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  1. This universal compass can be used in its bracket as a steering compass or as a sighting compass when handheld. The 70un can be installed in any inclination or position - even upside down. The compass is easily attached or detached from the bracket to temporarily use it for sighting. It is also easy to remove for security purposes. With a main steering scale on the horizontal part and direct reading on the vertical edge 70un is ideal for boats with a sitting as well as a standing helmsman. Shock Cord with 4 clips, can be attached to perimeter lines $80 Thanks for looking
  2. In reading the posting, my understanding is that, yes - Riverhead is currently closed to kayakers. I believe they are trying to limit beach traffic to Devereaux (other side of the causeway), and that ramp access is collateral damage. I've heard the public ramp at Little Harbor (next to Marblehead Lobster Co.) is open to kayakers. Cheers!
  3. Massachusetts: https://www.marblehead.org/sites/marbleheadma/files/uploads/boating_guidance_final_4.27.20.pdf Marblehead / Riverhead Ramp access: RIVERHEAD BEACH BOAT RAMP ACCESS Boats Launching from a trailer to a mooring ONLY! By appointment, the Riverhead Beach Boat Ramp will open to launch boats from a trailer to a mooring ONLY. Boat and Trailer must be properly registered The gate will be unlocked at the assigned time for the registered vehicle & trailer to enter Riverhead Beach. The gate will be locked during launch and opened for the vehicle and trailer to exit Boat Trailers can not be left at Riverhead Beach Boating Guidelines During the Stay at Home Advisory Order
  4. That's great! Did the pictures give an accurate representation of the condition? It looked pretty good to me!
  5. Looks like a bargain for some intrepid soul... (Don't know anything about the boat, but saw it on Craigslist) Red Valley Pintail Kayak [project boat]https://hudsonvalley.craigslist.org/boa/d/beacon-red-valley-pintail-kayak-project/7100078871.html
  6. Thank you, Paul! Any thoughts on how to decide on the correct profile? Appreciate the help! Bill
  7. Hi there - I have an older CD Solstice and am thinking about trying to install a foam seat back. (I've tried a few options by modifying the stock seat and separately by swapping in a back band, but still not comfortable.) The seat itself is molded fiberglass, and decently comfortable. I'm thinking building out the seat back from the bulkhead? Any suggestion for designs that work well or vendor to purchase supplies would be helpful. Thank you!!! Bill (in Marblehead)
  8. Thanks, Vick and Leslie for your thoughts and advice! It's much appreciated! - Bill
  9. Hi there - I'm looking for a older/used NDK Romany. I don't mind if it's a little beat-up as long as it's watertight. Anyone have one taking up space that you might considering parting with? Thanks! Bill whalen dot bill at gmail do com
  10. Seals Shocker 1.4 / Medium Tunnel - $50 Harmony SuperShock (Not sure on size, but bigger than the 1.4 Seals) - $40 Harmony Nylon - $15 Malone J Racks (No straps) - $40 Yakima Saddles (Set of 4, fittings for round bars) - $40 Contact me at whalen.bill at gmail.com
  11. Might want to think about folding the car mirror in too? (Bad enough if you drop your kayak, but ripping off the mirror on your wife's new car might get you into trouble 😉 Good luck!
  12. http://www.boston.com/metrodesk/2012/09/08/coast-guard-searching-for-kayaker-swampscott-after-finding-empty-vessel/IdQGY9svvVyGfqlijElhvI/story.html
  13. Earlier this summer, I bought a Uniden MHS125 and have been very pleased so far. It's pretty basic, but was built to the higher JIS8 submersible specification (submersible for up to 30 minutes at five feet) and also floats. You can find it online today for around $100.
  14. I plan to swap out the thumb nuts on my Thule J racks with lock nuts. A semi-determined thief would still be able to remove these without difficulty, but it will certainly take longer - and he'd need tools. (I also saw some more serious, tamper-proof nuts, while researching online that would provide more security.) Hopefully the lock-nuts will be enough to keep them away... Bummer on your rack!
  15. Hi there - Can you tell me where you park and put in? Might try to stop by to check it out. (Don't think I'll be able to paddle tonight though, but would like to join in the near future.) Thanks! - Bill Whalen
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