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  1. Ed, This forum is not just for commercial events, but any not sponsored by NSPN, as the title suggests. Thanks for letting us know that it’s by SMSKN. Sounds really good.
  2. We’ve seen deer swimming off West Beach. No goats.
  3. It is a shifty looking lot. Masks would improve them.
  4. Considering the ballast, the roll may happen on its own as soon as the passenger on the deck lets go.
  5. "reply box" is the key. Quote the message you want to decode and the A should be there, at least on many browsers.
  6. The poster is a guest, and likely doesn’t check here. I’d suggest emailing him at the address he gives above.
  7. This raises questions: --AAA batteries which can be kept as spares but which can corrode vs rechargeable? --Usefulness of red light for night nav Other good ideas for night nav? (there was a previous discussion of lighting compasses at
  8. Or as an ebook for $5. What a great book. Thanks, Kate.
  9. The nice thing about this trip is that you have options. You can launch from Riverhead and spend half an hour getting out of the harbor, or cross the street and launch from Devereux and spend half an hour getting off the beach.
  10. I'll miss this. Think I'll go play in the street current Monday, and won't be worth much Tuesday (as if I ever was anyway).
  11. This is just too tempting. Haven't found much current this year. Another thought about the river: As Paul says, the NH side is rather industrial, with lots of docks and barges...in other words, places where you could get pinned. Heads up.
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