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  1. Inverseyourself

    P&H Delphin 150 (yellow) for sale, 800$

    Thanks Mike! Will produce some photos, Jonathan!
  2. Inverseyourself


    Yes, still available.
  3. Twice worn Kokatat Habanero Men’s Drysuit liner. Like new. Size M. 120$.
  4. Kokatat GoreTex Semi Drysuit, bought May 2018 from Sue Hutchinson’s (former Kokatat New England representative and NSPN member) new inventory and used twice. Size M. Red. Worn comfortably by a 5’8”, 165 lbs paddler. Gore Tex socks, punch through latex wrist cuffs, cinchable neoprene neck. Relief zipper (front). Ideal for late spring and fall shoulder seasons or cool, windy summer paddles. I think that this is the equivalent to the current Kokatat Endurance Semi Dry Suit offered for 849$: “The Kokatat Endurance Semi Dry Suit (GORE-TEX®) offers 3-layer waterproof protection and superior breathability for fitness, stand up, or recreational paddlers who require a high performance lightweight suit. With a one-hand adjustable neo-cinch neoprene collar, latex wrist cuffs and low profile flexible zippers on the entry and relief zippers”. Pictures upon request.
  5. The Delphin is at home in surf and in the rocks but is also an excellent boat for day trips. It is fit for and used by beginners as well as advanced paddlers. This boat was purchased used and in great condition in May 2017. It is equipped for sailing but nothing but a few small extra features on the foredeck gives this away. Used 5 times since purchase, always stored inside, hatch covers in great condition with frequent 303 application. Pictures upon request.
  6. Inverseyourself

    Bold Coast / Cobscook Paddle 2019

    Please put me on the waiting list. It seems I only found out about this now 🙂
  7. Inverseyourself


    Will CG let you test from home or only close to/on water?
  8. Inverseyourself


    Purely out of interest, is anyone routinely carrying a PLB? I've had one sitting at home for 5 years after initially thinking it would be good to have one in case VHF and cell phone fail. Never brought it along, not even on a crazy solo winter outing in conditions. I just read an article about a surfski paddler and sea kayaker who got in trouble last November and couldn't get his VHF to work for some reason. Interestingly, a lifeboat and helicopter were dispatched within 1/2 an hour (Northern GB) of the PLB being activated. I have been under the impression that the PLB-activated response is by far not as immediate as a VHF or cell phone call but this may be country-specific. Made me think to maybe have some backup again. There is a very small PLB, the RescueMe PBP1 that looks interesting: https://www.westmarine.com/buy/ocean-signal--rescueme-plb1-personal-locator-beacon--17112913?recordNum=3. It's tiny. That company also makes an electronic distress flare: https://www.westmarine.com/buy/ocean-signal--rescueme-edf1-electronic-distress-flare--16749269?recordNum=4 Opinions? Andy
  9. Inverseyourself

    P&H Delphin skeg repair question

    I did fix it and, as you said, it was easy! Thanks for checking in.
  10. Inverseyourself

    Waves, Tides, and Currents, Sunday, Feb 17

    I’m working that day. Will you publish written material, Mike? Very interested!
  11. Inverseyourself

    Ready to secede?

    Curious. What’s the gist of it? Are we expecting a worldwide hatch cover production stop? Or is it something even more fundamental? I’m going to 303 mine right now!
  12. Inverseyourself

    We Have a Vandal On The Loose!

    Call me sticker-Vandal, or sticker-Hun if you must !
  13. Inverseyourself

    We Have a Vandal On The Loose!

    Please note, I didn't claim that the sticker was already there when I got to my car!
  14. Inverseyourself

    We Have a Vandal On The Loose!

    Wow, that’s low! Hope you find the perp! I was parked next to you on your right and when I looked over while backing out...it was already there.
  15. Inverseyourself

    NSPN Cabin Fever Party, Sat Jan 26 6pm Gould Barn Topsfield, MA

    Will try to make it and would then bring a dessert.