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  1. Looks like it will be a great evening to get out on the pond. I’ll be there by 5.
  2. mhabich

    Chebacco Thursday 8 August

    Weather looks good. I’ll be there by 4:30 today.
  3. mhabich

    Chebacco Thursday 8 August

    Let’s keep an eye on the weather. Lightning cancels, but rain doesn’t. If it rains we get wet, and if if doesn’t we get wet. I plan to be there.
  4. mhabich

    Chebacco Thursday 25July

    Tomorrow will be a perfect day for a paddle on the pond. Come practice your strokes and falling out of your boat and getting back in. 5:00 at the boat ramp.
  5. mhabich

    Wed. Lunch Paddle: 7/24/19 @ Riverhead Beach, Marblehead

    See you guys tomorrow.
  6. mhabich

    7/16 Pavilion Beach 4pm

    Pavilion Beach in Ipswich or Gloucester?
  7. mhabich

    Thursday 11 July at Chebacco

    It’s going to be a great night to be on the water. 5 pm at the boat ramp. See you there?
  8. mhabich

    7/3/2019 - Wednesday Lunch Paddle @ Boston Harbor

    Should be able to make this one.
  9. Gee, Barb, the stern of my Delphin looks like that too, but not as bad. You could probably bend it back straight with a little heat.
  10. mhabich

    Chebacco lake Thursday June 27

    Finally some good weather on a Thursday evening! See you at Chebacco at 5 PM.
  11. mhabich

    Solstice L1/L2 Group - June 22

    You’re a New England paddler now. I’ll bring a spare.
  12. mhabich

    Solstice L1/L2 Group - June 22

    If Riverhead Beach doesn't show up in your map, use 102 Ocean Avenue, Marblehead, MA. Spray skirts come in different sizes, on the bottom to fit the boat, and on top (the tunnel) to fit you, so borrowing can be tricky. Have you done a wet exit with a spray skirt?
  13. mhabich

    Kokatat Dry Suit, Womens, BRO

    Size? 2” + or - ?