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  1. Thanks Pru... I have very much enjoyed meeting you and other members of NSPN while paddling in Maine....and I hope to be able to join some of the east coast trips sometime in the futurer... Anna
  2. So, what tape, and what tape-application protocol, WORKS for an on-water repair of a gel-coated sea kayak? At Gales in Bayfield WI, I successfully used the following protocol and tape in fresh water where the temperature was, perhaps,10C (50F): hand wipe area to be “repaired”, wipe with alcohol wipe (watch alcohol dry), apply Nashua waterproof foil plumbers tape. It worked. The patch remained on the boat and I last saw patch/boat being loaded on a trailer well after the “repair”. Problem completely solved? No. Last week, at John Carmody’s 4* assessment session in Boothbay (in salt water, but this may not matter) I heard complaints from everyone who tried an on-water boat repair that their tape failed “because it was too cold”. So today I experimented with all of the tapes in my repair kit – black electrical tape, duct tape of no particular provenance, Gorilla tape (the heaviest stuff) and the aforementioned Nashua waterproof tape. The ambient temperature was 3C (37F). I tried the same protocol – hand wipe, alcohol wipe, apply tape. I noted that at 3 C the alcohol did not visibly evaporate. All of the tapes failed to stick to the boat. So, I tried drying off the boat with a dry dish towel. All of the tapes stuck to the boat. None stuck very well. I would not have been confident that any of the tapes would have lasted in the water for more than a few minutes. Conclusion? Carry a dry towel. Use alcohol wipes when it is not too cold. Expect tape not to stick when it is cold. Next thing to try? Denso low temperature tape or Denso marine piling tape (both of which may only be available from the UK). Anyone out there have better suggestions about what tape and application protocol will work when the ambient temperature is cold?
  3. I do a fair amount of dehydrating and am pleased with my Excalbur - and wish that I'd purchased one with a timer!
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