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  1. Bringing chip and dip and just pulled a Guinness Gingerbread out of the oven!
  2. Will bring appetizer and whatever else we whip up.
  3. See everyone tomorrow at 11:30 at Red Heat Tavern in Wilmington. no reservation unless we get to 10, but they said we would be fine.
  4. I’m in for luncH. i can make reservation. So far for lunch: Cathy robert mike prudence
  5. It looks like it’s going to get a little harder to make our own charts without the pdf’s. https://www.passagemaker.com/trawler-news/noaa-ending-traditional-paper-charts?fbclid=IwAR2aUKvcnrSSq0dvtLLh5-qNFfd1doi5BDqKc5PAWdM9nuN8q01AdIcIbNo apologies if this has already been discussed.
  6. cfolster


    Wish I was going. That beach has the softest sand I’ve ever felt. I guess that means it might stick to gear tho. . .
  7. The Seacoast Paddle Club has teamed up with the Portsmouth Halloween Parade to do a costume paddle. It’s open to all paddlecraft. Would be great to see some kayakers out there in costume! https://m.facebook.com/events/394913201219997/ Fee is $10 with all proceeds going to the parade. But there will be judging and prizes. 🎃👻🤡👽🙀
  8. We are up for going out tomorrow: same trip same timing. Weather looks a lot better, and hopefully no more family emergencies. anyone else interested??
  9. So sorry for last minute notice, but Robert and I will not make it due to a family emergency. have fun!
  10. It does, but you could add by going up into Manchester your harbor or down into the sound to whatever distance we choose.
  11. I will join you. First time back on the water after months of not paddling, so hope we won’t go too fast!
  12. NSPN has typically left organization and communication about a trip to the organizer and participants. That means that both need to take responsibility for communication. A trip organizer (if they want an organized and well communicated trip -and they can decide to what level they take that) is responsible for communicating the trip. It may be that they just have an idea and they are looking for participant input, so there are a lot of details to work out, or they may determine every single detail about the trip, or they may just post a location and time and they don’t care who shows up. Either way, a participant signs on and becomes responsible for ensuring their participation in the type of trip ( which comes along with the communication plan). This may mean they need to follow a forum thread to ensure they know what’s going on, it may mean they have to follow an email, it may mean they should ask what the communication will be, but they signed on so they took some level of responsibility for ensuring they have the information.
  13. My guess: I predict 2 foot waves at West Beach - smaller in the Northeast corner where all the seaweed is. I think there's enough outside the beach to knock down most of the 6 feet.
  14. I’ll be at the paddle, but am a maybe for actually paddling. Im happy to be an escort back to beach if I do paddle. i will be at pppo. Yum! I HAVE LOTS OF BUNNY EARS FOR EVERYONE! 🐰 🐣
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