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  1. rfolster

    Chebacco tonight, 19 July

    Cathy and I will be there!
  2. rfolster

    Tide race at the mouth of the Kennebec

    My understanding is that you need a south wind or a well-organized swell from the south in order for the race to kick up.
  3. rfolster

    Kayak rack dimensions

    Here are approximate minimum and maximum hatch cover spans with optimal center spans in parentheses: Cetus Classic - 90”-115” (103”) Eliza- 75”-106” (90”) Explorer- 99”-109” Illusion - 79”-102” (91”) Delphin 155 - 85”-110” (97”) Epsilon C200- 84”-107” (96”) Zephyr 165 - 82”-108” (96”)
  4. rfolster

    Kayak rack dimensions

    I used fabric straps between two supports, and load boats in from the end. Not easy for one person to do, so not a recommended system. Separation between each level of straps is only 18”. That leaves little room from high point of coating on lower boat to hull of upper boat. I would suggest 24” between vertical supports which, depending on how high you make the lowest, would put the highest of three boats around 4-1/2 or 5 feet up. Probably put your least used boat up there. Depending on how you manover your boats around, you should put your most used boat at the height most easily moved on and off the rack - middle rack for shoulder carry or bottom rack for wheel cart, for examples. For horizontal spacing, do you want to rest on bulkheads or on hatch rims. I can’t speak for bulkheads, but if I recall, hatch rims average just under 8’ for play boats and just over 8’ for touring boats. If I can find my measurement notes, I will pass them along.
  5. rfolster

    Chebacco Lake June 28

    Cathy and I will not be able to make it to the lake tonight.
  6. rfolster

    Solstice Paddle & Potluck June 23

    Synopsis: ANZ200-232015- 342 AM EDT Sat Jun 23 2018 .Synopsis for Massachusetts and Rhode Island coastal waters... High pres will push E of the waters this morning. Low pres and an associated warm front will approach today, bringing showers and isolated thunderstorms that will continue tonight. Zone Forecast: SE winds 5 to 10 kt, becoming E 10 to 15 kt this afternoon. Gusts up to 20 kt. Seas around 2 ft. A chance of showers this morning, then showers likely with isolated tstms this afternoon. Patchy fog this afternoon. Some tstms may produce heavy rainfall this afternoon with vsby 1 nm or less. Point Forecast: ESE wind 5 to 10 kt becoming E in the afternoon. A chance of showers before noon, then a chance of showers and thunderstorms between noon and 2pm, then showers likely and possibly a thunderstorm after 2pm. Some of the storms could produce heavy rain. Seas around 1 ft. I have not seen thunderstorms in the forecast until last night, and there is still some debate as to whether or not they will appear. Apparently, there is a high level of instability in the atmosphere which could support thunder, but there is a question as to whether or not there is enough energy to produce them. I didn't think that thunderstorms were usually associated with warm fronts, and believe the chances are super low, but we need to have the possibility in the back our minds.
  7. rfolster

    Solstice Paddle & Potluck June 23

    We can bring extra gear.
  8. rfolster

    Solstice Paddle & Potluck June 23

    Sorry you can't make it, Sue. We have a typical turnout of nearly 30 people, from new paddlers up to very experienced long-timers, so we can divide up for a good variety of trips. I am sure discussions regarding trip options will start as people arrive, but the plan is to gather at 9:30am for a quick group briefing and then break into groups based on what people want to do. Once into groups, each trip details can be finalized among those involved. This format worked well last year, so we figured we would try it again. It is going to be cool and probably on the rainy side, so dress appropriately. Those of you that have spare paddling jackets, storm cags, neoprene caps and glove or poggies to bring, it might be appreciated. Afterwards, we will be having pot-luck under the pavilion across the street, typically at the north end (left side when facing from the parking lot). Although it is usually windy in the afternoons, I don't think we will get the typical sea breeze due to the lack of sun and heat. Never the less, please dress warm and prepared for rain. Looking forward to paddling with old friends, making new ones, and eating lots of incredible food! See you all tomorrow.
  9. rfolster

    Chebacco Lake Thursday June 21

    Wayne and Sue, we will have boats and gear for you tomorrow.
  10. You can also get both bungee and deck line from Newbury Kayak & Canoe.
  11. rfolster

    Chebacco Lake Thursday June 21

    Wayne, I’ll send you a Private Message to discuss options.
  12. rfolster

    Solstice Paddle & Potluck June 23

    Weather for Saturday is looking good, but forecast is quite changeable, so need to keep an eye on it through the week. Typical of this event, we have lots of interest and a diverse group that includes new members, new paddlers, "the old guard", and even some long-distance members coming from up-state New York. We have plenty of leadership at hand to run a variety of trips, and if you are not familiar with the different trip levels, please review this page as a reference. Don't stress about the exact criteria, as it is just a guideline to help people understand how to identify themselves along with how a trip might be labeled. If anyone has questions about the day, please feel free to post here or contact me directly. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!
  13. rfolster

    Solstice Paddle & Potluck June 23

    Sorry for the late reply, Alex, but I don't think we are doing any official gear swap this year.
  14. rfolster

    Chebacco lake on Thursday evenings

    Unfortunately, Cathy and I will miss the next three weeks. However I am sure you will find some way of amusing yourselves without us!
  15. This is our annual summertime social event which is always held at Riverhead Beach in Marblehead and finishes off with a pot luck party under the pavilion across the street at Devereux Beach. Traditionally, we end up with multiple groups on the water doing different trips based on skills and experience. Examples would be a 15 mile trip out to Bakers Island for some play in heavier seas around the island, a 10 mile trip to Children's Island for some conservative paddling in moderate seas, and a 5 mile trip to Dolliber Cove for those newer to sea kayaking. Those are just examples, and we may end up with more or less than three groups if needed. The actual trips would be designed based on the weather, sea conditions, and the general desires of participants. Each trip will have leaders of varying levels but all trip members should be active participants in the design and execution of each trip to the extent of their abilities. Therefore, we welcome NSPN members of all skill levels to join this event, and only require a minimum of a sea kayak (must have active flotation such as bulkheads or float bags), paddle, PFD, sprayskirt, food and water. Even then, if you are lacking something (say a proper ocean kayak with bulkheads), please post what you might need and we will see if someone has one you can borrow for the day. Parking at Riverhead should be free, but can be busy with dog walker, SUP rentals, and - oh yeah, a bunch of kayakers! Alternate parking at Devereaux is $15 for the day. Everyone should be ready to launch by 9:30am, and we will sort people into trip groups at that time. After the trips (most likely 3:00 - 3:30PM), all groups will pack up their gear, change into warm clothing (be prepared that it tends to be very windy in the afternoon) and collect under the picnic pavilion at Devereaux Beach across the street, and enjoy a pot-luck style beach party for dinner! NSPN will have plates, bowls, napkins, utensils and some extra serving utensils and serving bowls on hand, so bring your favorite dish (enough to share!), your favorite beverage (no alcohol) and you best kayaking stories to be told. Non-paddling friends and family are of course also invited to meet up with us. So bring your gear, your love of paddling, and a yummy dish to share to help us kick-off the summer paddling season in style!!! So that we can plan logistics, we ask that everyone who wishes to attend go to the calendar event and click the GOING button to the upper left. If you have chosen MAYBE, please update your decision at least by the day prior. Feel free to post comments or questions below.