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  1. Squam Lake, Oct 6-8, 2017

    Great paddling with all of you on Saturday. Next year it will be for the whole weekend!
  2. In exploring Traips Academy a little more, it looks like it is farther up the Piscataqua and tomorrow you would be paddling against the incoming tide. One day I will get over there and check it out.
  3. Cathy, I have heard of people launching from Traip Academy in Kittery as an alternative to Pepperrell Cove. From what I understand, it is a public boat ramp that is not far from the cove, accessible at low tide, and can accommodate trailers. I think it is $5 to launch. I have never been there, but have been meaning to scope it out. Might be an option.
  4. Kokatat Idol Drysuit

    Pam, that is very interesting. Was the zipper the cause of the wetness problem? From what I understand, it has to be lined up correctly, and it takes some practice to do it. Thanks for the input.
  5. New Hampshire salt water practice sessions!

    I will join you!
  6. Kokatat Idol Drysuit

    Suz, Thanks for the insight on the Idol drysuit. I never considered that the bottom half of the suit would be cut slimmer than other dry suits made by Kokatat as the measurements listed for each size is the same across each drysuit design. I currently have an Expedition drysuit with a relief zipper. Although I like the suit, as a woman I am always curious about easier ways to handle bodily functions. My other concern about the Idol is the drytop part. I find it very hard to wiggle in and out of drytops. My Expedition drysuit, with its big cross chest zipper, is very easy to get in and out of. Unfortunately, there is no perfect solution for us gals. Liz
  7. Kokatat Idol Drysuit

    The Kokatat Idol drysuit came up in a recent discussion lately about relief zippers or drop seats in women's drysuits (an endless debate). I don't think I have paddled with many people who wear the Idol, and I was curious as to what the paddlers who have it think about it.
  8. Odiorne Sunday, May 28

    I'm in!
  9. New Year's Day Paddle 2017 - Postponed to Monday!

    My 15 year old car finally had too many problems to fix reasonably and I got a new vehicle two days ago. Racks are not on yet, so I will pass on this trip. Have fun and stay warm!
  10. New Year's Day Paddle 2017 - Postponed to Monday!

    I am interested (if it's not crazy cold and windy)!
  11. Muscongus Sept 26-28

    Sometimes things happen for a reason - you were very lucky!
  12. Winter Kayak Camping?

    Thanks Kate, Michael, and Jason - I will order both the mitts and the pogies; hopefully one of them will do the trick.
  13. Muscongus Sept 26-28

    This "work" thing gets in the way at the most inconvenient times!
  14. Winter Kayak Camping?

    Kate, do you mind if I ask which pogies and gloves you use? Once my hands get too cold, I lose all dexterity in my fingers and can't even work my skeg slider or the buckles on my PFD. I have a pair of Kokatat tropos pogies that I wear over neoprene gloves when it is mildly cold, but am looking for something more robust. Has anyone had any success with neoprene mittens?
  15. Muscongus Sept 26-28

    Great! Thanks, Cathy!