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  1. Inverseyourself

    Waves, Tides, and Currents, Sunday, Feb 17

    I’m working that day. Will you publish written material, Mike? Very interested!
  2. Inverseyourself

    Ready to secede?

    Curious. What’s the gist of it? Are we expecting a worldwide hatch cover production stop? Or is it something even more fundamental? I’m going to 303 mine right now!
  3. Inverseyourself

    We Have a Vandal On The Loose!

    Call me sticker-Vandal, or sticker-Hun if you must !
  4. Inverseyourself

    We Have a Vandal On The Loose!

    Please note, I didn't claim that the sticker was already there when I got to my car!
  5. Inverseyourself

    We Have a Vandal On The Loose!

    Wow, that’s low! Hope you find the perp! I was parked next to you on your right and when I looked over while backing out...it was already there.
  6. Inverseyourself

    NSPN Cabin Fever Party, Sat Jan 26 6pm Gould Barn Topsfield, MA

    Will try to make it and would then bring a dessert.
  7. Inverseyourself

    Where do you store your kit?

    I rinse off my personal gear, paddles and drysuit in the shower in winter, then carry everything into the boiler room, hang it up on a rack with big bins underneath to catch the excess water and leave everything there over night. Next morning everything is dry enough to get stowed away. I doubt that those few square inches of latex are a major fire hazard but am open to input that states otherwise (I’ve done this x 6 years...not a spark. BTW, I 303 once every 6-8 weeks). If there’s enough room for your kayaks in the basement, that’s where I store mine (double rack). Even better if you store them in the workout room. Nothing is more motivating than a live kayak next to you 🏋️‍ ”Prudence’s Room”...so jealous 😞
  8. Inverseyourself

    New Year's Day Paddle 2019

    Mainers among themselves :))))
  9. Inverseyourself

    New Year's Day Paddle 2019

    I'm in...but only in spirit.
  10. Inverseyourself

    Cape to Cape - August 20, 2016

    Always great to read the story again! Thanks Matt!
  11. Inverseyourself

    Bowditch Ledge - Nav. Marker Down & History Behind It

    I’m sure they’ll put a marker there. It’s quite the hazard now!
  12. Way to go! Congrats, coach Rob!
  13. Inverseyourself

    Kokatat MsFit Tour PFD, Small, like new, $ 70

    Yes, it is still available. Andy
  14. Inverseyourself

    Current Back River off of Westport Island ME.

    Hi Jason, I remember a clockwise paddle round WPI a couple of years ago (with you). If I remember correctly, you told me that the back river was ebbing northwards, possibly related to ledges just south of the WPI Fire Department. I may remember it incorrectly.