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  1. mhabich

    XS gloves free

    XS could stand for extra small or excess...in this case, both. These are new leftovers from raffle. NRS women's Axiom gloves Summer, short fingers, look like bicycling gloves NRS Maverick gloves Winter, 2mm neoprene, sealed cuffs. Free.
  2. mhabich

    2020 Pool Sessions

    When you join ACA (or later by changing your profile there) specify NSPN as your PAC and then sign the online annual waiver. With the online waiver, you won't have to bring a paper waiver to each pool session.
  3. mhabich

    NOAA paper Charts to be phased Out

    The article links to NOAA's prototype tools to create your own custom charts. The idea is good, but the implementation is poor (being really generous). The charts have no land contours, spotty details in water, inaccurate coastlines... I hope and believe it will improve greatly, but doubt it will approach what we have now with the raster charts. Go check it out.
  4. mhabich

    West Beach, Beverly to ??, Saturday Nov 2

    Just checked the beach. Pretty clean, for once. It's cold out there, and won't be warmer tomorrow morning. You're all welcome, as always, to stop at the house on the way to the beach to get your drysuit on and such. Restrooms on the beach closed after Labor Day.
  5. mhabich

    West Beach, Beverly to ??, Saturday Nov 2

    I suppose I could roll out of bed and down the hill and go for a paddle. Might have to go find rocks.
  6. We'll squeeze in at least one more session at the lake this Thursday. 5-sunset, which isn't as long as it was...
  7. mhabich

    Misery Island

    See you there
  8. mhabich

    Misery Island

    You're just a stick-in-the-mud...
  9. mhabich

    Misery Island

    I might be persuaded. Still like West Beach better, since I'm lazy.
  10. mhabich

    Anyone want to rescue a neglected VCP Pintail?

    Looks like this steal has been stolen. Post deleted.
  11. mhabich

    Misery Island

    Yup. “Fairly new kayaker” and “small craft advisory” don’t belong in the same sentence, except in news reports. Conditions aren’t suitable for the trip as originally proposed. A good exercise would be to learn what the forecast means. Drive to the overlook at Miingo Beach to get a view from above, then go to West Beach and take a walk on the sand, keeping in mind that you’re only seeing the sheltered side.
  12. mhabich

    Misery Island

    Forecast is now for 3’ seas, with 14 kt south wind gusting to 21 kt. Small craft advisory after 11 am.
  13. mhabich

    Misery Island

    So, gather at Lynch Park at 9, then carry boats and kit up, then a beach briefing and launch?
  14. mhabich

    Misery Island

    I’d probably go for a shorty dry top over a poly shirt and long or short light neoprene pants. Maybe a drysuit if I intend mischief.
  15. mhabich

    Misery Island

    West Beach is also open now, and would provide a less muddy launch with a shorter walk.