put it there! So whoever you are I will find you, and you will get a fancy new Sea Kayak New England decal on your car!
  13. jonathanoltz

    Gear Sale

    You got it!
  14. jonathanoltz

    Gear Sale

    Cleaning and organizing our gear room, we have a couple items for sale. If you see something you like please feel free to give an offer, all of this equipment is in excellent or brand new condition, good chance to get kit at a low cost! Lendal Storm MCS 210: $250 Paddle is full carbon, super light with great catch. I have used this paddle for many years and have loved every bit of it. Some scratches but nothing structural. I just replaced the button for ferrule adjustment last week. ReedAquatherm Cag: $150 Used three times mostly during my assessment in Wales. Its a really nice cag with a nice fleece liner. Super warm! Has a very nice front pocket with detachable hand warmer, rolls up nicely and fits in day hatch. Only selling as I recently acquired a new goretex cag. Astral Blue Jacket Black/Green BRAND NEW!: $180 PFD is new with tags, we received this as a replacement but didn't need it. This is a great deal, goes for $225 brand new.
  15. I will be there with some homemade French onion dip and chips