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  1. Hi: I am a 100% beginner planning to learn as much as I can this season about sea kayaking. Also at the same time I want to build a good beginner kayak (but also one that I will not outgrow too fast). My goal is to build a boat from plans that I can be comfortable in and learn with. I am 6'1" and 190 lbs. Current choices are Chesapeake 17, Great Auk (my first choice so far), and GoldenEye from Pygmy boats. Are there other good options? All advice is welcomed. Thanks/ Bob
  2. Doug: I am a new 100% beginner. What is the best pool session for me in Haverhill, MA? I would need to borrow a boat but do have a good PFD. Never have done a wet exit, but want to learn. THanks for your help./ Bob
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