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  1. Way to go! Congrats, coach Rob!
  2. Inverseyourself

    Kokatat MsFit Tour PFD, Small, like new, $ 70

    Yes, it is still available. Andy
  3. Inverseyourself

    Current Back River off of Westport Island ME.

    Hi Jason, I remember a clockwise paddle round WPI a couple of years ago (with you). If I remember correctly, you told me that the back river was ebbing northwards, possibly related to ledges just south of the WPI Fire Department. I may remember it incorrectly.
  4. Inverseyourself

    Rockport to Milk Island 9/29/2018

    I can imagine the roaring that must have been going on there! Helmets are helpful during surf landings....just saying.
  5. Inverseyourself

    Sunday Surf Safari?

    I'll be on the MITA-Safari that day, otherwise I would have joined you in a celebratory surf session!
  6. Inverseyourself


    Well deserved! Very happy for you!
  7. Inverseyourself

    Cape Ann Saturday 9/22/18

  8. Inverseyourself

    Cape Ann Saturday 9/22/18

    Good Harbor Beach put in ?
  9. Inverseyourself

    Cape Ann Saturday 9/22/18

    I'm in.
  10. David and Joe, when the shark breached explosively, did it come out vertically or more parallel to the surface? I've been wondering why it did that? Was there a seal or large fish nearby? Could he have gone for the kayak, mistaking it for something edible and missed it accidentally or intentionally changed direction at the last moment, realizing that the kayak isn't edible? Paging marine biologists and budding marine biologists!
  11. The psychological end to summer just turned into the psychological end to paddling around Cape Ann completely without worry. Them Jaws are closing in. Would have liked to see that breach, though. Hoping for a quick cooling off of the Atlantic This also makes IDing the Davids within NSPN easier ( “David’s joining us”. “Which David?” “Shark-David!”)
  12. Inverseyourself

    Group Buy-Pains Wessex Flares

    2 rockets please (one for New Years Eve), one day night if better pricing on latter.
  13. Inverseyourself

    Orient Point Nu-Yawk

    I seem to remember something about reasonable people and Plum Island...but that was probably a different Plum Island
  14. Inverseyourself

    Woods Hole area

    That's a generous offer, Josko and Mel ! I wish I could come but have other plans this weekend. Maybe another time when the tides and winds align to such fun conditions. To post a trip, you have to be an NSPN member and can then officially post it in the Trip section. Best, Andy
  15. Inverseyourself

    Bold Coast/Cobscook/Campobello Paddle 2018

    Very nice trip, Joe et. al.! If it happens again next year, I'll join (if I may).