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  1. rfolster

    Fort point channel kayak launch

    I have moved this to the General forum as it seems more suited to general discussion.
  2. rfolster

    sea kayak purchase advice

    Just curious - why short?
  3. rfolster

    Good simple PFD for women?

    Cathy has worn the MsFit Tour since we started paddling and loves it. Kittery Trading Post has a good selection for sampling. Don’t worry about getting “so many” pockets, but concentrate on fit. If it happens to have more pockets than she wants, just don’t use them. An extra pocket or two wouldn’t hurt.
  4. rfolster

    Rolling Sessions/Maine Coast overnight

    Hello and welcome, Jeff! The Trips/NSPN Events forum is where you will find what you are looking for. The Checbacco Lake and Walden Pond sessions held during weekday evenings are not specified for any one activity, but lend themselves more towards individualized practice that quite often does include rolling. Weekends are usually dedicated to actual paddling, but only by choice, not decree. You are more than welcome to initiate a rolling-dedicated session to see who might be interested, which brings us to your second question. Trips should be posted on that forum as well (not on this General Forum). Club policy is that all trip participants are supposed to be club members, so if your buddy is not, that creates a conflict. Feel free to send me a private Message (using envelope icon at top right of the screen) if you want to discuss that further.
  5. rfolster

    Chebacco Thursday 25July

    I might actually be able to make it for once!!!!
  6. rfolster

    SOS on NDK kayak?

    I recommend the Explorer based on your description of primarily doing “exercise” paddles. It will track in a straight line better than the Romany, which will allow you to concentrate more on body movement rather than steering adjustments, minor as they might be. I would strongly suggest sitting in each and getting familiar with the fit. A test run on the water would be ideal if you can manage it.
  7. rfolster

    suggestions for sprayskirt

    What kind of paddling do you intend to do - sheltered/quiet water or coastal/rough water? What boat do you have?
  8. rfolster

    Unable to renew membership

    Unfortunately, the error message is generated by the company that operates the forum software, so we don’t have any control over the language.
  9. rfolster

    Cartopping kayaks

    Aside from superstition, I would think aerodynamics would be top of the list. The cockpit coaming slopes downward front to back, generally allowing air to go above the cockpit, and any air getting down in should slide back out the seat and bulkhead behind. Facing backwards, the raised front of the coaming would force air to build up in the full volume of the cockpit. I am sure there is plenty of turbulent drag from the wind curling around the front of the coaming and into the cockpit, but I would think it should be less than a direct scoop into a dead end. Cockpit covers should reduce this drag either way, but I would assume less chance of imploding when bow forward. I also think that most kayaks have a more gradual taper from bow to cockpit then stern to cockpit, although probably minimal.
  10. rfolster

    Is my kayak viable for sea trips

    Hi Jeff! Glad you have reached out to ask the questions. Hopefully I can provide some insight for you. First and foremost, your boat is a suitable kayak for coastal paddling with fore and aft hatches with sealed bulkheads which will provide flotation should a capsize occur. Yes, the shorter length and weigh can inhibit speed, but a good number of us are paddling plastic "play" boats in the 15'-16' range, so not as much of an issue. Heavier boats are usually more of a concern on land, either being carried to the shoreline or lifting onto a vehicle, but again some of us have heavier boats than others, so this is a minimal concern as long as there are others around to help (usually is the case). Speed will be a varying factor depending on the type of trip. Most Level 2 trips operate at a pace and length conducive to those not as familiar with ocean paddling. It is helpful to know your own paddling speed, which can easily be determined by measuring how long it takes to paddle a known distance. I might put the pace of L2 trips at 1.5-2.5 knots; L3 trips at 2.5--3.5 knots, and L4 trips from 3-4 knots. Most important is to be willing to discuss your limitations and aspirations with any trip organizer or group that is planning a trip that you are interested in. Hope this info helps, and you will be able to join some trips soon!
  11. rfolster

    Chebacco lake Thursday June 27

    Not going to make it tonight
  12. rfolster

    Chebacco lake Thursday June 27

    I hope to be there!
  13. rfolster

    Level 2 Trip - Porthsmouth NH - June 23

    I have started a group Private Message for this trip. If you haven't seen it yet, please let me know and we will get you onto the chat. Looks like we might have a total of ten people going and it is looking to be a good day!
  14. rfolster

    Solstice L1/L2 Group - June 22

    Huh! I've never thought about that before. I am sure Mike or Joe might know if there is some history behind the name. Anyways, yes, it is at the end of Marblehead Harbor.
  15. rfolster

    Solstice L1/L2 Group - June 22

    Hello L1/L2 group, Saturday is looking like a good day for a paddle! You all know where Riverhead Beach is in Marblehead, right? Parking has historically been free, but it is always good to bring money in case something has changed (Devereaux Beach parking across the street is $15 on weekends). It is supposed to be mostly sunny with highs in the mid-70's, with just a slight chance of a shower. Winds are forecast to be out of the northwest, but if the sun really does make an appearance, then the afternoon southeasterly wind will fight it. Water temperatures are creeping up to the upper 50's, which is definitely in the manageable range. If you can, it might be good to bring clothing options to decide whether to go warmer or cooler at the ramp, but always think about your comfort level should you take an unintentional (or intentional!) swim. We are a pretty small pod, although I expect a fair amount of "adjustments" at the launch as people make final decisions as to what they want to do and where they want to go. We should be ready to get on the water by 10am, at which time we will have a final discussion about the day. In the meantime, are you interested in more of a sight-seeing journey or shorter activities-based trip? The ocean is not supposed to be super active, so we can venture out a bit more to some of the islands, or stay closer to shore and do some maneuvering or even rescue practice.