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  1. JohnN

    How can I PM a member?

    you need to renew paid membership
  2. JohnN

    How can I PM a member?

    I tried to contact support, but that seems to be only available to paid members as well so I'm kinda stuck
  3. JohnN

    How can I PM a member?

    Ok thanks for your reply. I thought maybe I needed to renew so I went to the shopping cart but it says "You are only allowed to purchase one of this product, and you have already done so." So I don't know what to try next.
  4. How can I PM a member? Thanks, John
  5. Thanks for your reply, I'll have to pass on this... Interested... still available?
  6. Interested... still available?
  7. JohnN

    Greenland Paddle

    Great idea! What paddle plan are you using?
  8. I plan to be there.. Hoping to work on Greenland paddle strokes!
  9. Would it make sense to put this event on the calendar? I can do it but as a forum noobie I don't want to step on any toes!
  10. Did anyone get started on these sessions early? I'm very interested in doing this as a regular thing starting next week if a 9am tooth extraction permits :-( I'd very much like to get some coaching on Greenland style canted forward strokes, if anyone is up to it. Cheers, John
  11. Looking forward to that!
  12. JohnN

    Newfoundland to Labrador in 2 Hours

    +1 Hope they have plenty of room!
  13. Ed, thanks for the info. Great to hear from someone with direct experience with these paddles. Did you make one from one of the Superior blanks? Seems like one could trim the blade width and reprofile the edges during the finishing out process. Any experience with their two piece option? Tried any carbon paddles? Many thanks, John
  14. Hey Bill, Thanks for documenting your process. We walk the same path it seems. You have asked many more stimulating questions than have been answered, which is not to say that progress has not been made! I have two AYC planks I've been meaning to turn into shoulderless paddles. Maybe we should get together and work on this. I don't know about you, but this would make it much more likely that these paddles would become a reality. What do you think about the superior hollow shaft paddle blanks? $175 for cnc blanks that could easily be made shoulderless. An expedient route to a new paddle? It looks like there is a two piece option as well. I'm not too hot on pine for paddles however Best, John
  15. Wow! Excellent article. Thanks for the tip.