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  1. I'm interested . Never been out to Shoals
  2. Bill, I concur with David. There is an 8 inch minimum overhang to prevent damage to your car. On the upside, I believe it's the only system that is hydraulic assisted. I would wish Thule would make a couple of improvements that would actually make loading and unloading easier as our bodies adapt with maturity. Alright already, as we get old. I have one that maybe I'll build a prototype over the winter and trial it next spring. dave
  3. Should go toHampton beach, MSW has swells 6-7 at 12s on Friday wish I could go. Enjoy
  4. Sorry Liz. This almost happened to me. I had untied the bow line and decided to move the car when I heard this loud pop. Luckily for me it was the line and not the boat. I also use the Thule quick loop.
  5. Your report caused me to pull out the pics of my 3 day CCC camping on two different islands. That trip ended in a major lightning/thunderstorm in the middle of the night while on Little snow and then an early morning sprint back to bethel point.
  6. You guys lucked out. The sand bar between Wood and the shore is commonly known as the zipper. I believe on the flood the swells wrap around wood and merge at the sand bar causing a zipper like wave effect. Also the beach landing and launching can be challenging while the zipper is happening. Personal experience. Popam is a favorite training location for John Carmody.
  7. How sad is that! OQ was the perfect camp for Kayakers. Who is the new owner that sent the letters?
  8. This is Eagle Is and the boats are NSPN which appear in the satellite picture on Google maps.
  9. Cant see the answers but I guessed 2,3,5, 7,8.9, 13, 15, 18. and a couple I'd have look at a chart just cuz I can't remember the name of the island, but I did get the body of water
  10. Thanks Dan. A great way to connect with everyone.
  11. Joe, the link opened in google earth to the main page, but that is as far as it went. It may be my iPad. I'll try the MAC later. dave
  12. I remember reading about the Goldsboro incident shortly after it happened. It's always of particular interest when an account starts with the participants being experienced Kayakers. The incidents involving experienced paddlers I think offer the most lessons. They highlight was was out of their control and what would have possibly changed the outcome if ........ I'm sure you have all read "The Seakayaker's Deep Trouble" and if not you should. It has some great analyses from which to develop a trip checklist.
  13. Dan i was going to day paddle on Saturday. Are Gary and Theresa really paddling Sunday
  14. I have a ICOM M-36 that charges by cradle, and like Gary and Ed it holds a charge for a long time. I also have a Standard Horizons HX300 that charges via USB cable. It's just easier connecting to a computer, wall charger or external power source than messing around with the cradle. The HX is also more compact than the ICOM.
  15. I am opening up another spot on the trip. I am unable to attend this year.
  16. My grab loop episode was in a pool in Biddeford. There were only two others at the shallow end while I was practicing rolling at the opposite end. After a couple of attempts to roll up , I went for the grab loop which to my surprise and horror, wasn't there. I did finally free myself by the side skirt technique as I remember (it's been awhile). As far as I can remember haven't done that again
  17. I am going to try to make it. Kind of in the same state as Al. Best I can say is if you see me, I'll be there, if you don't I didn't make it.
  18. Prudence, I am planning on being there. I mean the launch is 1/2 hour later than last week. It's heading in the right direction anyway.
  19. Another amazing report! !!!!! And you are so blessed to have had the opportunities to Kayak all over this planet.
  20. I'm interested. Pru I sent a pm with a request. Al, I am more for shorter distances theses days so if you need to keep trip to RP and back that's good with me.
  21. A few pics from Solstice paddle and L3 trip
  22. I'm interested. Just need to work out another scheduled job at home
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