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  1. I'm very interested, but I'm also a rank beginner. Had to have shoulder surgery last August and am not quite ready to get back in my kayak, but I'd appreciate the classroom and land activities. Ann
  2. Thunder storms are predicted for Wednesday, June 18. Will folks go to Walden and paddle if there isn't a storm at the time?
  3. Thanks to Blaine for organizing this trip and to everyone who went for making it such a special day. I learned a lot about paddling in a river current. Thanks to everyone who practiced their rescue skills and to people who brought warm, dry clothes to share. People helped each other such that it felt like a supportive group. And it was a beautiful place to paddle. We saw turtles; beaver lodges and one beaver swimming into its lodge; many nests of Canada Geese, one with a large, grey gosling and a pair with a few more newly hatched chicks; Red Wing Blackbirds; Yellow Flag flowers; and watercress! It was great to have a L1 - L2 trip to encourage folks new to NSPS to get more involved. Ann
  4. Thanks for asking the question for which I also needed an answer, Julie. And thanks for understanding about us GPS types, Blaine. Ann
  5. HI, Katherine. Yes, I did, and a waterproof jacket from Cathy. Ann
  6. Hi, Blaine. I attended the NSPN New to Kayaking workshop in May 2013. Last summer I paddled on Spot Pond in Stoneham because I didn't have any equipment. I usually paddled for about two hours, three times a week. I took some lessons with the Osprey folks in Westport, on the river and in a salt marsh. I bought my Avocet LV in late summer. This winter I went to two pool sessions with Osprey to begin to learn how to roll. I've been on the Mystic Lakes, the NSPN Level II trip from Pavillon Beach in Ipswich to Crane's Beach, and a trip in Salem Sound. If you have more questions, please give me a call. (781.396.2694) Ann
  7. Hi, Blaine. I look forward to joining you and Lisa on Saturday, but I need directions to the launch site. I will be driving north from Medford, MA. Thanks. Ann
  8. Thanks, Phil. I can't say I understand it completely, but this was a good place for me to start. Ann
  9. Hi, Katherine, and thank you for organizing this. I'm still a bit unsure of myself, so I need to ask if the Paddle will be ok for a Level 2. Ann (Shepardson)
  10. Thanks, Beth, for a carefully planned and thoughtfully lead trip! Being a small group, we were able to take advantage of your experience and teaching as the conditions on the water changed. The water went from calm to 2' waves. Fall colors were beginning, and we paddled past some of the tamest cormorants I've ever seen. From beginning to end I learned a lot and felt safe. Thanks again.
  11. My apologies! I was held up at work, and I didn't think it made sense to drive to Walden Pond only to get there at 5:30. I will look forward to joining you another time.
  12. Divers found the missing body at Walden. Traffic permitting, I could be there about 4 PM, but where am I going -- White or Walden?
  13. Hi, Beth. I look forward to joining you on Sunday. Thanks for planning this. Ann
  14. Thanks for the Gear Swap. I got two things I needed! And another thanks for specifically encouraging folks new to nspn to join in. Ann
  15. When I attended the NSPN pool session, (which was great--thanks to everyone!) last Saturday, several people knew that Charles River lost their lease on the boathouse. Yesterday a friend forwarded me some information from Charles River, and at the bottom of the information was a note that they have partnered with whoever won the bid such that Charles River will continue at the boathouse through the 2013 season with no change in operations.
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