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  1. Blue/Gray are sold out. We still have four white, two red, and one yellow.
  2. Looks like a good chance for thunderstorms tonight. Cathy and I will pass this week.
  3. We have the following hats in stock for $12.50 each: 1 Yellow with the old logo: Hat - Yellow.pdf 4 White with the old logo: Hat - White.pdf 3 Red with the new logo: Hat - Red.pdf 4 Blue/Gray with the new logo: Hat - Blue And Gray.pdf
  4. We do have some hats (and shirts and stuff), but don't currently have a good method of getting them to people other than if we end up on the same trip together.
  5. Glancing quickly at the photos of this paddle and others on their site, I would agree with Phil that this is a low angle blade. That may also be why they refer to it as a "touring" paddle (even though many of us "tour" with high angle blades) which generally refers to a more relaxed, recreational style of paddling.
  6. Looks like thunderstorms might be holding off enough to get tonight's session in. Cathy and I will be there by 5:30pm.
  7. Cathy and I will be there. Might be working on rolling the Delphin.
  8. Just a reminder that we will probably be running more than one trip depending on what people actually want to do. In the past, we have assigned trips by Trip Level designations, however this year have decided not to "label" the trips, but instead design trips based on those attending and what they want to do. Weather forecast is trending to be a nice day, with little wind and mild sea conditions. It might be a nice day to tuck as far into the rocks as you possibly dare, or go on a long journey to tour the islands throughout the sound. If anyone has a particular interest, speak up so we can start discussing and planning.
  9. Are the pavilions different than the covered area where we usually eat? I seem to remember seeing charcoal grills there too, so maybe they are the same? Makes me wonder why we never rented before, but we also have never had any issues using the space.
  10. This Commercial Classifieds forum is perfectly acceptable for posting details of such a trip, since it is a trip being commercially operated outside of NSPN. If Osprey is still looking for people to join the trip, this would be a good vehicle for recruiting.
  11. The Classifieds are for everyone to use, so no offense!
  12. A reminder to all that the annual Solstice Paddle is this Sunday, so please RSVP on the calendar so we know who is coming and be ready to launch at 9:30am at Riverhead Beach in Marblehead. I have been trying to double check the parking situation (especially cost) and cannot find anything definitive, so if others have specific parking information, please share. Also remember that there will be a gear swap as well, so bring your gear (or maybe some cash) and find a new home for that unused kayaking stuff you have.
  13. I also like the Knappster, although not officially a drytop since it has a neoprene neck instead of rubber gasket.
  14. A Private Message has been sent out to all participants with final float plan info and parking details. Looking forward to a nice day on the water!
  15. The harbor - on Church Street behind the Town Offices