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  1. I'll try to attend Wed. Aug 14 session. Yong
  2. Hello, This is Yong's wife. I have not gotten any messages from him since he left for this trip Thursday. Figured he's ok but since no news whatsoever, wondering if he's ok, lost his iphone, whether he's headed down home now... Thanks for any input, Allison
  3. Take care Bill. Maybe you should go see Beth S. for an alternative treatment.
  4. I will show up to test my warm weather "dry" outfit to see how it fairs during rolling and wet-exiting..
  5. I am 50/50... My work might get in the way like last week.
  6. Hello Jane, I am planning to go tomorrow. 4:30 arrival, hopefully. If gate gets closed out due to over-capacity, I'll be skipping this week.
  7. i am planning to come this week;. first time out on water this year. :-(.. much work needed to dust off a long off-season.
  8. Julia, Thanks for organizing. Can you reserve a spot for me. Yong
  9. Liz, I haven't thought of that combo; sure I'll try your thai basil; you're such a foodie.. Yong
  10. Ill join 1pm Fri paddle to ??. and will participate in Friday pot-luck. Ill bring Korean mixed veg/noodle dish (vegetarian, warm, alas store bought) to share. Yong
  11. I plan to be there.. rolling and testing out self-installed wrist gasket on on drysuit.
  12. I plan to be there. I need to practice!
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