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  1. The Necky Looksha 17 is a classic sea kayak for day or multi-day ocean paddling. The Necky Looksha 17 accommodates medium to larger paddlers and overnight gear with large hatch storage. This boat is stable, efficient and handles strong sea conditions but is also excellent for paddling flat calm days. This is a great kayak for beginner to intermediate paddlers looking to buy and keep one kayak for life. - Price: $800
  2. This Valley Nordcapp HM is a classic expedition sea kayak. The Nordcapp is a classic British style design used in some historic expeditions and designed by one of the best sea kayakers in the world. The kayak is in good condition with very few gel coat scratches and cracks. New decklines and hatch covers would complete the package for hitting the water. - Price: $800
  3. NRS Navigator Gore-Tex drysuit with hood and bathroom zipper. Size: XXL. Good condition but will want to replace neck gasket soon. - Price: $400
  4. The P&H Cetus MV with an expedition fiberglass layup with special bulk head location placement that makes this one of the best sea kayaks for overnight camping and long open water crossings on the market. This boat is in good condition and just needs a little keel strip repair. - Price: $1,800 - Color: Grey Deck and Hull - Location: 113 Huddle Rd, New Harbor. - Contact: [email protected] or 207-677-3455 Kayak Sale Page
  5. Hello Todd, Yes, I have the boat and it's in New Harbor, Maine in storage. Do you want to meet up at some point this winter or spring? Maine Kayak: 207-677-3455 Thanks, Alvah
  6. 1990 Valley Nordcapp HM great condition. $800 obo
  7. 1990 Valley Nordcapp HM great condition. $800 obo
  8. We're selling off our sea kayak fleet! Necky Manitou Sports - $300 to $400 -single recreational kayak -one hatch -molded in skeg Necky Manitou II - $800 -tandem recreational kayak -rudder controlled by the stern paddler -adjustable to fit one to three people -one hatch Necky Eskia - $500 to $800 -single touring kayak -two large hatches -rudder Necky Amaruk - $1100 -tandem touring kayak -rudder controlled by the stern paddler -two huge hatches Give us a call at 1(866)624-6352 or send us an email at [email protected] Also check out or website www.mainekayak.com or wander by our shop at 113 Huddle Rd, in New Harbor on the way out to Fort Pemaquid.
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