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  1. Inverseyourself

    Seabrook Friday 5.18

    Just out of curiosity, Kevin, how play-worthy is the current (I assume the outflow from the harbor or the Merrimack River)?
  2. Inverseyourself

    Looking to try an Anas Acuta

    Anus Acuta, as in "I have an acute PITA"?
  3. Inverseyourself

    Kokatat Drysuit

    My son’s 5’7”, 150 lbs.. would it fit him? Thanks Andy
  4. Inverseyourself

    Devereaux Beach To Dread Ledge Sunday April 1st

    Definitely! And I was wondering if parents are allowed to stay overnight during treatment.
  5. Inverseyourself

    Devereaux Beach To Dread Ledge Sunday April 1st

    Need to bring the Aries to the hospital that day! Have fun!
  6. Inverseyourself

    Motionize Tracker for training

    Tcsurfski.com. Excellent podcasts. Hours and hours of gold. I recommend starting with Boyan Zlatarev.
  7. Inverseyourself

    Kayak Stacker?

    With a truck like yours, the picture wouldn't be perfect without a decent trailer!
  8. Inverseyourself

    Motionize Tracker for training

    I second the surfski podcasts, a treasure trove.
  9. Inverseyourself

    Motionize Tracker for training

    Tedious fumbling around with technology before a paddle and constant glitches. I unfortunately fell for it and it’s been a waste of 200$. Invest in a couple of hours with a coach.
  10. Inverseyourself

    Nantasket Beach?

    Jonathan: you can laugh from any beach...especially at kayakers launching themselves into large conditions😆
  11. Inverseyourself

    Surfing Nahant 3/9

    Interested but contingent on other paddle plans.
  12. Inverseyourself

    Heavy Boat Traffic!

    The caption translates to “To please others”. Indeed.
  13. Inverseyourself

    Heavy Boat Traffic!

    Wouldn’t despise boaters so much if a couple of them occasionally did this for me.
  14. Inverseyourself

    Wing paddles - sizing, length, and disadvantages?

    Ill bring it next time we meet.
  15. I am so sorry to have missed it and hope that no one got bumped because of me !!! Great to hear that it will become an online course. Looking forward to that. Impressive weather videos including crazy people walking the beach under an advancing storm with lightning all over the place. I particularly like the Coriolis force-demonstration.