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  1. I saw that, Gary. That’s next level! A great way to take a quick peak at the entire ME coast and see what parts you like best.
  2. I admire this spirit. And the man was fast!
  3. I'm reading your report for the 3rd time, Pru, and discover new details every time. What a fantastic adventure! I envy those who can carve out enough time and hope that mine will come soon! The expedition team members may be aware of this as Guðni stars in the project. I highly recommend a documentary of 2 interwoven journeys that I heard of listening to a podcast a few weeks ago and that is now available on iTunes. It is called "Against the Current".
  4. It depends on how incapacitated you are. The person to ask would be the paddler in the video. Would he have been able to get himself on the rocks with those injuries? Set off a mayday call himself? Set off flares? Whistle to attract boaters’ attention? I really hope he’s healing well. It would be great to hear his side of the story one day.
  5. I wonder whether the pleasure boater had his VHF on 16 and heard the call or whether he was fishing close by and saw that something was off. In any case, shout out to him! Also impressed by the relatively early decision to place a Mayday call. I think that’s always a big step.
  6. Good point. He could also have had a neck injury and too much handling could have aggravated that. Had they not been met by the boat, though, he would have had to come out of the water pretty soon, especially once the situation developed into “Talk to me Mike!!!”
  7. Well executed rescue. Hope he recovers before the fall season. Could happen to anyone of us. When they were contemplating how to get him on their rafted-up boats’ foredeck a bridle came to my mind. Had he been or become more incapacitated, someone could have approached with Mike’s boat and floated him in to rescue him. Not without potential hazards but if Mike had had progressive impairment of consciousness it would have been important to get him out of the water quickly. This demonstrates the importance to maintain steady verbal communication with the rescuee to assess level of consciousness, especially if there was a witnessed man vs. rock or kayak vs. man scenario. Just to throw it in, I always ask about blood thinners w potential head trauma. Thanks for publishing this video!
  8. A very talented and fit person with little kayak experience and some intense forward stroke coaching and the right boat (maybe early intermediate surfski) may be able to do go around 5.6 (land)mph over three miles, maybe 5.8-6 mph over 1 mile, my guess. Give or take 0.2 mph.
  9. They are out in force, cut right through my long neoprene pants last Tuesday night during a quick paddle from Pavilion.
  10. I assume this is the trip you’re referring to, Pru! An enjoyable read.
  11. South End of Plum/North side of Castle Hill has a nice tide race when tidal range is high and swell is coming in from the E. NOAA current predictions South Plum Island will give you the velocities. I had very lively tide races on the Essex Bay entry and at the Plum Island Sound entry 2 Wednesdays ago, multidirectional, confused waves refracted on the many sand banks at Essex Bay entry with the occasional uplifting constructive interference. Good stuff but a good long surf was rare. Reaching the South entry of Plum, on the ebb with the sand banks off the N tip of Crane's Beach becoming increasingly exposed but still submerged with nice swell coming in allowed for great surfing (sometimes for up to 30 seconds). You have to be lucky to find great conditions at both ends of Crane's on one trip.
  12. It fully anchored the boat. But just before the rescuee's foot comes out of the stirrup you have to lean onto her boat as usual.
  13. I have long arms and used a paddle to float the stirrup under my boat, holding it with my hand away from the rescuee’s boat, then over the rescuee’s boat. You can adjust with your away from rescuee arm by bending or extending elbow. Tricky part is floating the stirrup under your boat.
  14. Yeah, surfski is a great addition to sea kayaking! Glad you had fun! Matt is as good as they get on the North Shore!
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