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    I’d like to join -Dave
  2. I’ll park at the restaurant
  3. If you wanna go tomorrow, I’m in
  4. Did you wind up going today? If not and you want to go tomorrow, I’d be interested.
  5. Planning on launching at Pavilion Beach around 4 tomorrow. Probably paddle 2-3 hours, so around 6-9 miles. Probably closer to 6-7 miles.planning on just following the coast . If anyone feels like joining post here and message me your info. Looks pretty mild, but please be familiar with a wet exit , have a spray skirt, paddle, pfd. And be able to keep a 3knt pace. Thanks /Dave
  6. wanted to attend this, but its still too much of a journey right now. Hopefully catch people on the next one. -Dave
  7. Awesome trip, thanks for organizing it Cathy. i think there was a bit of lack of communication as far as the swimming went.(for me) I watched you happily jump in the fast moving water and I thought your plan was to float down stream. As I was watching you float away , I was also watching Rob calmly put his spray skirt around his cockpit. I thought "oh, ok, this must have been the plan" (for Rob to knowingly go fish you back to shore). We were watching though, and had Rob not arrived when he had we quickly would have assisted. (But as Bill pointed out, you probably would have got to shore before then anyhow). A great day had by all. Looking forward to next time. -Dave
  8. Hi Cathy, Jill and I would like to join
  9. I'm interested Josko
  10. I'm going to try to make some of these. thanks for setting it up Jeff
  11. ill go, id be interested in intermediate
  12. Awesome pictures guys, you are motivating me
  13. Totally up for it Pru, I think dinner at a nearby restaurant is a wise plan ?
  14. Ok, cool, thanks for the info! i think I might head to basspro this weekend to get sorted out with the basics. (At least try to)
  15. Is it difficult to fish out of your sea kayak? how is it reeling in something big ? Do you need to bait the hooks for the mackerel?
  16. Sounds good guys, I'd be up for going around Salem or Monomoy. For some reason launching out of Lanes cove in Rockport seems appealing to me as well, and there is Odiorne. I don't really know what to use for bait, I'll be doing some research, any insight is welcome.
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