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  1. I’m not sure how many of you know of this podcast series by John Chase, “Paddling the Blue”. I discovered it around series # 8. He has built a collection of amazing and inspirational interviews with well known and not so well known paddlers from across the world. John just published episode #64! I envy anyone who has the whole collection to listen to yet, although I have listened to and enjoyed several episodes multiple times. Special bonus: Prudence is featured, if only indirectly so. Go find that episode if you can! https://paddlingtheblue.podbean.com Enjoy! Andy
  2. Bought a boat from him 2 years ago. Very nice and knowledgeable guy! No concerns.
  3. Good stuff! I particularly enjoyed Peary’s “how not to roll a kayak”. Not sure if he was just naive or arrogant to think that he could sit in a kayak and roll after observing a few rolls by an Inuit. Could have easily ended up in “Deep Trouble” without rapid help from the rowboat. I guess that’s the trait that made him a true explorer, chapeau! Fascinating museum, especially for the boat builders among us (not me).
  4. All fotos are spectacular but…..wow, Shari!
  5. I thought I’d share the quite impressive art work I received from my nurse practitioner for Christmas this morning. It also shows my own diagnosis with its ICD-code. Happy Holidays to everyone!
  6. Like everyone else at NSPN I don’t go out without my VHF. I don’t like having it vertically on the shoulder strap and look like a rent-a-cop (all those who do at NSPN DON’T look like rent-a-cops) but have been carrying it in that little horizontal open space under the large chest pouch of my Astral Green Jacket, secured by a lanyard, something that Phil A. showed me many years ago and that really keeps it out of the way. It is therefore a little lower and gets submersed easily. Although my Icom M73 is rated submersible that probably doesn’t mean it should be submerged frequently. I rinse it thoroughly after each use but am worried that this kind of use will wear it down faster. I noticed some salt crusting on some of the screws today. Has anyone been regularly using a waterproof case and if yes which one? Any leakage issues? I am looking at an Aquapac model but reviews are mixed and they charge 40-50$ for that little 2c piece of plastic. Has anyone tried using the VHF through the pouch and transmitted/received without issues? Thanks
  7. I wish we had an environment like that ⬆️
  8. I saw that, Gary. That’s next level! A great way to take a quick peak at the entire ME coast and see what parts you like best.
  9. I admire this spirit. And the man was fast!
  10. I'm reading your report for the 3rd time, Pru, and discover new details every time. What a fantastic adventure! I envy those who can carve out enough time and hope that mine will come soon! The expedition team members may be aware of this as Guðni stars in the project. I highly recommend a documentary of 2 interwoven journeys that I heard of listening to a podcast a few weeks ago and that is now available on iTunes. It is called "Against the Current".
  11. It depends on how incapacitated you are. The person to ask would be the paddler in the video. Would he have been able to get himself on the rocks with those injuries? Set off a mayday call himself? Set off flares? Whistle to attract boaters’ attention? I really hope he’s healing well. It would be great to hear his side of the story one day.
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