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  1. mhabich

    Solo loading

    Hull-a-ports are J hooks, not Hullavators. Hold the kayak at the cockpit. Put the bow in the front hook, and slide the kayak forward on the hook. Swing the boat up onto the rear hook, letting it pivot on the front hook.
  2. So proud to be there to be a part of this. Well earned, Rob.
  3. Maine Sea Grant publication: http://seagrant.umaine.edu/files/Public Shoreline Access in Maine.pdf More at http://accessingthemainecoast.com/ Massachusetts https://www.mass.gov/service-details/public-rights-along-the-shoreline
  4. mhabich

    More NSPN stars!

    Confirmation of the obvious. Congratulations!
  5. mhabich

    Saturday, September 1 - Lanes Cove to Rockport

    I’ll paddle but I won’t mourn. Must have strudel.
  6. mhabich

    Chebacco lake on Thursday evenings

    I’ll be there. We’ve had a good bunch every week.
  7. mhabich

    On-line nautical NOAA charts

    Pablo, you must be spying on me. This is what I've been working on this rainy day. Get .pdf raster chart from NOAA at address Ed gives above. Open in an image editor...I'm using Pixelmator on a Mac. Select the area of the chart you want (rectangular selection; can rotate for a NE/SW section of coast, for example), and duplicate this selection onto a new layer. Select the scale, duplicate it onto a new layer, and drag it to an uninteresting area on the chart selection. Repeat for a compass rose if you like. Repeat for lat/long borders, but shift/drag them so they stay aligned. Add notes if you like. (might want to save your Pixelmator file here) Crop to remove excess canvas area around the chart selection. Save as .pdf Print and laminate, or send .pdf to Staples or wherever and let them do it. I'd welcome being told there's a better way.
  8. mhabich

    Sun, Aug 12: Salem Sound (Winter Island to Misery?)

    Watching the weather...
  9. The Celebrate the Clean Harbor swim is once again around the corner. . We have two days of swimming at Niles Beach in Gloucester this year, Aug 11 and 12. On the 11th, we have a 500 meter kids swim, and a 1.2 mile swim for 12-80+ year olds. Paddlers are needed from 8:30-11:30 ish. On Sunday, we will need two shifts of paddlers for a 10 mile relay. The course is essentially the same as the Clean Harbor Swim, just a bit shorter. The relay will start at 7:30 am. The first paddle support shift will be 7:15 to 10:30ish. The second will be 10:15 to 2:00. There is a 6.5 hour time limit on the 10 mile relay. If you are able to help out this year please email with the time(s) you will be there to assist. Also, let me know your T-shirt size. Thanks, David Swensen [email protected]
  10. mhabich

    Chebacco tonight, 26 July

    Looks like rain in the afternoon will clear out. I'm planning on going to Chebacco, since I seem to get wet there anyway. See you there.
  11. mhabich

    Sunday July 29th

    Sounds like a good day for a plastic boat...
  12. mhabich

    Level 2+ Gerrish Island Saturday July 28

    Me too.
  13. mhabich

    Chebacco tonight, 19 July

    Sure looks like a nice evening to be on the water...
  14. mhabich

    Dyeing Nylon

    Yes, Dharma Trading is a good source for materials and knowledge. Another is Pro Chemical and Dye in Fall River.
  15. mhabich

    P&H Delphin skeg repair question

    I just call P&H/Pyranha US for parts like this. They're really helpful, ship same day, and don't even charge if it's their responsibility. I'd replace the slider as well...it's only about $5, can fail, and it involves no additional labor when replacing the string. Check the skeg pivot and bungee too. I'd try using a shop vac to try to suck the string through the tube. Haven't tried myself, but might work. If you need any of the parts right now, I have all in stock.