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  1. Gary welcomes any day paddlers who want to LAUNCH by 8:30AM on SUNDAY (the middle day of the trip), in order to rendezvous with the campers on Moon before 9:30AM. He's planning to stay for a potluck dinner on SUNDAY and paddle back under the light of the fullish moon. There will likely be a paddle-to-hike option on SUNDAY, either to our usual lunch spot on the Rattlesnakes, or a 5.2 mile round-trip hike up Red Hill (eastern shore of Squam). Anyone who wants to day paddle on SATURDAY should be ready to LAUNCH from SLA by 11AM on SATURDAY (campers will be there at 10AM to pack boats). We will likely paddle to Moon Island to set up camp, and may venture out after that. (We can negotiate that in the group PM going on now with all interested parties). Dave, Terese, Jim, Gary, and other potential day paddlers: the two launch times above are your options for meeting up with the group. I've invited you all to the group PM, which has more info as well as the contact spreadsheet with launch times. Please solidify your plans by 5PM Friday and post your intentions there so we know who to expect, and when.
  2. For anyone else interested in joining us, there are still camping spots available. And Gary and Terese are joining us to day paddle on SUNDAY, meeting at the island by 9:30AM (which implies a launch from the Squam Lakes Association around 8:45AM. Please contact me ASAP if you'd like to paddle with us this weekend.
  3. Gary is the only one who has expressed interest in day paddling. He's planning to be there at 10AM on Saturday when the rest of us launch. Campers Arriving at Squam Lake Assn Dan Foster Saturday, 10AM-ish Romaine Randall Saturday 10AM-sh Patricia McCauley Saturday 10AM-sh Terese Pawletko Saturday 10AM-sh Pablo DeTorres Saturday 10AM-sh Day Paddlers Gary York Sat AM
  4. We have six campers registered, and several day paddlers joining us. There's room for 4 more campers at this point. I hope some more of you can join us!
  5. This year's Squam Lake camping trip will be held over Columbus Day weekend, Sat Oct 12 - Mon Oct 14, 2019. We have our usual spot reserved on Moon Island in Squam Lake for Saturday and Sunday nights. The group will meet at Squam Lakes Association headquarters in Holderness, NH on Saturday morning in time for a late-morning launch, and will return to the cars after lunch on Monday. There is typically a paddle-and-hike (surf and turf?) option on Sunday as well as an option for a longer paddle without any hiking. While there is not much of a tidal range on Squam Lake, there's a good chance of wind on the water and along our shoreline campsite, and temperatures can dip into the 30s in mid-October. The foliage, food, and friendship are always spectacular. We are limited to a maximum of 10 tents in our group campsite. The cost to reserve a spot on the trip is $25, and includes two nights of camping on raised wooden tent platforms, firewood, and defrays our annual membership in the Squam Lakes Association. To register, send $25 by PayPal to [email protected] and include your "Paid Member" NSPN username, or PM me for the address to send a check by mail. This announcement posting is just a reminder that the trip is open for registration, since it's been several months since the trip was first announced. Please post questions and any replies in the earlier Squam thread: https://www.nspn.org/forum/topic/12492-squam-lake-camping-columbus-day-weekend-sat-oct-12-mon-oct-14-2019/
  6. Patricia, you've paid successfully. I was waiting to see if Romaine was able to pay before sending out confirmations. For those without Paypal, you can send a check for $25 to me at 24 Kirkland Dr, Stow, MA 01775. Send a PM when you send the check and I'll hold your spot on the trip.
  7. Paypal seems to be doing a stupid thing on my browser where if you copy and paste in an email address, it doesn't let you press Next, but if you type it by hand, it will. I went through the motions from a second account and I was able to send $25 to [email protected], which I guess means I can go on the trip now.
  8. Registration for the Squam Lake trip is now open to all NSPN members. To register, send $25 by PayPal to [email protected] and include your "Paid Member" NSPN username.
  9. Sorry about that! Here is the correct address for payment: To register, send $25 by PayPal to [email protected] and include your "Paid Member" NSPN username.
  10. Registration for this year's Squam Lakes trip opens on Monday, August 26th, at the moment it stops being Sunday night. As stated earlier, some preference is being given to members that have full-time jobs and can't take time off to attend other NSPN camping trips. If you are an employee working 35+ hours a week OR if this will be your first-ever NSPN camping trip, you may register now. To register, send $25 by PayPal to [email protected] and include your "Paid Member" NSPN username.
  11. Paddled the Ipswich river from Pavilion Beach and the town landing at high tide over the last two days. One greenhead encountered, quickly dispatched by my crazy, fly-loving SUP pup.
  12. Gary is of course being understated in his descriptions of how fortuitously he had matched up the tides to our paddling schedule, how idyllic our campsites turned out to be, and how wonderfully the trip turned out in terms of weather, conditions, and companionship. It was a near-perfect trip, in my estimation, and was one I won't forget soon. My takeaways from the trip: - Things that you cut off when folding or making a custom chart can be important! Crossing from Pemaquid Point to the Thrumcaps was not in our original plan, but got added in once we saw that the conditions would allow for it. We rounded the point, made visual contact with the outermost-island on our chart, confirmed a rough bearing, and started paddling. After the crossing allotted time, our visual target wasn't getting any closer. Sure enough, there was another set of visually-similar islands, just left of our destination and a few miles past, that were beyond the border of my chart. - Do your chart prep ahead of time and dust off your nav skills before you actually need them. I showed up for this trip with 5 beautifully-crafted, laminated custom charts, each missing magnetic north lines, bearings for our few crossings, and with a decimal 0.01 degree grid rather than our beloved 1NM-based grid of minutes of lat/lon. And despite Gary's loan of a sharpie and two leisurely nights in camp with charts and compass readily at hand, I still found myself unprepared when the fog rolled in on our final day. - MITA is an absolute treasure. - Gary has got this kayak camping stuff dialed in, and there are dozens of tricks to be learned if you pay attention. - There are multiple ways to put on a spray skirt, but only one correct way.
  13. It's about 6 NM from Lanes Cove to Straitsmouth, and an additional 2 miles to Thacher. So, 12 to 16 miles round-trip for Sue's proposal. I might be lured out to paddle tomorrow, but for now I'm just lurking. My preference would be to follow the coastline to Thacher, with a stop to see if the new landing ramp inside of Straitsmouth is finished.
  14. If you are coming, please let others know by posting on the NSPN Trips forum - start a new forum post if you are the first one to RSVP for the week. You can always update your RSVP if your plans change. If the RSVP numbers are low, or weather looks poor, this event may be cancelled! Check the NSPN Trips forum on the day of the event, as there may be a discussion about changes or cancellation. On Tuesday evenings throughout the summer, we'll get together in the Concord, MA area to paddle, practice, and socialize. Unless posted otherwise on the Trips forum, the main group will plan to set off from the boat launch area at Walden Pond (approximately 915 Walden St, Concord, MA) at 5PM each Tuesday. The gates close around 7:30PM, so we'll be off the water well before that happens. We sometimes gather for dinner afterwards - speak up a day or two before if you're interested in going out after the pond session. If the weather is gorgeous and it looks like Walden will be over-crowded, we may decide to relocate to a nearby river or White's Pond. Again, check the Trips forum for any changes in plan. Here's some boilerplate that will apply to all of our Tuesday sessions: All sessions are open to any NSPN member in any watercraft. New members are especially welcome. PFDs and signed NSPN waivers are required. If you want to get on the water before the group launch at 5PM, let us know, bring a signed waiver, and leave it on your windshield for the rest of the group to sign when arriving. For Walden, we'll meet you at our usual spot at 5. For anyone who hasn't been to Walden Pond before with the group, here's some detailed information that Bill Voss put together for last year's sessions, with addresses, parking fees, and a map of our usual practice area: https://www.nspn.org/forum/calendar/event/1201-walden-wednesday-plan-b-white-pond/
  15. I set up the early-season calendar sessions, figuring that the regulars would figure out how they wanted to run things going forward. It doesn't look like I'm going to be able to attend many/any sessions this summer, so perhaps one of you wants to step up and post the weekly sessions in whatever style works best for you all. If nobody posts something by Monday, I'll just post a recurring calendar event throughout the summer, with a note to create a weekly forum post for RSVPs.
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