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  1. Paula, you can't send Alex a PM since you're not a paid member. I've sent him your email address.
  2. Would like to join. Any day ok.
  3. The Thacher/Straitsmouth Island Town Committee (Town of Rockport) and the Thacher Island Association are pleased to announce the reopening of both Thacher and Straitsmouth Islands effective immediately. However, while the ramps and trails will be open to the public, all buildings, including the towers, keeper houses and restrooms will be closed. Visitors arriving by personal watercraft, such as kayaks, should have a mask or face covering with them and endeavor to keep six foot social distancing from other visitors. We will maintain all CDC guidelines. The standard $5.00 landing fee will be waived for this season.
  4. As well as the tidal considerations, parking at Island road is limited. Be respectful of locals. 133 around Farnham’s is a good place to get your car towed, as the signs suggest. There are significant currents between Pavilion Beach and the tip of Plum Island. You two would do well to practice rescues and basic strokes before venturing onto the ocean in your new boats.
  5. Pavilion Beach in Gloucester at the greasy pole is open. Pavilion Beach in Ipswich between Great Neck and Little Neck is Ipswich residents only.
  6. Hot as heck tomorrow. Come on down and join us.
  7. Whatever you do, use non-magnetic hardware.
  8. My experience is there’s nothing you can’t over engineer. Either way would work fine. 3M 5200 is great stuff.
  9. I use machine screws and Nylok nuts rather than self-tapping screws so there won’t be pointy ends to rip dry bags. Could use a blob of silicone instead.
  10. Gee. It’s like buying a lobster.
  11. 20 for powerboats, 10 for kayaks. https://www.cityofportsmouth.com/recreation/boat-launch
  12. Peirce was $10. It was just that some of us only had twenties.
  13. Come join us at Chebacco Lake in Hamilton on Thursdays at 5pm until sunset though the summer. Practice strokes, rolls, rescues, falling out of your boat, or just watching kingfishers. Dress for immersion. A wetsuit is warm enough in early season, and keeps down the bruises from climbing back into your boat ten times a night. We meet at the boat ramp at the south end of the lake, and hang out in the cove to the left of the ramp. You can either get off 128 at Pine st (exit 16) and head north on the dirt road, or find Chebacco road off Rt 22 in Essex and avoid the dirt. No entrance fees. No rangers to kick us out at the end of the evening, but the mosquitoes do the job just fine.
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