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  1. Inverseyourself

    Cape Ann Saturday 9/22/18

    Good Harbor Beach put in ?
  2. Inverseyourself

    Cape Ann Saturday 9/22/18

    I'm in.
  3. David and Joe, when the shark breached explosively, did it come out vertically or more parallel to the surface? I've been wondering why it did that? Was there a seal or large fish nearby? Could he have gone for the kayak, mistaking it for something edible and missed it accidentally or intentionally changed direction at the last moment, realizing that the kayak isn't edible? Paging marine biologists and budding marine biologists!
  4. The psychological end to summer just turned into the psychological end to paddling around Cape Ann completely without worry. Them Jaws are closing in. Would have liked to see that breach, though. Hoping for a quick cooling off of the Atlantic This also makes IDing the Davids within NSPN easier ( “David’s joining us”. “Which David?” “Shark-David!”)
  5. Inverseyourself

    Group Buy-Pains Wessex Flares

    2 rockets please (one for New Years Eve), one day night if better pricing on latter.
  6. Inverseyourself

    Orient Point Nu-Yawk

    I seem to remember something about reasonable people and Plum Island...but that was probably a different Plum Island
  7. Inverseyourself

    Woods Hole area

    That's a generous offer, Josko and Mel ! I wish I could come but have other plans this weekend. Maybe another time when the tides and winds align to such fun conditions. To post a trip, you have to be an NSPN member and can then officially post it in the Trip section. Best, Andy
  8. Inverseyourself

    Bold Coast/Cobscook/Campobello Paddle 2018

    Very nice trip, Joe et. al.! If it happens again next year, I'll join (if I may).
  9. Inverseyourself

    Punting vs. Paddling

    I know they can achieve 5 kn on flat water, but this is against the current.
  10. Inverseyourself

    Punting vs. Paddling

    In order to reach his maximum speed, the punter needs to get that pole off the bottom by pulling it up feeding it through his hands. The interval from force-exertion to force exertion with the pole is much wider than the paddler's. The punter drifts downstream between punt-strokes (????) more than the paddler between paddle-strokes and thus loses ground against the paddler. BTW, if you look like the guy in the kayak you referenced, you're gonna win any race!
  11. Inverseyourself

    Punting vs. Paddling

    Is the punter using one of those wide boats in the Cambridge video and the paddler a surfski-like rocket? Yes? OK, the paddler wins.
  12. Inverseyourself

    An Iceland Kayak Adventure to the Westfjords July 14-21, 2018

    Typical "Prudence's latest Expedition Report-is-out"-kinda day at the office: Realize that the report has been posted upon arrival at the office - thereafter minimize contact time with customers to get to the next paragraph/picture - hasty lunch - then back to reading it all again in more detail. A truly awesome report of a stunning trip yet again, Pru! While I was impressed by Greenland (only via you Pru, of course), reading about this trip gives me much more of the warm-fuzzies, probably because I know most participants and how much you must have appreciated and supported each other. A really, really great adventure to read about - and great pictures. Even on the rainy, overcast days you probably had it better than folks here in the muggy, sweltering heat. I wish it turned a cool, clear fall already! Many questions for you guys when I see you back on the water! Andy P.S.: David, I at first took that picture of you washing your hair and rinsing your suit flat on your back in the bog as the opening scene of "Reykjavik CSI" - until I read the caption.
  13. Inverseyourself

    Problem uploading photos

    Nice, Pru! Really looking forward to that! So envious! Vicariously, etc.
  14. Inverseyourself

    British Canoeing Personal Performance Awards

    Interesting. I wonder if there is a market for that and how one would apply one's award? Are East Coast coaches going to assess for this soon? Sea kayaking outfitters on the West coast and abroad, especially in challenging environment, will probably want to see certification of skills that are usually acquired in leadership awards (nav, weather, sh!t-hits-the fan-scenarios, etc.), at least the more serious ones. Maybe not? (I have never paddled abroad...Pru!). Or does the skills award encompass these parameters sans leadership skills?
  15. Beautiful boat, Bill! What are the specs? What brand? Andy