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  1. Hi Ranger, any interest in a Romany Excel?
  2. Hi Folks, Its almost fall which for us in the Northeast typically brings some fun conditions! If you boat is in need of some repairs or modifications I have a few spots open from now to the end of October. Once Nov 1st comes we will go into our limited run of spots due to the increasingly colder temperatures. Please reach out if you are in need of repairs!
  3. Hi Liz, So sorry to hear about the incident. If you’d like to bring the boat by my house in Wells Maine I can take a look over the boat to see what would need to be done to repair it. Let me know. Jonathan
  4. Bob welcome back! Glad to see you are wanting to get back out again. I just sent you over a email, take a look and let's touch base!
  5. Hi Leslie, Likely the cable is pinched, no lubrication will fix this. The cable will need to be replaced. Usually on the older tahes the skeg and wire are all one piece so the whole thing would need replacement.
  6. Hi John, I just sent over a email to you!
  7. We will have two slots available for repairs starting the weekend of May 1st.
  8. We are now full, next slots available around April 25th.
  9. With weather warming up and some people deciding to stay off the water for a bit now is a great time to address some of those cracks, bumps and ouchies on your boat! Whether your boat needs some gelcoat, a keel strip or is leaky we are here to help! We have appointments for repairs opening up currently! With social distancing we make the process easy, just send us photo's of what needs work and we will provide you with a quote! From there we can schedule a pick up or drop off of your boat. When your boats finished we sanitize the boat and provide nitrile gloves. You can even pay by credit card so no contact is needed! If you need repairs, please send inquires to our email, seakayakne at gmail dot com or visit our website seakayaknewengland.com.
  10. Hi Folks, This week I am placing an order with Kajak Sport for hatch covers and some parts. If you are in need of hatch covers please let me know and I will add them to my order for you! If you unsure of sizing just send me a photo and I will quote you a price. I plan to place the order by Wednesday. Jonathan
  11. We are about to place our spring order for repair materials. Currently we have a few slots open for those needing keel strips or repairs. If you are need of a keel strip or any repairs this is a great time to do it as most of us are off the water with social distancing! Prices are below: $250 for white fiberglass keel strips $300 for custom colored keel strips For Repairs please send photos to [email protected] for a quote.
  12. It’s going to need some work, but with some time it will be good as new. Im planning to do a full restore on it and make a series of videos of the repair work.
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