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  1. eburgess

    Fees for registration of kayaks and canoes, NH

    So for this fee do we get increased parking spots at launches? The local launches that I use have lots of trailered parking (many sit vacant) and four or five none trailered spots which are always filled. I am willing to pay if we get increased parking. I just found out about this today. I will be contacting my legislator.
  2. eburgess

    Good simple PFD for women?

    I have the MsFit Tour as well. I am short and also have a shorter torso; a lot of pfd’s are too long for me. The MsFit is perfect and I have worn it for quite a few years.
  3. eburgess

    7/31/19 - Wednesday Lunch Paddle #14

    Thanks for organizing this trip, Jeff. It was a wonderful way to spend a hot summer day!
  4. eburgess

    Wed. Lunch Paddle: 7/31/19 @ Odiorne Point, Rye, NH

    See you for the 9:00 launch!
  5. eburgess

    Wed. Lunch Paddle: 7/31/19 @ Odiorne Point, Rye, NH

    If the weather holds, I will be there.
  6. eburgess

    L2 Trip - Malaga Island, Phippsburg, ME

    Rats! We will be away. Would have loved to have joined you!
  7. eburgess

    Surf Session Nahant 4.21.19

    I was hoping to go tomorrow, but due to an early morning appointment, I wouldn’t be able to get to the launch in time. Have to pull out. Satay safe!
  8. eburgess

    paddling film festival, Apr 11th, Framingham

    Karen Gibson and I are going to the Concord NH showing if anyone wants to join us!
  9. eburgess

    (Pre) Easter Plunge Saturday April 20th

    Sounds good - I’m in.
  10. eburgess

    Wednesday Lunch Paddle Series

    Fantastic! I will be free as soon as school is out!
  11. eburgess

    Thanksgiving Weekend at Walden

  12. eburgess

    Odiorne Saturday, September 15, 2018

    Forgot (or tried to) about an plans that my other half made for Sat. Have fun!!
  13. Thanks for organizing, Pru! It was a great day. That helicopter appearing just after the shark did certainly added to the drama, esp. as it stayed in the area, circling and zig-zagging back and forth. I think I’ll avoid Cape Ann for a while!
  14. eburgess

    Saturday, September 1 - Lanes Cove to Rockport

    Just saw this. Room for me, too?