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  1. jonathanoltz

    P&H Aries 150

    It’s time my P&H Aries finds a new home. This is a fantastic boat and they do not come up on the used market often. I have throughly enjoyed this boat over the three years I have owned it. For those unfamilar with this boat it’s a ultra maneuverable Sea Kayak. Great for surfing, rock gardening and even day paddle. Although short for a sea Kayak it’s long water line allows it to keep up with the big 17-18ft sea kayaks. All hatches stay bone bone dry and the boat is in great shape. There are a few small spider cracks and one spot needing a little gel coat, which I’m happy to fix before selling. This is quite normal for these boats and again they do not come used often. Includes a deck compass and paddle britches! Last year I had a new coaming put on for better comfort. Originally this boat came with plastic thigh braces however I had a Cetus MV coaming added. This was professionally done by Carl Ladd at Osprey Sea And Surf Price: $2000 and I will take offers as well. Will add pictures soon, the one for sale is the Red over White.
  2. jonathanoltz


    Thank you all! We are back state side! It was a fantastic experience. True four star conditions for the assessment and most of the week!
  3. jonathanoltz

    Group Buy-Pains Wessex Flares

    Anyone else interested in flares? Need to put an order in soon.
  4. Brand New Astral Blue Jacket Size-S/M Color- Black with Green Price-$180 goes for $225 normally Still has tags and never been worn!
  5. jonathanoltz

    Kayaking Shoes

    Do to the weight of wet kit on the way back from Wales, I decided to leave behind my shoes with with one of the local coasteering guides. I had the astral hiyak's which fell apart kind of quickly. Any one have any other shoes they have and like. Im not a big fan of booties.
  6. jonathanoltz

    Sunday Surf Safari?

    Sunday looks like its potentially going to be a great surf day, however we are still quite a ways out. Anyone interested in going on a bit of a Surf Safari in NH? As of now Jenness is predicting 3-4 Swell at 12 seconds. This could obviously change. If you are interested please respond here and I will provide info.
  7. Joe, its offical never paddling with you again!!! Good luck! Just kidding, would miss you too much sharks or not!
  8. jonathanoltz

    Group Buy-Pains Wessex Flares

    Josko, not exactly local for Woods Hole but I'm using Chase Leavitt in Portland
  9. jonathanoltz

    Group Buy-Pains Wessex Flares

    Okay bringing this back from the dead. I have found a source for the flares here is what the buy would consist of: Day/Night Signal https://www.comet-marine.com/products/non-solas/day-and-night-mk8 Red Parachute Flare https://www.comet-marine.com/products/solas/parachute-rocket-red Comet was bought by Pains Wessex and are exactly the same now. Keep in mind the parachutes are not the size of a pocket flare they would need to be stored behind your sea or in a hatch, John Carmody store his in a welding rod case: https://www.amazon.com/Hobart-770073-Welding-Storage-Electrodes/dp/B0017Z04U8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1535476278&sr=8-1&keywords=welding+rod+case The day night signal is perfect for a PFD pocket. They are however expensive. The Day/Nights: $105 The Rockets: $35 Once I have hard numbers as to who wants what I can bring it back to the distributor to see if we can get better pricing.
  10. jonathanoltz

    Lake Umbagog kayak camping, Oct 5-8, 2018

    Gary, Still room for two more on this trip?
  11. jonathanoltz

    NDK/SKUK Romany

    Pictures uploaded for your viewing pleasure! Surely someone needs a Romany in their life! Send an offer for review! Boat is in great shape and ready to go! I apologize their are a few leaves on the hull in this picture.
  12. jonathanoltz

    British Canoeing Personal Performance Awards

    Janet I works contact John Carmody to check in on the 3*. FYI Kelsey has put together an open study session next weekend in the Boothbay area for folks to do some practice for upcoming assessments. If your considering doing any type of assessment you should join in to talk to folks already along the journey!
  13. jonathanoltz

    British Canoeing Personal Performance Awards

    I would suggest you go to a four star training even if it’s just to see what all the fuss is about. As someone who is two years into the journey and coming up on assessment the knowledge I have gained was nothing I could have ever have fathomed.
  14. jonathanoltz

    Sunday July 29th

    Hi Jim, Brave Boat Harbor is just North of Gerrish Island in Kittery. We will try to be off the water by 3:30ish
  15. jonathanoltz

    Sunday July 29th

    Launching at 10am from Odiorne boat ramp, we will head north towards Brave Boat Harbor with potential surf and rock play along the way. This will not be a CAM but instead a led trip that will be used in my Sea Kayak Leader log book. Please have a helmet if participating in the trip and respond here with interest.