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  1. Hey Fred. One item as I read back through the thread. Mike is right in recommending 3M 5200. It's a go to in the boating market. Although there are some caveats to its use. I was reminded of an experience within the past year when I watched, and minimally assisted a pro install a deck hatch and bulkhead on my P&H Virgo. There was a good deal of conversation on which sealant/adhesive to use connecting the hatch rim. While we settled on 3M, research on their flagship marine products 5200 and 4200 indicated one key difference. If you may ever have to access/remove/work on the area again the 4200 stood out. 5200 is so good as an adhesive there is a real challenge if you ever have to break/remove this "permanent" bond. Here's a brief summary of a comparison of the two products... Finally, concluding the comparison between 3M 4200 vs. 5200 depends on the specific situation in which you will consider using either of these adhesives. You can go with the 5200 adhesives if you need long-time connectivity, more hardness, durability, and excellent joining for parts under or above the waterline. But going with 4200 is also not bad as it provides faster curing with the latter dissembling of those joined parts. The epoxy putty referenced in the video is also an able product for the repair you're tackling. Many use it for covering the sharp, dry bag destroying screw tips left exposed when installing a deck compass on both plastic and composite boats. The best of luck with this.
  2. Wonderful change of pace paddle Jim. Thanks for organizing.
  3. The state park registration system is still live... NH State Parks : Day-Use Reservations
  4. Suggesting a PPPO @ La Catrina in Ashland. Outdoor dining and pleasant temps.
  5. I'd definitely be up for giving Thursday a go.
  6. I also have a spray skirt that will fit the cockpit - (not so much leaky) Tunnel size is large.
  7. Huge thanks to Joe and Bob. The WLPs were a weekly highlight.
  8. Janet, I believe I have some. I'll PM.
  9. Thanks, Gary, for taking the time to record and share this magnificent adventure. Over coffee this morning I found myself reading stopping and reflecting on many canoe camping trips some decades ago with my then 6-year old daughter. Thanks for fanning the embers of many memories.
  10. Definitely interested. I do have two entry level Stellar boats: a S16S and a S14S that I can bring.
  11. For me, it's a matter of habit and preference. Early on in my sea kayak journey, with so many "first-time" experiences, I took the approach of minimizing the known from the unknown. Transferring the magnetic north with an arrow often scaled to 1-5 nautical mile(s) provided a welcome reference when paddling with a folded chart in unfamiliar areas, especially in reduced visibility situations of fog or night paddling. I further forged the habit when creating charts for extended international trips, where I will often cut and copy a chart into manageable pieces. For me, it's not unlike a spare paddle. 99 times out of 100 I don't need it, but when I do, I'm sure glad I brought it.
  12. Thanks Ed! Here's a link. Weems & Plath VEC Vecta Rose (pack of 6) (landfallnavigation.com) I'm ordering a pack.
  13. Had our first experience as a customer within the past 30 days. Harley was very helpful and both Donna and I are very pleased with the new paddles.
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