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  1. jonathanoltz

    Where do you store your kit?

    Paul, could you post some photos of your shed?
  2. jonathanoltz

    Where do you store your kit?

    Working on boat storage still but this is what we have as of now:
  3. Can you send me details on the Mega?
  4. jonathanoltz

    Ride Surf Kayaks

    I’m considering putting together an order for a Ride Surf Kayaks, likely a Solar. Theses are built in the UK. If a few people would be interested in we could all likely save some $$$ on freight. Anyone interested?
  5. jonathanoltz

    Where do you store your kit?

    During the warmer months we will wash outside and hang dry. This time of year we will wash in the laundry room in the basement
  6. With moving into a new house we are working on how to use the space most efficiently. Obviously kayaking gear is top on the list. We have a carpeted closet in the guest room (Prudences Room) where we are currently storing kit, (drysuits, pfd, etc). Once the kit gets wet that won't really be ideal. We also have a finished basement and a storage area where are boats currently are. The boiler is also located here and Ive heard its less then ideal to store latex gaskets in a room where there is combustion. We also have two shed in the yard but my concern here would be mice. Finally there's a finished basement where we have some workout equipment. Anyone have thoughts?
  7. jonathanoltz

    Drysuit's 20% Off

    Those in need of a drysuit, kokatat suits are on sale at Kittery Trading Post for those who might b e looking.
  8. Same as David, Prudence and Andy!
  9. jonathanoltz

    New Year's Day Paddle 2019

    Jason, I’ll be in touch
  10. jonathanoltz

    Washing Drysuits

    With our new house we have decided to replace the existing washer and dryer. I know Kokatat recommends washing in a front loader but has anyone washed in a top loader?
  11. jonathanoltz


    Thank you all! We are back state side! It was a fantastic experience. True four star conditions for the assessment and most of the week!
  12. jonathanoltz

    Group Buy-Pains Wessex Flares

    Anyone else interested in flares? Need to put an order in soon.
  13. Brand New Astral Blue Jacket Size-S/M Color- Black with Green Price-$180 goes for $225 normally Still has tags and never been worn!
  14. jonathanoltz

    Kayaking Shoes

    Do to the weight of wet kit on the way back from Wales, I decided to leave behind my shoes with with one of the local coasteering guides. I had the astral hiyak's which fell apart kind of quickly. Any one have any other shoes they have and like. Im not a big fan of booties.