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  1. Version 1.0.0


    NOAA chart 13394, 2017. Double sided 11x17. Cobscook Bay, Lubec Narrows, and Quoddy Head to Bailey's Mistake. Courtesy of John Ozard.
  2. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    NOAA chart 13394, 2017. Double sided 11x17. Cutler to Quoddy Head. Courtesy of John Ozard.
  3. There’s a hint in your picture too. Looks good.
  4. Nancy knows every inch of Maine, but everybody knows #2. Took me a while, then...duh. There’s a hint in #1 that will get you in the ballpark.
  5. (OK, Dan, you asked for it.) Where in Maine is shown on this bit of a NOAA chart? How do you know? Answers in white, please.
  6. West Beach parking lot closed. People wouldn’t stop hanging out. Just a few, but too many.
  7. Bob doesn't take pictures, so we know he didn't really do it. You have proof you were there.
  8. I assume you took the Cetus, since you did a fiberglass repair. How do you think the Virgo would have done by comparison?
  9. Not believable. There’s always an onshore wind at Devereux.
  10. West Beach is rather weedy after yesterday’s surf. Bring water to rinse off the red sticky stuff at the end of the day.
  11. The moon orbits the earth every 28 days, so every day it’s 1/28 of a day, 24/28 of an hour, or 50 minutes farther around.
  12. Our partnership with MITA continues. They're doing some exciting work to open up landing and camping opportunities on the Bold Coast, a stunning place to paddle. There's now an easier way to get the membership discount, described in the post at the top of the NSPN Business forum (only visible to paid NSPN members). If you'd really like to show your support for NSPN and MITA, you could join MITA at the discounted family rate as an NSPN member. This lets you give the same financial support to MITA while letting them know you're with NSPN.
  13. kayakoutfitting.com is a good source for foam. Nice guy.
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