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  1. If upside down, aim for resting on the hatches since they provide a flat reinforced area to rest on. If upright, try to support at or as close to a bulkhead for greatest structural support. Don’t tighten rope or straps so much as to deform deck or hull, and run through one deckline if possible incase boat does start to slip.
  2. rfolster

    werner shuna for sale - $225.

    Is this still for sale?
  3. rfolster

    Liability Waivers

    The Board of Directors, with assistance from a special committee comprised of a diversity of current NPSN members, has developed and adopted a form that combines both a float plan and liability waiver. While a significant amount of consideration for the existing culture of the club was taken into account, the realities of our modern world deemed it prudent for us to realize that almost every other recreational sport organization requires the use of liability waivers, and we should as well. These waivers should not be seen in a negative light, but as a means to help protect each of our individual club members from liability should something unfortunate happen. If nothing else, it is just a reminder to us all that each day we go out on the water, we are actively assessing and accepting a level of risk, and we take responsibility for our decisions. A lot of effort went into making the form as simple to use as possible, and we will continue to refine it based on feedback from users. You can find out all the information about the form by following this link to the waivers page on our website. If you have any questions or comments, please send them to [email protected] or send a Private Message to any of the current Board of Directors.
  4. rfolster

    Boat & Gear

    Looks like a 6L
  5. rfolster

    Local trips

    Bob, interesting timing since the Board of Directors is currently discussing the topic Of NSPN members who also have paddling-related businesses. The concencus is that, since we aspire to support paddlers who wish to continually improve their skills, it is inevitable that some will move into professional positions. However, we also recognize a need to ensure that the club remains a club, and that professionals take efforts to separate their business operations from the club activities as best as possible. Therefore a few questions need to be asked: - Will non-NSPN members be allowed to attend trips? - Will there be any cost to participate on the trips? - Are the trips being offered to promote Rogue Wave Adventures? If any answer is yes, you are more than welcome to post the trips on the Commercial Classified & Events Sponsored Outside of NSPN forum, where anyone offering a commercial event can promote it. But if all answers are no, then we would be thrilled to have you posting trips for the club. If you or others have further questions, please feel free to contact me or any Board member.
  6. rfolster

    Looking to try an Anas Acuta

    Edit made.
  7. rfolster

    Blue Hill, Maine

    I plan to be up for the first weekend (May 19-20) and looking to see if others are going and what people are doing for lodging. You can post here or contact me directly at robertfolster at verizon dot net.
  8. rfolster

    2018 Pool Sessions

    Thanks to everyone for making this a successful pool season, and looking forward to seeing people out on "real water" until next winter!
  9. rfolster

    2018 Pool Sessions

    There is one spot left for Saturday’s pool session.
  10. rfolster

    Easter Bunny Plunge 2018

    I would like to take a moment to thank all SEVENTEEN people who showed up for the 6th Annual Easter Bunny Plunge. The popularity of this "preseason opener" event was amazing and inspiring, and included a few new members on their first-ever paddle with NSPN. It was great to paddle with such a terrific crowd and nice to meet some new paddlers. Looking forward to seeing all the photos that people were taking and the "proper" trip reports that I am sure to come.
  11. rfolster

    2018 Pool Sessions

    There are 3 spots left for this Saturday's pool session, which will be the last for this year.
  12. rfolster

    Easter Plunge Saturday 3/31/18

    Sorry you can't make it, John. I have heard from all others that initially expressed interest, so we are at 16 total. This is a last-call for sign up by 5:00pm.
  13. rfolster

    Easter Plunge Saturday 3/31/18

    I have sent a confirmation PM to all who have sent me float plan info, so if you have not received it but intend to go, you either need to send me your information or let me know here that there might be an issue.
  14. rfolster

    Devereaux Beach To Dread Ledge Sunday April 1st

    I'll come out and play!
  15. rfolster

    Easter Plunge Saturday 3/31/18

    Looks like West Beach is the popular vote. The address for the parking lot is 121 West Street in Beverly. I propose that we be geared up and ready to go by 10am, at which time we will sort into pods and do beach briefings, so allow enough time to get yourself ready by then. I need the following float plan info from everyone interested in attending: Cell Phone # Vehicle color, make, model and license plate # (with state initials) Boat make, model and color (deck / hull) Emergency contact name and phone number Private Message is the easiest way to get the information to me. If you have provided this information to me in the past, you only need to supply anything that has changed or might be variable (boats!) or just let me know that nothing has changed. Due to the size of the group and the amount of coordination involved, I must insist that everyone submit float plan info in order to participate on the trip, with no exceptions. All participants must respond by 5pm Friday so that I can get the plan together. If you have any questions, please post here or PM me. I am looking forward having such a big crowd, and hope that everyone can make it.