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  1. Werner Cyprus Paddle - 215 cm, two-piece, straight shaft (standard diameter), purchased last year, excellent condition: $295. Email: veelenturfr (at) asme (dot) org.
  2. Perhaps eight years ago, a paddling friend and I were within feet of a large shark (approximately half as long as my 18 foot kayak with 12 inches of fin out of the water) under the Onset Ave bridge in Onset, MA. When I got home, I identified it as a bull shark, based on the shape of its fin and head from above. It did not display any aggressive behavior, which had a nice calming effect on us.
  3. Very well written and thorough review of the Sisu. Interestingly, although the Prana seat is also relatively flat looking, I have found it to be perfectly comfortable without making any adjustments. It also allows for dropping your legs to the hull and keeping them there for extended periods without any pinching. I suppose it is an individual thing.
  4. I saw, "I'm 6'0" 188 lbs with a 32" inseam if that means something to someone on here." and am compelled to post. I am 6'0" 191 lbs with a 32" inseam. I have been paddling for 18 years, the last 15 years in a Valley Nordkapp H2O. It is great in rough water and loves to go in a straight line. However, I decided to get a second, more versatile and comfortable (for my build) kayak. Since a new composite boat is a significant investment, I considered virtually all of the highly regarded boats. I eventually ordered a Current Designs Prana with a "Heavy Water" layup. The normal fiberglass layup is 52 lbs, I expect mine is 5 lbs more. It is available in Kevlar at 48 lbs. The fit of the kayak, a major factor in my choice, is outstanding (again, for my build). I have not added any foam or made any other changes. The Prana has a lot of leg and foot room for the paddler, yet the cockpit is not huge. The knee position is higher, which I find very comfortable. I believe the slightly surf-ski-like knee position is a concern for some, but I have not found it to be a problem. It is a well engineered and sleek design. It does surf more than the Nordkapp, but that is desirable at times. It is far more stable than one would expect given its 21" beam. Due to COVID-19, I have been paddling it solo on Narragansett Bay this summer. Coming from a Nordkapp, I would not call the Prana tippy at all. However, I would not call an NDK Explorer tippy either. The shorter (16 ft) Current Designs Sisu has a wider beam and I expect handles even better, but I was more interested in long distance efficiency.
  5. Too bad, I was there before 7:30 and the lower lot was already filling up fast. I paddled in circles, practiced some strokes, and rolled a few times. I will try to make one of the Wednesday night sessions. Hope to see you then!
  6. Please count me in. This will be my first NSPN paddle!
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