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  1. rfolster

    2019 Pool Sessions

    The last pool session for this season had to be rescheduled to this Saturday, March 30th between 1:00-3:00pm. There are spaces available, so if you would like to get in one last session before the kayaking season begins, you can purchase through the Store until all spots are sold.
  2. There are 5 spots available as of Monday evening.
  3. The last pool session for this season had to be rescheduled, and will now be held on Saturday March 30th from 1-3pm. This change has caused some cancellations and spaces added to the pool listing in the store. I will try to provide a further update once I know just how many spots become available, but feel free to check the listing in the store for the number of spots remaining.
  4. rfolster


    I don't routinely carry mine, but instead take a "risk-management" approach. I am typically with groups that have multiple VHF and cell phones, paddling in areas where direct contact with the public is within "easy" access. As those parameters decrease, my likelihood of bring it increase. Keep in mind that PLBs really are a last-means of assistance, since response can be dramatically slow based on where you are and what the emergency is. Even half and hour is an eternity if you are injured, hypothermic, or at risk of drowning.
  5. rfolster

    Swim & Fin 2019

    Here is the course map: As you can see, it would be helpful to have a waterproof copy to help keep track. The biggest issue we countered is swimmers not turning at the proper buoys, which will disqualify them if they don't fix there course to go around the red corner buoy. Positioning boaters to "remind" swimmers where they should be going could be helpful. Particularly the 5K swimmers tend to want to turn at the green buoy, but need to continue on to the red corner buoy in order to avoid disqualification. This was the planned schedule from a number of years go, however I believe they changed the race order so that the 5K didn't start until the 1 mile had cleared their second corner: 10:30 Kayakers arrive PCYC 11:00 Kayakers depart PCYC 11:15 Swimmers race meeting at Forest River Park 11:30 Kayakers on course Welcome speech, national anthem 11:45 500 meter start 12:00 5 KM start 12:15 1 mile 12:45 500 meter awards 13:15 1 mile awards 13:45 5 KM awards 14:00 Closing remarks
  6. rfolster

    Swim & Fin 2019

    Yes. There are three races, short, medium, and really long. The first race or two only need a couple of volunteers as the course is really short. The third race is much longer and way more spread out. VHF radio experience is helpful! Responsibilities of volunteers are: - Be a support platform for a swimmer that needs it until an official safety boat can come around and pick them up. - Try to keep swimmers on course since they tend to loose track of where they are. If they turn at the wrong buoy, they could be disqualified. - Track and shadow the last remaining swimmers and send them to shore if the race officials require. It is a lot of sitting around doing nothing for several hours, with a moment or two of activity for a a few volunteers. if I can find a copy of the race layout, I will post it. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  7. Just a reminder that only Members can use the Message system - guests cannot send or receive messages.
  8. We usually archive postings when an item has been sold, but if you want, we can keep it listed here until you confirm with the eBay buyer. Let me know.
  9. rfolster

    (Pre) Easter Plunge Saturday April 20th

    Ken, we would love to have you among, and you will be in good hands. We always have extra gear and emergency kit on hand!
  10. rfolster

    (Pre) Easter Plunge Saturday April 20th

    Generally, north shore area. I haven’t looked at tides yet to see if that makes any difference. Weather is the big factor, and will have a large impact on the specific location.
  11. rfolster

    2019 Pool Sessions

    The final three pool sessions of the season are now sold out. If you are unable to attend a session, please post here so that someone else might take your spot. Also, if you would like to be on the "wait-list", please post here your interest for a session so if someone cant go, they can get in contact with you.
  12. ACA Adult Waiver For Pool Sessions View File About This File To participate in an NSPN pool session, you must download, fill out and bring this form with you to the pool session. Instructions: 1. Select one of the two yellow highlighted options at the top of the form to indicate that you are either a current member or would like to purchase a $5 one time event membership. 2. Fill out the bottom of the form. Be sure to include your ACA number if you are a current member. 3. Bring the completed form to the pool session. 4. Complete one form for each pool session you will be attending. Submitter rfolster Submitted 02/24/2019 Category Pool Session Form  
  13. rfolster

    2019 Pool Sessions

    Update: Well, as of the moment I post this, there is one spot left for the March 24th session. The other two March sessions are sold out, along with today's session. Therefore, if you are unable to make a session that you have reserved, PLEASE post here so that someone who might want to take your spot can make arrangements to do so. Thanks!
  14. rfolster

    2019 Pool Sessions

    Sorry you are having trouble Romaine. The March 9th session has filled since the last update, so no spots are available unless someone decides they can't go and offer up their spot. Someone else told me recently that they were not able to purchase multiple sessions, and had to purchase them one at a time. Please give that a try, and if that doesn't resolve the issues you are experiencing, then email [email protected] so we can diagnose the issue in more detail.
  15. rfolster

    2019 Pool Sessions

    Update: Saturday, February 23 - 3 spots left Saturday, March 9 - 1 spots left Saturday, March 16 - 4 spots left Sunday, March 24 - 3 spots left