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  1. Version 1.0.0


    11 x 17, double sided. Shows the Cranberry Island and the Porcupines off Mount Desert Island.
  2. Yes, looks like they got the rescue done efficiently. This all happened in what we’d think of as easy conditions. Just a couple of bigger waves…
  3. For those who didn't get the message, Newbury is open through August, closed in September, and reopening in October specializing in canoes and also carrying Stellar surf skis and kayaks. They have committed to support their past kayak customers. Details on their site. Carl did sell Osprey. They're still in business, and their new manager, Brandon Gunderson, is a great guy.
  4. On the site where you reserve and pay for a space. There’s a long list of discounts.
  5. Yes, it indicates a rock awash at low water datum. This datum varies depending on the chart, typically Mean Lower Low Water on NOAA charts. Ref p. 160, "How to Read a Nautical Chart", 2e, Nigel Calder. Good text including Chart No. 1 and international references.
  6. NRS Havoc Livery helmet is made for rental use, so it’s adjustable to fit most heads. It’s cheap enough and adequate for light to medium use. NRS, Gath, WRSI, and Sweet make better and more expensive helmets, but you have to find which one fits your head shape.
  7. Bring a tow belt too if you have. If you want to sneak in some practice beforehand, come over to Chebacco on Thursday. We get each other back into our boats all the time there. No rocks, though.
  8. Thursday‘s going to be a nice day. You should come to the pond.
  9. Look in the NSPN Business forum, below the one for Commercial Classifieds. It won't show up if you're not logged in as a paid member (which is why it's there and not linked directly).
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