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  1. Newbury Kayak and Canoe is holding its annual Cold Water Workshop in a two-session format, one in the classroom and one on the water. Suz Hutchinson of Kokatat will lead the first session at 5:00-6:30PM on Thursday, September 21, indoors at the NK&C shop. NK&C's own Keith Attenborough will lead the in-water session at 1:00-3:00PM on Saturday, October 21, on Parker River at NK&C's shop docks. This is a great introduction course for paddlers looking to extend their season into the cold water months, and an excellent refresher/practice for experienced cold water paddlers. 5:00-6:30PM Thursday September 21, classroom session will cover: Introduction to cold water Review of cold water physiology Recognizing hypothermia Clothing and gear If you have a drysuit and would like to bring it to the first session on September 21, we can inspect it for you in preparation for the season. 1:00-3:00PM Saturday October 21, in-water session will cover: Dunk tests Rescues and tows Warm up practice (on-water and on-shore) Indoor debrief If you have a drysuit, bring it along for use in the October 21, in-water class. If you would like to borrow a drysuit, they will be available, but please be sure to reserve in advance. Call Newbury Kayak and Canoe at (978) 465-0312 or email to reserve your spot. Walk-ins will be welcomed as numbers allow.
  2. Newbury Kayak and Canoe will be hosting Greg Paquin from Kayak Waveology leading this all on-land class April 22nd. Details and registration at www.newburykayak.com. This course is designed for those paddlers carrying out coastal journeys including islands up to 2 nautical miles offshore in areas of tidal movement up to 2 knots and is a prerequisite for those seeking their British Canoeing 4 Star Sea Leader Award. However, anyone wishing to undertake journeys on the sea using a kayak would find the technical and theoretical aspects not only useful, but essential for safe travel in the marine environment! This course is designed to complement the areas covered in the British Canoeing 4 Star Leader Training. Course aims The aim of this course is to give the student the tools to enable them to plan and navigate effectively on coastal journeys in moderate sea conditions. This will include the following aspects: To interpret sources of information including maps, charts, coastal pilots and tide tables To navigate on the water using visual references and simple pilotage techniques e.g. transits and dead reckoning Effective use of a compass To be able to source, interpret and apply weather information to the coastal environment By the end of the course each student should have planned at least 2 coastal journeys that they can take home as references for further trip planning To be aware of the range of resources required to plan trips in the coastal environment Students should be made aware of the role of the Coastguard and the value of liaising with them. The current syllabus and guidance notes for the BCU 4 Star Leader award can be found on the PNA and BC UK web sites. The BC current syllabus and guidance notes can be found on the Paddle Sports North America web site www.paddlesportsnorthamerica.org Leader: Greg Paquin, UKCC L3 Coach with BCU AWE ( Advanced Water Endorsement).
  3. This Thursday night at 7:00 join Newbury Kayak and Canoe for Movie Night, to watch an epic adventure as Justine Curgenven and Sarah Outen battle the Bering Sea. Kayaking the Aleutians, on the New Big Screen, with the New Reliable Projector (really!!!). The movie and the popcorn are free! [email protected] with questions. Thursday February 23rd at 7:00. From Cackle TV: No-one has succeeded in kayaking the length of the remote and stormy Aleutian Islands which stretch from Russia to Alaska. Explorers Justine Curgenven and Sarah Outen set out to paddle 2,500km along the archipelago to the nearest road confronting more than 20 long crossings which separate the tiny unpopulated islands. Sarah faces an even more formidable challenge as this is part of her round-the-world human powered journey and she has limited kayaking experience. Alone for 101 days in one of the windiest, roughest places on earth, these two women are swept away from land by unknown currents, pounded by rough seas and approached by bears. Experiencing an edge-of-your-seat journey, they gain a rare insight into themselves, the rich wildlife and the lives of the few people who live in this harsh yet beautiful landscape. “In the summer of 2014, Justine Curgenven and Sarah Outen traversed the Aleutian Islands, completing what was, in my mind, perhaps the greatest, as yet undone, technical sea kayak expedition in the world. The film is spectacular, full of high adventure, a touching friendship, and some of the most magnificent scenery on earth”. - Jon Turk This film has won 8 international awards: Grand Prize at Graz Mountain Film Festival Best Spirit of Adventure Film at Sheffield Mountain Film Festival, U.K. Best Spirit of Adventure Film at L’Ecrans D’Aventure, Dijon, France Best Film at the Kayak Film Festival, Germany Best Kayaking film at the Llanberis Mountain Film Festival, U.K. Best Kayaking film at the Reel Paddling Film Festival, Canada Best Sea kayaking film at the Waterwalker Festival Best Adventure film at the Waterwalker Festival 2nd in People’s Choice, Kendal Mountain Film Festival, U.K. & at SHAFF, UK Finalist at Banff & Vancouver Mountain Film Festivals
  4. Movie night is moved to next Thursday, February 23, from 7-9ish. We'll be showing Kayaking the Aleutians: http://www.cackletv.com/sea-kayaking-dvds/kayaking-the-aleutians/.
  5. It's movie night at Newbury Kayak and Canoe this Thursday, the 19th! We're planning on a film from the Sea Kayaking Adventures series and one from the This is the Sea series, plus maybe a quick Greenland film. Come at 6:00 for conversation, movies and snacks. www.newburykayak.com
  6. Come on by Newbury Kayak and Canoe Thursday night Dec. 22 at 6:00 for food, fun, discounts, prizes and more! Bring a non-perishable food item to enter our raffle for prizes from Kokatat, Sea to Summit, Ipswich Ale Brewer, NK&C and others. Chat about about paddling, have a bite and some drink and relax, or do any last minute shopping. www.newburykayak.com, 978-465-0312.
  7. Hi Phil, The Yakima Jaylow converts from a single boat J-cradle to a two boat stacker, so a pair of those would answer the two boat/four boat question, and I think they should fit Thule bars. But that doesn't help much on the loading solo issue, which can be tough with a J on a tall car. The old Yakima round bars (but not aero bars) have an optional extension bar that slides out so you could get one end of the boat up, then swing the other end up into a cradle. I wonder if there is something like that you could add? [And full disclosure, I'm a Yakima dealer (at Newbury Kayak & Canoe) so I know them better than Thule]. Michael
  8. Kokatat is phasing out the Gore-tex Storm Cag and won't be offering it next year. If you want to get one before they're gone, contact Newbury Kayak and Canoe and we'll put in an order. I'll need a minimum of 6 to put the order in, so tell your friends! Just to be clear, Kokatat will still be offering the TROPOS Light Storm Cag, it is only the Gore-Tex that is disappearing. I'd like to get the order in before Christmas, so please call (978-465-0312) or come by before then. Shop hours are Friday 12-5, Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 12-5 or by appointment. We also have a Holiday get together Thursday the 22nd at 6:00 with fun, food and deals, so come then and get your order in (or just eat and drink).
  9. Update: The Y changed its hours and is open later on Sundays, so this winter the pool sessions will be 6-8.
  10. Newbury Kayak and Canoe will be hosting pool rolling sessions at the Ipswich YMCA again this winter. The dates for this year's sessions are: December 4; January 8, February 5, March 5 and April 2. Sessions are open to anyone interested in learning to roll or just wanting to practice their roll and have a little fun. Attendees should be intermediate or higher kayakers, the lessons are suited to beginner rollers, not beginner kayakers. If you have questions, please contact the shop. Sessions are all on Sunday evening, running from 5-7. Arrive at 4:45 to be ready to get in as soon as the pool is available. Bring your own boat (super clean!) or rent a boat from the shop. Cost is $25 per session, hands-on (group) lessons are an additional $25. Boat rental is extra - contact the shop. Go to newburykayak.com to sign up. Space is limited to prevent crowding.
  11. The Ins and Outs of Drysuits workshop with Suz this weekend at Newbury Kayak and Canoe is 2-4 on Sunday the 25th, not on Saturday as previously posted (that's the 24th). Sorry about the error!
  12. Suz Hutchinson, New England Kokatat sales rep and local paddler, will be at Newbury Kayak and Canoe on Sunday, September 25 from 2:00 to 4:00 for the “The In’s and Out’s of Drysuits”. Everything you could want to know about drysuits from how to get in/out, along with what to wear underneath. Suz will also help you understand the choices available, from the different materials to the myriad of options, and how to decide what makes sense for you. In addition, she will discuss how to care for a drysuit after using, along with long term storage and everything in between such as bringing the DWR back to life when needed. For existing drysuit owners, bring in your suit for review of gaskets and learn how to look for pinholes and determine when to send back to Kokatat for water testing and repairs. All current drysuit owners will get the chance to win one free gasket change (your choice – neck or wrist). The OLDEST drysuit will receive a free Kokatat hat! For those interested in purchasing a drysuit we are offering a discount of 15% for any suit ordered at the event. Want to try on a suit? All styles of Kokatat suits will be available at the event. Get your suit on order now ready for cold water!
  13. For clarification the lesson with Greg and Paula is on Saturday the 27th
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