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  1. carpy

    Saturday Aug 31?

    I won’t be able to make it after all. Hope you have a fun day. —Joyce (I thought I had an automatic signature but I’m not seeing it.)
  2. carpy

    Saturday Aug 31?

    Can’t commit just yet, but I might join in. Looks like a great day.
  3. I’m planning to be there. I might get there a bit early to swim, but will be to the launch by 4:45.
  4. If the rain is bad today, how will the water quality be tomorrow? If we think it’s ok,I might try to make it. Also, shouldn’t this post be in the trip forum rather than this general forum. I’m surprised I noticed it in here.
  5. I was just checking the weather, but I might be a tad early on that. I’m planning to be there as well and have my fingers crossed about weather.
  6. Ok on 9 o’clock launch. See yas in the morning
  7. I had thought about it but I imagine it’ll be closed on such a hot day. It’s not currently closed, but be sure to check the Twitter feed before going too far out of your way.
  8. Boohoo! Hope to see you tomorrow! Ken, I’ll be there by 4:30 and a new member will also be joining us. See you then I’ll bring The Form.
  9. For this week, we should probably leave our RSVPs here, but starting next week it'd be great if the first person would make a new thread for just that week's event. This will get very confusing if we keep posting at the bottom of this thread.
  10. I’m also a maybe. I’m hope to make it but I’m not sure yet.
  11. If the weather stays about as currently predicted, I’d like to come.
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