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  1. Today was a fantastic day for an easy paddle. Seven of us launched from Odiorne and made our way towards the bridge at Wentworth, where we found the flood current to still be running strong enough to make stopping to assess the passage challenging. The final call to just ride it through and collect up on the other side proved effective and enjoyable. After a quick chat about it all, we made our way through the inner bay with a healthy assist from the still rising tide. Discussions along the way included boat channels and how kayakers should interact with them. Despite the multiple channels in the area, crossings were inconsequential. As we made our way up along Pierce Island, the current brought us quickly through the small channel requiring a hard right turn to make the eddy at Four Trees Island for lunch (thanks for the brownies, Al!!). After lunch, the chart was laid out for a review of the overall area and a discussion about going down the Piscataqua side. Challenges were discussed, and a walk out to the statue to have a better view allowed for the decision to go for it. Once around the north point, it was obvious that we had hit the river at slack, as we encountered practically no currents or eddies. At least not until we got down to the lower end of the island, where we hit a massive north flow. Theories flying and debates current speed (maybe 2 knots?), we powered through the current field which offered no easy passage along the shore. Once through the worst of it, we paddled on through the now ebbing current under the New Castle bridge and back into the inner bay. The paddle back was leisurely and conversational, including more channel discussions. The ebb current at the Wentworth bridge was easily managed and even allowed for a run or two upstream. The day was finished off with Bill doing a few rolls before the final run back to the launch. Thanks to Sue, Brenda, Patricia, and Ricardo for coming along on such a fantastic day, and to Bill and Al for indulging in a bit of leadership practice and discussions.
  2. That’s great, Brenda! We are up to five now with room for more. If others are interested in going, please let me know sooner rather than later if you can.
  3. Nothing like fog to sharpen senses and attention. Nice trip!
  4. We can help you figure some things out, Patricia. Looking forward to seeing you and the others! There is still plenty of room on this trip. If enough people sign up, we will break into pods as appropriate. I already have one person signed up to help out, and I am sure I can find others if needed.
  5. If you are able to post some pictures, it might be helpful in determining the extent and feasibility of repairs. You can find instructions for posting pictures in the third post down in the General Forum.
  6. rfolster

    New Year's Day Paddle

    Details pending
  7. Date, location, and details to be determined
  8. I had a really good day yesterday, too. Good to meet new people, and nice to see others again.
  9. You can see the trip level guidelines by clicking this link , but really this is a trip designed for newer paddlers in the club. It will be an easy-going trip in the sheltered areas of Portsmouth Harbor. The details of the trip will come down to weather and participants, but one option might be to ride the incoming tide up to Four Trees Island park off the tip of Pierce Island for lunch, then ride the ebb tide back down. Again, this is just an option. Location: Launching from the Odiorne boat ramp located on Route 1A in Rye just over the little bridge at the very beginning of the State Park. Cost: Parking fee is $4 and can be reserved ahead of time following this link. Refunds not provided in case of weather or other reasons. Time: Please be ready to launch by 9:45am, and expect to return around 2:00-3:00pm Participants: Open to any club member with a little paddling experience (this is not for anyone who has never kayaked before). Requirements: Kayak with front and rear bulkheads or flotation, paddle, spray skirt, PFD with whistle (let me know if you need any of this) What To Bring: Water, food, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, dry bag or dry case (for keys / phone), and anything else to stay comfortable and safe. Expectations: - Remain upright and stable in calm water - Exit the boat effectively in the event of a capsize (aka "wet exit") while wearing a spray skirt - Relatively effective paddling for forward, reverse, and turning to the extent of maintaining a cohesive group during a guided trip - Stamina to paddle a little more than two miles in slightly less than 2 hours, with a few pauses along the way These are the basic expectations of anyone attending the most basic sea kayak trip. If you feel that you can't meet any of these expectations, or are just not sure, please contact me or anyone else about attending a pond/lake session to evaluate your ability to join this or any other trip. Registration: Please post to this thread if you want to attend, need to borrow any equipment, and/or have general questions. Please check back to this thread for trip updates and discussions, and click the FOLLOW button near the upper right of this forum page to get email notifications when new posts are made to this trip (must have notifications turned on in Settings). Group size may be limited based on number of registration requests vs assistance from other experienced paddlers. While there will be opportunities for some information-sharing to help people become more knowledgeable paddlers and hopefully be more confident to join other club trips in the future, this is primarily a trip for newer paddlers to get more comfortable being on the water, in a group, and on a club trip. If there is anything we can do to assist with that, please let us know. Hope to see you on the water!!
  10. rfolster

    Solstice Paddle?

    Details pending Actual Solstice = Tuesday, June 21
  11. Location and details pending
  12. Placeholder for New To Sea Kayak Lake Session
  13. Prudence, if you sort the trip reports by “Most Views” or “Most Replies”, it will be at the top.
  14. Well, of course you do, because you didn’t read my comment right. I wasn’t talking about the flow rates at the mouth. The discussion is about currents inside Twopenny Loaf. Big difference. Regardless of what the sand actually looks like year to year, the fact remains that the majority of Essex Bay generally ebbs in a NE direction, and the waters inside of the Twopenny Loaf area generally ebbs in a SW direction, so I stand by my theory that the opposing current forces could have potential for creating interesting dynamics.
  15. I wouldn't expect there to be any tide or current tables for that area since most publications are based on areas of commercial navigation. That spot doesn't look like it would be particularly prone to strong currents because the basin upstream is not very large in relation to the opening that it empties through. The only thing I see interesting there is that the flow out around Twopenny Loaf has a southerly direction on the ebb running directly into the northern flow of the rest of the ebb from Essex Bay. If you look on Google satellite images, you can see the channel in the sand running directly north there.
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