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  1. To David M and Dave, Thank you very much for your advice. I think it beats trying to get a new lighter boat. Bill H
  2. I find that as I get older my kayak puts on weight. I have thought of investing in a hullavator but I'm concerned that it hangs over the driver's side rather than being more centered. I am concerned that i could hit oncoming traffic with the overhang or it is unstable on this type of rack. Has any one had o heard of this happening?
  3. Hi Dan, This looks like an extremely useful exercise. I have a chart of Casco bay but it is not the sort of thing one would mark up with various permanent markers. I wonder if you have a way of printing out the charts so they are paper and can be marked up. If so I would like a pair, if that is possible. I would like to go to Jewell and have been there at least 4-5 times. However, I don't know yet at this point whether I will be able to do that. Bill Hudgins
  4. Joe, It was a wonderful trip. I appreciate your putting in the work of organizing it. I have never been paddling in that area before and I found it fascinating. I have only been paddling twice this year and this morning was a wake up call. Bill Hudgins
  5. Hi all, I'm interested in leaving from Winslow Park. Does anyone else care to do the same? I have done it twice and I think it's easier than from Cousins Island. Bill Hudgins
  6. Hi, I don't believe that I will come on this trip but I am curious what MDI stands for and what is involved in the trip. I have a plastic Looksha IV and I've been paddling in generally benign conditions for about a dozen years. I would consider myself a beginner-intermediate paddler. I've been on several trips to Jewell Island and Muscle Ridge. Thanks Bill Hudgins
  7. Gary I would love to join you but could only do Sat-Sun. Would that be possible? Bill Hudgins
  8. Gary, I am interested in going on the rip but the details are not clear to me. When are people arriving on Friday? Should we contact the campsite and make reservations? Does the ground allow for pitching tens or is it a gravel as opposed to a grass/dirt site? Bill H
  9. Gary I am interested in joining you again this year Bill Hudgins
  10. I am interested in signing up for the workshop. I have my own drysuit Bill HudginsEmail me
  11. I am sorry but I have to retract my wish to go. My wife is haivng a show then and I have to be there instesd. Bill Hudgins
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