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  1. Terese I’m using Yakima pads on our aero bars.
  2. Ditto to the above, I have a Toyota Tacoma with a topper, when I carry boats on the roof I have a large bar spread, one bar on the rear of the top the other at the front of the truck.
  3. jonathanoltz

    Liability Waivers

    Bill, you will need a waiver for each session.
  4. jonathanoltz

    Chart Cases - Zipper vs Roll-Top Style?

    I’ve been using the Axel Pack chart case I bought front kayak Waveology. It has no ziplocks your just slide the chart in and roll. Not the cheapest case but very effective and easy to use.
  5. Hey Folks, Kelsey and I will be leading a trip out of Devereaux Beach in Marblehead on Sunday for those interested. Plan is to launch at 10:00am off Devereaux and work our way down to Dread Ledge in Swampscott. Please keep in mind this will be a cold water paddle but air temps will be in the 50's (YAHHOOOO!) so its essential you still dress for water temperatures. I have yet to explore this area but from past trip reports this looks like it will be a blast! Please respond here with interest and PM me your float plan info: E-Contact Vehicle Make and Model/License Plate Boat Model/Color
  6. jonathanoltz

    Kayak Stacker?

    Andy, does that mean I can store it in your driveway?
  7. jonathanoltz

    Kayak Stacker?

    After talking with a few people I’m realizing a potential issue, the running of boats together during the drive. At first I though no big deal but a coach told me that he’s had and seen boats wear a hole from stackers on long drives. Im back to considering a trailer, especially if someone wants to let me store it in their yard
  8. jonathanoltz

    Easter Plunge Saturday 3/31/18

    +1 on West Beach and I like the idea of pods. We could divide it up amongst those who want to explore and those who want to play.
  9. jonathanoltz

    Kayak Stacker?

    Trying to come up with a solution for carrying four seal kayaks on the roof of our truck. Anyone ever use a stacker? Any recommendations?
  10. jonathanoltz

    Easter Plunge Saturday 3/31/18

    I will be there!
  11. jonathanoltz

    Various Roof Rack Stuff

    Adding in yet another roof rack item, $100, a nearly brand new set of Yakima CoreBars. Brand new these go for $129. Thule Aeroblade Bars $40 for pair Footpack $40 J-Bars $10/ Set Set To Go’s $50 2x Marco Felt Lined Saddles $40 each Can send pictures of anything people are interested in!
  12. jonathanoltz

    Various Roof Rack Stuff

    Hi Ryan, I do have the foot pack available and live in Billerica MA, however I work in Boston and could meet you there if closer.
  13. jonathanoltz

    Nantasket Beach?

    Oh damn! Stupid iPhone! launch!!!
  14. jonathanoltz

    Nantasket Beach?

    Anyone know if is okay to laugh launch from the beach at Nantasket this time of year? Looking at surf on Saturday. Nahant looks like fun but Nantasket is slightly larger.
  15. jonathanoltz

    Various Roof Rack Stuff

    Alright people need to get rid of all these goodies, Bars $40 Footback $40 J-Bars $10 Set To Go’s $50