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  1. Janice, post the model or temperature rating of your sleeping bag, as well as that of your sleeping pad. Perhaps others on those two trips can weigh in as to whether your bag and pad combination was suitable for the temperatures, or if that's what's causing you to be cold. I typically bring a Tarptent ProTrail ultralight tent on kayak camping trips (I'd recommend a free-standing, side-entry model instead), and a 3.5" thick Big Agnes Q-Core SLX air mattress for insulation from the cold ground. For shoulder-season trips like Jewell and Squam, I'm probably bringing my 25 degree WM TerraLite bag, and adjusting to conditions around camp and at night with some combination of long johns, balaclava, wool hat, down booties, down puffy jacket and pants, and a Sea to Summit Reactor bag liner. Polishing off the leftovers helps keep the internal furnace going, and anything you can do to help yourself fall asleep and stay asleep until dawn (melatonin, benedryl, booze, earplugs, eye mask...) will help as well. Oh, and I'm hesitant to give away this secret since now I'll be competing for the "prime" camping spaces, but there's a reason I often pitch my tent at Jewell back in the trees and ticks rather than out on the bluff with a 270-degree view of the water, and it is "prevailing wind". (Actually, two reasons. #2 is "campfire sparks")
  2. ˙sǝssǝnƃ ɹno uᴉ ǝdʎʇ ǝʍ uǝɥʍ uʍop-ǝpᴉsdn sǝuoɥd ɹno ƃuᴉploɥ ʇsnɾ plnoɥs ǝʍ ǝqʎɐW
  3. 2. Jewell Cocktail Cove! 6. Black or Placentia, MDI? 7. Peaks, Casco Bay? 10. Gay Island, Muscongus? 12. Jewell, Gary's site 2! 14. Little Chebeague! 16. Whaleback, Casco Bay? 18. Bremen Long Island, Muscongus? (the hike with the bugs) 19. Jewell Punchbowl! 21. Jewell again?
  4. Why do I feel like a lifetime of solving those Google capchas ("click on all images containing a stop sign") have been preparing me for this moment in life? This is one part pattern-matching, one part geography bowl, and one part trying to remember what stories each of you tell around campfires. Nancy's heavenly solution: "boatbow" island
  5. OK, Mike, I really had to get back to first principles to solve this one, but here's my solution to #1: (hopefully no spoilers)
  6. I tried three different places and didn't get a match on Mike's puzzler. Here's #2:
  7. Do we lose a point if we give different answers for #2 and #4? (Currently the same photo ) I think I can definitively identify 2, 4, 12, 14, and 19, and have guesses for 6, 16, and 18. I look forward to the "snippet of nautical chart" version of this game! Hey, so you can change the text color in your responses to white, to hide answers. Drag your cursor over the whole post to see the hidden guess. My guess below: 12. Jewell Island looking toward Cliff from "Gary's Campsite" My guess above:
  8. Please join me from the comfort of your own comfy chair or survival bunker for an hour of virtual socializing and storytelling with your fellow NSPN paddlers-in-exile. Two options to video chat this week: Tuesday, Mar 31, 5-6PM: (happy hour and socializing. for discussion: what's the best 3-mile stretch of paddling in New England?) Sunday, Apr 5, 10-11AM: (brunch-time socializing, plus tow-belt show-and-tell! we'll do some therapeutic tow-belt braiding, and share our favorite rescue stories.) For either session: At the anointed hour, click the following link to join: https://dartmouth.zoom.us/j/9788974730 Meeting ID: 978 897 4730 You'll need a laptop computer, phone, or tablet with a front-facing video camera and a microphone, and you'll be prompted to run some free video conferencing software from Zoom when you join the meeting. If you haven't used Zoom or other video chat/conferencing software before, you might want to click the link below a few minutes ahead of time, to give yourself time to test your video and audio settings. For the best video quality, try to pick a spot in your house with plenty of light and make sure the brightest light is in front of you, and not behind you! (sit facing a window or lamp, with a wall with no windows behind you). For anyone using Windows 10, you can click start and type Camera to use the Camera app to preview your camera setup and appearance. These are meant to be light and airy social occasions and to offer an escape from the news cycle, politics, and negativity. If you get booted or muted, that's why. If there's something you'd like to share with or ask of the group, feel free to mention it in a reply below so people can prepare in advance, or simply bring it up in the video chat. Al is looking for people's experiences with the Cetus MV vs the Cetus. Pablo and I are curious about what people would like to see from a ready-to-print NSPN PDF map library.
  9. Pedal/paddle/pedal-home on the local stretch of the Assabet River.
  10. Thanks for the offers to help! In the time between when I passed along my friend's request for drysuit gaskets before heading off to sleep on Friday night and the time I just work up on Saturday morning, his team has made the decision to switch to a design that uses an off-the-shelf full face mask for snorkeling instead of a "bucket over the head with a neck gasket" design, thinking that the former will be cheaper and easier to source in mass quantities than the neck gaskets. I'll get back in touch if they decide to reconsider a design that needs neck gaskets, but for now, we can go back to using them for drysuit repairs. Thanks again for the offers to help! - Dan
  11. From what I understand, he's been calling dive shops, but most are closed as "non-essential businesses" and aren't open or answering.
  12. An engineering friend of mine is working on designs for supplementing our nation's ventilator supply with alternative devices that can be rapidly produced. He's currently trying to make a ventilator helmet (sorta like a diving bell helmet) and is looking for one or more drysuit or SCUBA neck gaskets to validate a prototype design. Does anyone have an unused neck gasket, or know how to get in touch with a kayak shop owner who might have them in stock?
  13. So, a quick trip report from NSPN's first dipping of a virtual toe into the snark-infested waters of the Interwebs: We had 14, maybe 15 attendees for our inaugural happy hour. It was great to see and hear so many of us together, and I hope we can keep this up until we can all get back out on the water together again. A couple of you appeared for a moment and then dropped out. Post here or send me a PM if you had trouble connecting and maybe we can figure things out before the next one. This event was using a free Zoom account, which lets anyone host meetings for up to 40 minutes. Sure enough, right at the 40 minute mark, the party shut down mid-sentence. Going forward, I'll be hosting with a Zoom Pro account, which should allow us to go longer than 40 minutes, although we'll try to stick to a schedule so we can all get back to the important business of interacting with our families, friends, and Netflix accounts. What else can we do differently next time? We had a virtual trip report from Baja, and a stew of ideas for improving campfire cornbread. Maybe you'd like to share a few photos, or pick the group's collective brain next time? I'll announce a date and time for Round 2 in a couple days. In the meantime, whether you were able to join us or not, please chime in with your suggestions, including which time slots work best for you, for our next virtual gathering.
  14. I've read this report several times now, and I find something new to smile about each time through. Thank you for this gift! p.s. The long-term forecast is looking promising for a 4/1 paddle!
  15. That is a poem to reflect on right now. Thanks for sharing it!
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