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  1. Sea Lion kayak for sale. In the heady days of performance sea kayaking, Aquaterra ruled the seas with an extensive line of capable boats made for the ocean led by the Sea Lion. This boat at 17'3" and 22.5" wide is fast, easily rolled, and ideal for kayak camping, sea touring, racing or just poking around the local lake or river. With a Greenland style bow and stern and a rounded bottom and rudder, it is at home in ocean waves, swells, and whitewater, while being comfortable enough for wildlife viewing. Aquaterra went to a whole new level and made this boat in kevlar composite which gave all the performance and cut the weight to an astonishing 40+/- lbs. The best performance and all around boat became the lightest as well. It's got some miles on it obviously, but bottom and cockpit were restored recently. Age and surgeries have forced me into a wider, slower boat. This high performer can be yours for $900. Reply to this post if you are interested.
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