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  1. i finnaly learnt how to roll right at the very end of the 2012 season, i learnt how to do a buuterfly roll and can most of the time do a standard greenland roll. My goal for 2013 is to perfect my roll i would like a rock solid standard greenland roll, and to learn a butterfly roll without a paddle. I would also like to perfect all the maneveurs I sort of learnt already but was to afraid to push to the limit for fear of flipping over. I want to finnaly become a solid level 3 or perhaps level 4 paddler. now that iam out of my old huge 17ft boreal design inukshuk beginners kayak and into my new hand built skin on frame disco bay replica i should be able to push myslef further than ever. i want to become a truly compitent capable paddler
  2. brambor do you have some footage already?? that would be a great help thanks for the response
  3. kayaking and videography are 2 of my most favorite things in life, i have been making some kayaking videos lately but would like to get some more footage of seals, maybe a snow shower while kayaking, other animals like porpoises, whales, birds, waterfalls, rock formations, setting sun ect basically anything scenic. If you have any footage like this and wouldn't mind giving it to me for one of my videos please let me know. i really enjoy making scenic nature-esc kayaking videos like this one i would like to make a really nature-esc, scenic kayaking video but need more footage so if interested in helping out let me know
  4. Well thanxs for the tips and lively discussion everyone
  5. wow so you dont wash the salt water off your kayak at all, even the metal parts, like the cables and rudder (if you have one) and it doesn't rust, i didnt know you could do that
  6. thank you for your replies everyone to spider the lines on my inukshuk appear to be braided steal, does this change anything ? is the braided steal more likely to brake than the spectra line, i bought the boat used i think the guy told me it was a 2004 or maybe a 2006 model after kayaking when you wipe your rudder off with water does it present a problem of freezing when you store your boat outside in the cold, or are you able to completely dry it so it does not freeze ??
  7. so i went out and bought all the gear kokatat expedition drysuit, whites mk2 undergarment, rei polypro heavy thermals, gloves, boots, you name it, unfortunately my kayak seems less prepared for the winter than I am. i have to store it outside and have run into some problems when winter kayaking how do i 1) wash the salt water off my kayak without it freezing 2) prevent the rudder and cables from freezing when im on the water and later when washing it off with fresh water last saturday on a freezing day i took my kayak off the rack to prepare for a day of kayaking, when i tested the rudder for mobility i noticed it was very stiff the cables resisted turning it side to side, i feared breaking the cables if i forced it so i reluctantly put the kayak back on the rack and regretfully missed a day of kayaking ( before you tell me to learn to kayak without a rudder i must say my boat handles horrible without the rudder probably because i do not weight enough to sink it down into the water, as my boat was designed for larger paddlers, i cannot happily use this boat without the rudder, im saving for a better boat that will handle without a rudder but until then this is what im stuck with) is there any type of lubricant i can use to prevent the rudder and cables from freezing ? can anyone answer my questions please id hate to have invested so much in winter equipment only to be unable to go kayaking dont know if it matters but my kayak is a boreal design inukshuk
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