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  1. I also did a quick search and found that the boat has what is called an “ocean cockpit”, which sounds like a good thing for paddling on the ocean, but understand that it is a small opening that many people find makes it difficult to get in and out of the boat. The hatch openings also look really small (in pics that I found), which make storing gear difficult. Finally, I also found images that show a built-in pump behind the seat, which is technology that has not been used in decades as portable pumps became viable and the space can be used for additional storage. All in all, I would highly recommend against this as a first boat, but more importantly, don’t buy anything without the chance to paddle it first to see if you like it on the water.
  2. Hey Debra, you are not alone. We recognize it can be a little confusing, but it is a price we pay for a very feature-filled forum. One thing that makes it complicated is that only up-to-date members can use the private message system, while guests can’t. Please email me at [email protected] if you need help renewing. As for RSVPs to events, please read any event description and instructions carefully, since different organizers use one of four different methods for various reasons, whether it be posting to the thread, calendar RSVP, direct email, or private message. Each method has its benefits and drawbacks, so it is difficult for us to mandate just one method. I hope this helps, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any further questions.
  3. This upcoming Saturday, I am running a NSPM Level 2 Meetup trip out of Odiorne, and am offering club leadership training to one or two members who wish to participate. Training can either be by direct leadership of the group with guidance and comments as we go, or as a strictly observation and discussion session, the choice is yours. This is billed as an "Ocean Introduction" trip, designed to introduce paddlers to currents and waves within the Level 2 parameters as best as possible, potentially for the first time. Currently there are three committed attendees (with a doubtful fourth) of varying limited experience. Weather for Saturday is looking settled after a rough mid-week, so need to monitor for reality, but should be good to go outside the break wall. If you would like more information or are interested in participating, please Message me directly so we can discuss.
  4. Please have her check to make sure that she is actually signed into her account when trying to post or PM, since the system needs to verify active membership to allow those options. If she is not actively signed in, she will appear as a guest and have restricted access.
  5. Things that are sold (or “sold” if free) should be moved to our Sold Items forum.
  6. At the first Skills Session in Odiorne the other weekend, we were approached by the park ranger afterwards to specifically inform us that we can call ahead of time to let them know that a large group would be expecting to enter, and they would make the Odiorne opening a priority. Probably not a guarantee, but perhaps worth trying at least.
  7. After years of internal conversations about attracting new paddlers to North Shore Paddlers Network, and providing trips and events for them, we have arrived at the point to create the North Shore Paddlers Meetup group that will offer Level 1 (short duration, strictly flat water) and Level 2 (slightly longer, "ocean introduction") trips for those who are interested in learning about, or just starting out with, sea kayaking in a club setting. The goal of this venture is to provide a point of contact for new and potential sea kayakers to find NSPN through a large activity-based platform in ways that our website just can't provide, and Meetup is an excellent avenue for that. Here are some key points to understand with the new Meetup group: Existing North Shore Paddlers Network website and message board will not change in any way Typical club activity will remain on the message board and/or calendar and will continue to operate as usual Memberships to the club and the Meetup group are separate and not interchangeable - Meetup membership will be free Designated Meetup trip organizers will be specifically prepared to design trips and manage participants for Meetup events Trips and skills sessions on North Shore Paddlers Meetup are strictly Level 1 and Level 2 only Level 1 trips will be more "meet-and-greet" style for people to see and understand sea kayaks Level 2 trips will allow for brief introductions to mild ocean conditions, such as current and waves Both levels of trips will allow organizers to introduce participants to paddling in a club environment (cooperative trips) Skill sessions will be focused on the basics needed to start sea kayaking, such as wet exits or forward stroke fundamentals Meetup group members can go on as many trips and events as they want with no pressure to join NSPN if they don't want to A lot of thought and hard work has gone into the creation of this group, and we see it as a positive addition to our continuing efforts to provide community outreach and safety education. If you would like to be involved with planning and organizing trips for this group, please contact me for details.
  8. Weather Update: Forecast is indicating that Saturday should be sunny and seasonable, but a little breezy from the north, right down the harbor. Trip Ideas: I think this group may or may not poke their noses out the harbor. If the forecast holds, it would be a good day for working on boat handling skills and general balance in choppy water. Depending on group and conditions, a journey to Dolliber Cove may be possible (approx 2-miles each way).
  9. Weather Update: Forecast is indicating that Saturday should be sunny and seasonable, but a little breezy from the north, right down the harbor. Trip Ideas: I think this group might not leave the harbor, and could spend time exploring the west shore and working on boat control in the wind.
  10. This trip concluded the 2022 New To Sea Kayaking series starting with the spring workshop and including a lake session. We had six participants, with help from Jim Connors (thanks Jim!!), launching from Odiorne State Park boat ramp just around high tide. It was a beautiful day for a shorter introductory trip that started out with an assisted reentry demonstration, then moved on to paddling against minimal ebb current under the Wentworth bridge just after slack. We used Clampit Island as a base for review of some strokes before heading back down and riding the increasing ebb through before heading out to Frost Point Beach. Once landed on the beach, we climbed onto the break wall and had a look out at what was supposed to be 2' seas at 9-second period. We found the sea state to be more like 1', so everyone was game for heading outside and having a quick look around after reviewing the chart for where we were and where we had come from. Once outside, it seemed as if the powerboat wakes were more active than the swell, so we took the opportunity to have a look at the shoal just SE of the break wall before heading back in against the current flowing out through the harbor entrance. On the way back to the launch, we came to the dreaded mudflats. I know that the channel through the flats is towards the right side as you approach, but we were unable to find it, and ended up having to trudge through the mud for a number of yards before finding deep water again. I have paddled this area A LOT and this was a first for me, which was surprising, confusing, and frustrating. However, when we approached the boat ramp near low tide, the typical mud field at the bottom of the ramp was actually a significant mud mound that I haven't seen before, so I wonder if there has been a more significant movement of sand in the area than usual. I would be interested in hearing others assessment of this. We decided to land in the gravel and seaweed closer to the bridge, and found the footing to generally be much better than the mud. I had a fantastic day paddling with new people, and aside from a couple of unintentional out-of-boat experiences (to be expected), I hope everyone else did too. I look forward to paddling with everyone again, and hope to meet even more new paddlers in the near future.
  11. We now have six participants (five new to kayaking, one with experience). If anyone else wants to help look after some new paddlers for a short morning trip, please let me know.
  12. I can't make it, but someone asked me if we are confident the t-storms will pass in time.
  13. Are we going to try for a session tonight or is the weather prohibitive?
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