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  1. jonathanoltz

    British Canoeing Personal Performance Awards

    Janet I works contact John Carmody to check in on the 3*. FYI Kelsey has put together an open study session next weekend in the Boothbay area for folks to do some practice for upcoming assessments. If your considering doing any type of assessment you should join in to talk to folks already along the journey!
  2. jonathanoltz

    British Canoeing Personal Performance Awards

    I would suggest you go to a four star training even if it’s just to see what all the fuss is about. As someone who is two years into the journey and coming up on assessment the knowledge I have gained was nothing I could have ever have fathomed.
  3. jonathanoltz

    Sunday July 29th

    Hi Jim, Brave Boat Harbor is just North of Gerrish Island in Kittery. We will try to be off the water by 3:30ish
  4. jonathanoltz

    Sunday July 29th

    Launching at 10am from Odiorne boat ramp, we will head north towards Brave Boat Harbor with potential surf and rock play along the way. This will not be a CAM but instead a led trip that will be used in my Sea Kayak Leader log book. Please have a helmet if participating in the trip and respond here with interest.
  5. jonathanoltz

    Zegul Greenland T or GT, has anyone tried it?

    Andy, I know someone who has paddled one extensively. Not sure if it’s the T or GT. Let me know and I’ll connect you two.
  6. jonathanoltz

    P&H Delphin skeg repair question

    Andy, That cord is standard on all their boats at this point unless you order the boat specifically with wire skeg. Carl Ladd sells extra skeg line so I’d give him a call and get some. He would also be able to tell you how to best replace the line but mynthougjt would be to get some thin wire to push through first and then pull the line trough the line sheath with is just pex tubing. Jonathan
  7. jonathanoltz

    Mystic lakes

    Janet, You and anyone else are always encouraged to post paddles!
  8. jonathanoltz

    Surfing Saturday?

    Cathy, If I were not working this weekend I would be surfing at Wallis Sands. You can park in the gravel lot just north of the Rye Harbor launch for free and paddle down to the beach or if your paddling a surf boat just park at the point and launch from there. Nice gentle waves!
  9. jonathanoltz

    NDK/SKUK Romany

    Hi Marc, Boat is still available. Email me @ jonathan t oltz at gmail dot com. Jonathan
  10. jonathanoltz

    NDK/SKUK Romany

    Up for sale is a beautiful Orange/Yellow/White Romany. It is in great condition with fairly low miles. Serial number dates it for 2004. It has a Brunton compass and north water paddle britches. The original seat has been replaced with a very comfortable foam seat. For those unfamiliar with the NDK/SKUK Romany it is one of the most timeless sea kayak designs to date. This fantastic boat is perfect for a beginner or a seasoned professional. With just the right amount of rocker you can play the sea but still tracks incredible! I will post pictures soon. Priced to sell at $1800
  11. Terese I’m using Yakima pads on our aero bars.
  12. Ditto to the above, I have a Toyota Tacoma with a topper, when I carry boats on the roof I have a large bar spread, one bar on the rear of the top the other at the front of the truck.
  13. jonathanoltz

    Liability Waivers

    Bill, you will need a waiver for each session.
  14. jonathanoltz

    Chart Cases - Zipper vs Roll-Top Style?

    I’ve been using the Axel Pack chart case I bought front kayak Waveology. It has no ziplocks your just slide the chart in and roll. Not the cheapest case but very effective and easy to use.
  15. Hey Folks, Kelsey and I will be leading a trip out of Devereaux Beach in Marblehead on Sunday for those interested. Plan is to launch at 10:00am off Devereaux and work our way down to Dread Ledge in Swampscott. Please keep in mind this will be a cold water paddle but air temps will be in the 50's (YAHHOOOO!) so its essential you still dress for water temperatures. I have yet to explore this area but from past trip reports this looks like it will be a blast! Please respond here with interest and PM me your float plan info: E-Contact Vehicle Make and Model/License Plate Boat Model/Color