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  1. Thanks midtempo for posting this thread. I've never paddled Essex Bay, but it sounds ideal. Please let us know if you were able to park at the Greenbelt?
  2. It does seem like NE Seacoast Paddlers Meetup Group is well attended and likely has many NSPN members as part of the group? And I believe this meetup group has run a NTSKW with Newbury Kayak?
  3. As I responded in the other thread, I think this is a great idea and would become THE defacto annual sea kayaking event in New England. We can start small grass roots like and see where that takes us. In the mean time, what could we do for this year?
  4. Since this is being slated as a NTSK Workshop, it might have more visibility on the General Message Board? The 2 Day NSPN Symposium that Dan suggested is a great idea. While I'm a beginner paddler myself and don't get out all that often, I would be happy to help facilitate a NTSKW in terms of providing additional on water support for wet exits, edging, paddle strokes, rolling etc. I also could bring an extra boat.
  5. Hello - is there a resource for NSPN members that identifies Launch sites on the north shore, NH, and southern Maine?
  6. Hello! Just wanted to provide an update to this thread. I took your advice and got in the pool over the Winter and successfully learned to roll (thanks to Kevin B!). I've added a P&H Scorpio and Delphin for expedition / ocean play boats. I love the rock solid primary stability, the connect seat, the deck pod, and the carefree nature of Corelite X. I also had a chance to try Kevin's NDK Romany in the pool and it felt very stable and rolled very easily. If I didn't sell my Explorer, I'm sure it would be a different experience this time around. Still lots to learn as I navigate from a beginner to more advanced paddler. Look forward to paddling with some of you this year! Built this shed during Covid - max my town allows is 18', but they both fit (Scorpio just barely!):
  7. In addition to exploring the sea, I love to climb the high peaks of NH. If you haven't read Ty's books on two tragedies in the Whites, I highly recommend them. The Books are "The Last Traverse" and "Where you'll find me". Whenever I have friends interested in Winter climbing the High Peaks with me, I tell them to read both of these books before they decide to come along.
  8. Cetus LV in NY for $2900. No relation. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1423702911325187/?ref=search&referral_code=marketplace_search&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3A91c32e2e-44fc-4930-8bec-341e9c29cbd6
  9. At your budget, you can likely get any boat you want new! The best advice any of us can give you is to demo as many boats as you can before making your decision. Try the Rockpool Tarantella, NDK Explorer (Peaks Island ME), P&H Cetus and Scorpio (poly), and Valley if you can find a dealer. I have a P&H Scorpio Mk2 MV and after trying the full line of P&H boats (composite & poly), this one was the perfect balance of stability, speed, comfort, weight, storage, and price for me. I'm sure others with far more experience than I will chime in, but to me the difference between composite and poly is the composite boats are stiffer which translates into a more lively and responsive boat feel. They are also typically lighter than poly, but not always depending on construction. Pro's of poly boats are the indestructible nature of them rock hopping or dragging across rocks and sand without concern for damaging the gel coat (spider cracks) on a composite boat. And of course price. I no longer have the NDK Explorer in my signature. It's known as one of the most stable expedition boats ever made and often comes highly recommended. But, as a relatively new paddler, I just could never get comfortable in that boat. It always felt tippy so I could never relax. I'm sure it was more me than the boat and your experience may be completely different, but it just goes to show what one considers a very stable touring boat may not necessarily apply to everyone. Demo, demo, demo. Good luck in your search!
  10. Are you looking for a composite boat or plastic? And you didn't mention your budget? All of the suggestions so far are composite boats which are beautiful, but on the pricey side.
  11. This is great - thanks Joe and Bob for putting this together and sharing with those of us who couldn't attend the seminar.
  12. Thanks Kate sharing your experience with Beale. Sounds like a great guy to do business with. Do you have any thoughts on solid vs. laminated?
  13. Thanks Jim for the generous offer, but I definitely do not have the time or knowledge to carve my own
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