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  1. I was at Walden this afternoon paddling along when a loon came up out of nowhere! Still there for now.
  2. I wasn't able to attend the workshop, pool, or lake sessions, but I joined the group for the ocean paddle in Marble Head. It was awesome! There were 17 of us and plenty of support from all of the volunteers. I satisfied myself that I've got the first part of the roll down as I was the only one to get wet that day. As is sometimes the case in these situations, my skirt didn't quite release as fast as I expected (sorry Kevin for the mild heart attack), but Kevin, Al, and Alex quickly went to work and did an expert rescue and it felt like I was barely in the 55 deg water. Got to test out my dry suit and it worked - I was warm and dry. Can't emphasize enough the need to dress for water temp, not air temp! This is a great group of folks and can't thank Kevin and all of the others who volunteered their time to help us newbies out! Looking forward to paddling with you again and working on the second half of that roll -Bob D.
  3. Would love to join you all, but can't make it this Sunday. Will be there for Pavilion! If someone wants to come get a boat and gear from me, you're welcome to borrow it.
  4. Thanks Pru! Sent you a PM.
  5. Hi Rob, Is there an instructor at these pool sessions to teach one how to roll or is it simply pool time for folks to work on their own stuff without instruction? Thanks, Bob D.
  6. Thanks Rob and Cathy for a great paddle! The world of CAM and sea kayaking in general is still new to me so I really learned a lot from the discussion of tides, current, wind, channel crossing, etc. Circumnavigating New Castle and playing in the current under the bridge was a blast. Great meeting all of the other members too. Hope to join you guys for the next one!
  7. Sounds good. I'll pm you my info for the float plan.
  8. Thanks Rob - this looks like a great trip. Are you expecting this to be an all day paddle? Do you have a ballpark return time?
  9. I'm interested in joining you guys, but I don't want to hold anyone back. Is this trip appropriate for beginners?
  10. Thanks Josko for the invite! My window isn't big enough to get down to Woods Hole on Saturday, but it sounds like a great paddle! If anyone knows how I can renew my membership, please let me know. When I add it to cart, it just gives that wheelie thing over and over.
  11. Was looking to get a paddle in near Plum Island (Pavilion Beach) or Lane's Cove on Saturday morning. Are there any planned paddles for this weekend? Don't want to go out alone.
  12. Thanks Ed and gyork! I'm going to order one.
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