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  1. I'm cleaning house and have the following Thule Parts available for sale. All will ship for FREE! I need to remove some lock from a few parts, I'm waiting for the lock removal tool to arrive so some items may not be available for a week or so. 56 inch Square Bars (1 bars) $20 ($50+ New) 66 inch Square Bars (2 Bars) $40 ($100+ New) Thule Foot Pads 480 (4 foot pads) $100 ($219 New) Thule Fit kit for 14015 for GMC/Chevy 2012-2016 Full size trucks and SUVs $20 ($60 New) Jenna [email protected]
  2. For sale, NEW IN BOX Kokotat Nomad Paddling Boots. They run a little title around the calf. Retail for $129. Asking $60 with free shipping. Thanks, Jenna [email protected]
  3. I'll second Lincoln as a Maine company building strong, lightweight (a few models under 40lbs) and their quality has improved. Their new Seguin s a more modern design as well and a great day tripper. Walrus in VT also builds vacuum bagged lightweight strong boats in various layups. I'm surprised no one mentioned a trailer or Hullavator: http://www.thule.com/en-US/US/Products/Watersports/WatersportCarriers/897XT-Hullavator I have a Hullavator and LOVE it to get my boats on the roof of my truck. I actually have a second, brand new in a box (though the box was slightly eaten by my dog) that I might be willing to part with. It retails for $450 but I might sell for $300. email me at jennag6 at gmail Good luck, Jenna
  4. Liz, Sounds like a great trip, but I have commitments in the evening I'm from Maine and a member of SMSKN but going to be down on the north shore tomorrow and was looking for a paddle earlier in the day. I know the weather doesn't look great but I am going to try and paddle anyway if it's not too bad. If anyone is going to try and go out in the morning I would love to go paddle for a few + hours. Jenna
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