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  1. Come join us at Chebacco Lake in Hamilton on Thursdays at 5pm until sunset though the summer. Practice strokes, rolls, rescues, falling out of your boat, or just watching kingfishers. It's a great place for new and developing paddlers to learn and experiment, and for experienced paddlers to tune up. Dress for immersion. A wetsuit is warm enough in early season, and keeps down the bruises from climbing back into your boat ten times a night. We meet at the boat ramp at the south end of the lake, and hang out in the cove to the left of the ramp. You can either get off 128 at Pine st (exit 49) and head north on the dirt road, or find Chebacco road off Rt 22 in Essex and avoid the dirt. No entrance fees.
  2. Won't work on 18 June. And for goodness sake, don't go there during July. You'll give blood...all of it. It's the headquarters of the Essex County Greenhead Association.
  3. I can't resist. See you there.
  4. I have Icom M93. It has DSC, which is a cross between a bell and a whistle, and therefore is large and hard to fit in a lifejacket. Icom does make simpler good radios. Be sure you get one that floats.
  5. Who needs lightning rods when you have bunny ears?
  6. Ick. Helmets and non-conductive paddles?
  7. Gosh, that's quite a bag. Many of us use an Olympus TG series camera tucked in our lifejackets. I suspect that wouldn't qualify as camera equipment for you, though.
  8. It’s actually the same oil with the label put on upside down.
  9. REI in Reading was delighted to get a flyer and post it near the kayaking gear.
  10. Kokatat addresses this: https://kokatat.com/support/product-use-care
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