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  1. Thanks for the info Jonathan. Interesting. thanks Yeah, I'm asking for a friend of mine. we may be doing a trip together and I have access to a number of boats, just trying to figure out which would be most appropriate for him. I can fit in a cetus LV for a very short time lol. Its a beautiful thing when you have a boat that fits like a glove Mike.
  2. I’m wondering if a Cetus LV would fit comfortably for someone 5’8” 180lbs, fully loaded with camping gear. Thanks for any insight. -Dave
  3. Anyone have one that they aren’t using? thanks -Dave
  4. I’d like to join -Dave
  5. I’ll park at the restaurant
  6. If you wanna go tomorrow, I’m in
  7. Did you wind up going today? If not and you want to go tomorrow, I’d be interested.
  8. Planning on launching at Pavilion Beach around 4 tomorrow. Probably paddle 2-3 hours, so around 6-9 miles. Probably closer to 6-7 miles.planning on just following the coast . If anyone feels like joining post here and message me your info. Looks pretty mild, but please be familiar with a wet exit , have a spray skirt, paddle, pfd. And be able to keep a 3knt pace. Thanks /Dave
  9. wanted to attend this, but its still too much of a journey right now. Hopefully catch people on the next one. -Dave
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