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  1. Just got an email from Snapdragon confirming that they have shut down. They are hoping to partner with another manufacturer, but nothing firm yet. Let's hope that they can, so don't count them out just yet.
  2. Alex, there was an issue with your automatic renewal not being applied. I will let tech support know to fix it, but in the meantime, I have given you the access you need to use the forums.
  3. Joe, you have come a long way from that cold and windy morning on Devereaux Beach not so long ago. I know that you have worked hard for it - Good job!!
  4. The NSPN Board of Directors is looking for new members and invites you to join us for 2021. The BOD is the decision-making body of the club. Our role is reviewing ongoing club business (finances, membership, website, etc.), managing workshops and club events, creating policies, and guiding the overall direction of the club. Aside from three officer positions, there are no set duties associated with individual BOD positions. Currently we meet once a month, generally on a Tuesday evening, from September through May. Meetings are on Zoom - you can join us from anywhere! We do enjoy socializing and aim to meet a few times a year in-person (COVID-permitting) but the majority of the work can be done virtually. All NSPN members are welcome and eligible to apply (must have active membership), with any paddling experience or length of club membership. We are looking for members with a desire to make NSPN the best club it can be! If you are interested in joining us, or know someone who might be, please email [email protected] Please include a quick note explaining your interest in joining, and send it our way by Dec 1. Please feel free to contact any of us directly with questions or ideas. We look forward to a great year of paddling in 2021. - Jane, Janet, Mike, Rob and Sue
  5. I prefer not to wear extra layers of clothing to sleep in since it is probably the coldest part of the day when you are ready to shed your cozy sleeping gear and venture out of the tent. For that reason, I want to be adding "portable layers" to compensate for the "sleeping layers" being left behind. But, to each their own. My suggestion would be to start with getting either a bag liner or a blanket (down or synthetic is a completely separate argument) or both. I have found this to be an ideal sleep system for me that allows for adjustment throughout the camping season. Between a bag liner, a blanket, and a moderate sleeping bag, I can have multiple combinations that fit a wide range of temperatures. The liner and blanket don't take up any more room than a warmer sleeping bag would, and costs much less than buying a separate shoulder-season bag.
  6. Use the Browse tab at the top of the forum, and it is the left-most option underneath the tab bar.
  7. Temporary access Is being provided to David while his membership is being reinstated (still having issues with PayPal), so feel free to PM if you wish. Edit - membership issue resolved!
  8. The whole area inside of Pierce Island and New Castle is very protected from the Piscataqua and well suited for many recreational boaters, as long as they keep their distance from the river. This is one of the first places Cathy and I went when we started kayaking (actually rented here a couple of times) and it is where we got interested in ocean kayaking. It is entirely possible that something happened in these “calmer” waters (still challenging in high winds) and the empty kayak was taken by wind and tide to Wood Island where it was found. it is a sad and unfortunate outcome, and my heart goes out to his family and friends.
  9. I would say, from personal experience, that fears about tipping over and not getting back up are NOT irrational! However, while I will agree that learning to roll is an incredibly valuable skill, I place just as much value on bracing to prevent needing a roll and re-entry for when a roll fails. I just feel that, too often, the idea of learning how to roll is seen as an be-all-end-all of skills with others being put down as lesser.
  10. This is, in my opinion, the most important part of the conversation. There is NO kayak that will prevent you from having a harrowing experience in a storm along the Maine coast, but skill will make the situation better. If you choose a kayak based on where your skills are now, your skills will remain where they are. If you are willing to "grow" into a more capable boat, you will learn quickly and be happier with the results. My suggestion would be to renew your membership and take advantage of as many lake sessions, skills sessions, or professional trainings, all of which can help you work on your stability and bracing. This is a critical first step in getting comfortable in any sea kayak, and will have a profound affect on which boat you choose next. Who knows, maybe you will be back in an explorer before you know it!
  11. Actually, the recommendation for hot packs was specifically in research for Man O'War, which happens to not to be a jelleyfish. However, I got the impression that vinegar will work for most, if not all, jelleyfish stings, and the researchers are trying to get information out that it will work well for the Man O'War as well, and therefore a unified approach to any jelleyfish-like creature could be utilized.
  12. Might be worth packing a bottle of vinegar in the boat if paddling the warmer waters of the southern NE coastline. New research has identified that vinegar is best at neutralizing the toxins. They also state to NOT rinse with salt water, as that seems to just spread the micro-stingers and increase the reaction. If you can have some sort of heat pack as well (there are some reusable gel heat packs on the market), those might help as well to reduce swelling after stingers are removed (need gloves to remove). Without getting mired in rescue-scenario details, based on the individual's reactions to the sting, I would follow up with an immediate evacuation, either return to the put-in, the nearest populated landing (for readily-gained assistance), or possibly call for a May-Day if chest pains or shortness of breath ensue. Basically, the individual should be gotten off the water and seek some level of medical attention, even if just simple home remedies will suffice.
  13. Could be a kink in the cable right at the skeg, so I would suggest starting to look there. Might also loosen the cable at the control knob and see if the knob itself is sticking. Beyond that, I am at a loss. Others may have further insight, so feel free to update this thread with your findings.
  14. There is probably a problem with the slider system, since you shouldn’t need that much leverage to move it. Slider should move easily with the push of a finger. I would investigate the system and see if there are any kinks in the cable or if the sleeve is binding somewhere. Also check that the sled itself is not binding.
  15. Directly with Werner. I shipped the paddles ( pay for insurance when shipping paddles!!!). One year warranty is standard with most anything you buy these days.
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