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  1. I don't recall, does REI have either WiFi or a network wall jack, so that we can bring laptops? If they have network jacks in the wall that work, I could bring a small 5port switch and network cables for other people to also use (I work for a small IT shop, so can bring a limited amount of gear).
  2. My husband Scott and I are in! But yeah, that 9am start time is going to make it rough, as we're an hour South of Boston.
  3. Where in RI? I/my husband could possibly pick them up and bring them to the pre-easter plunge tomorrow for you.
  4. Oh, I'm not looking for this paddle to be 'fun'. I'm thinking it's a pre-season test of our gear with the advantage of being with more experienced paddlers. Plus, sometimes 'fun' is when you look back at an event, while during said event it's a slog paddling/hiking/snowshoeing through mud/rain/snow/below-freezing weather. I just don't want us to hold the group back. In the past 2 years, we've done a 16 mile roundtrip, 10kn+ headwind with rain paddle from Cedar Point to Chapmans Landing in Stratham, NH... and a paddle from URI's Bay Campus across to Jamestown Island, sheltering behind Dutch Island over 2 miles in 2'+ non-breaking slow-interval broadside waves. We finished each paddle exhausted. Each was a L3, but in different ways.
  5. As a paddler who's between a L2-3, a more sheltered paddle on a cold, rainy, windy day would be preferred...
  6. My husband and I are in. Will be our first test of our cold-weather gear, even though we've worn/brought it for early mid-May in Maine paddles.
  7. Any cost to attend this? -No, we're not going to Jewell. We're looking for Lvl 2-3 trips. -I don't see a Solstice paddle on the calendar? -Yes on dinner.
  8. In 'normal' conditions, is this more of a Lvl2 or Lvl3 trip? I can handle 15k winds and 2' waves... but not sure for 1.5 miles. I can handle BCU 2* conditions for a while, but 3* tires me out quickly.
  9. My husband and I might be interested.
  10. I'm assuming water conditions require the use of a dry suit for that time of year? I only ask because it's the one large piece of kit that my husband and I don't have yet.
  11. Depending on the date, my husband and I might be interested in going.Would it be suitable for 13' sea kayaks?
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