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  1. I’m going. I just sent you the dough via PayPal. Eager to see you all and paddle together. John
  2. I copied your report, Pru, and emailed it to John. Here are the few photos I took.
  3. Family plans have changed so I’ll be unable to join you on Saturday. Have fun!
  4. Weather 7 days out looks favorable for Sunday the 21st: temps in low 30s mid-morning rising to low 40s, winds from SW in low teens gusting to mid-20s. HT is 1320. We’re proposing 10am launch from Odiorne Point with return between 2 and 3 at the latest. Route to be determined by conditions and group skills and preferences. If interested, please PM or email me for the link to the float plan on Google Sheets. Post-paddle food and drink at The Atlantic Grill in Rye.
  5. John Haile and I are interested in getting on the water in January. Sunday January 21st is the date that works for us. [And we have a hunch it will be a calm, beautiful day with robin’s-egg-blue skies.] While I am happy to be the organizer, the trip will depend on weather (of course) and a critical mass of experienced paddlers for planning and on the water. Location TBD, but I’m thinking somewhere between Cape Ann and Odiorne Point. My goal is to be comfortable and safe, yet push my gear and skills a bit in these chilly conditions. Ideally, we’ll convene afterwards to warm up with hot food and cold beer. If interested, please reply here. I’ve created a float plan spreadsheet on Google Docs. If you are interested, let me know and I’ll PM or email you a link. Obviously, we are ALL weather dependent right up until we launch, but it makes my life easier to have the float plan ready-to-go in advance. Questions and comments? Post them here, or PM me.
  6. I’ll join the feast and bring my harpoon. John M
  7. Interested and watching the forecast......
  8. In 2016, I paddled with Shawna Franklin and Calvin Croll of BodyBoatBlade in Eastsound WA. Great experience and I highly recommend it. I learned recently that Calvin is about to circumnavigate Vancouver Island solo....starting on January 1st. If you’d like to follow his progress and read his blog describing preparations, check it out here: https://futurewaterpaddling.com/ You can sign up there to receive an email when he posts updates during the trip. And thanks to a Garmin InReach satellite connection, his location will be updated each day on a map. Calvin a really great fellow in addition to being an excellent paddler and teacher. Godspeed, Calvin!
  9. Yes, we had a very enjoyable trip. The weather forecast matched the conditions very closely, though it never reached the predicted high of 32. We were wearing business casual.
  10. Forecast looks very good to me so I am planning to be at the put-in tomorrow for a 10am launch. If you plan to come and haven’t yet filled in the float plan, please do that today. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AP9YF1tJ1_tGq0vH_-UDRRjR4zjrPgVT8PCpHwNAauk If you decide not to come, please let me know by posting, PM or email. See you tomorrow.
  11. I was asked last night to provide a day-before notification just in case there’s a cancellation to save people from loading boats and gear. I really want this trip to go and share your feelings about using it as a test and proving ground in familiar surroundings. John Haile and I went out on Lake Gardner yesterday for that purpose and learned several things.
  12. At noon on Friday, I’ll put out an update on this trip: whether it’s a go or no-go based on wind chill. Please chime in with your thoughts on Thursday or Friday morning. John
  13. Here are some trip-planning thoughts for Saturday at Odiorne Point. Please chime in with your questions, corrections and additions. I’ve created a float-plan spreadsheet on Google Sheets. Please fill in your info, or let me know that you will not join us. I’ve emailed all of you (except Jim) a link. Jim, I’ll PM you to get your email address. You do not need a Google account for this to work. We’ll gather at the Odiorne Point boat launch parking lot, aiming to launch at 10 after considering the conditions we encounter. Windy is forecasting overnight snow ending as we’re driving in, temps in the mid-20s and northwest winds in the teens, gusting to mid-20s. Swell is approaching 3 feet. Of course, that means dry suits and neoprene gloves and headgear for water and wind chill conditions that aren’t kidding around. As a group, we will decide on our route for the day. I’m not looking to log big miles or a particular circumnavigation, though we will need to keep active to stay comfy. I wouldn’t mind looking for some conservative rock play along the way. I’m aiming to be off the water by 2, maybe 2:30. With early darkness, I won’t want to extend that. I’m guessing we will have had enough chilly fun by then anyway. Once we’re off the water, I’ll be headed to The Atlantic Grill restaurant on the way back to 95 for warm food and cold beer: 5 Pioneer Rd, Rye, NH 03870 Parking is easy and there are no shopping centers in the immediate vicinity! Breaking new boats into pieces is optional, though not recommended. OK, what did I forget?
  14. John Haile and I plan to paddle out of Odiorne on the 16th. HT is 0942 and LT is 1600. We’re thinking BiB at 10. Depending on conditions we’d like to poke around and play in rocks rather than accomplish a particular route or circumnavigation. Please reply here with interest.
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