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  1. Janet, Thanks for organizing this. I’ve not paddled from Fisherman’s Beach before, would like to know about parking. On Sundays, is parking allowed on Rt 129/ Humphrey St for more than two hours? Or is there a better option? About the start time, is that 9am arrive at Fisherman's Beach or 9am be ready paddle? See you Sunday. Beth
  2. Might have a book or two for the swap. Will bring an appetizer: Shrimp Martinique. Seafood for sea kayakers. Looking forward to this event; and being an active kayaker this year. Beth
  3. Bill, Feel better soon! I can't make this session. . . looking forward to next week's. Best, Beth
  4. Bill, With there being the possibility of a thunderstorm, I'd like to be able to shelter quickly. Would you be up for staying near the put in? That way we could shelter in our cars. Best, Beth
  5. I'm watching the weather, too . . . . and will likely be coming arriving 4:30 or so.
  6. Might be some rain today. . . still kayaking is water sport . . . I'll very likely come to the session today July 25, arriving 4:30-5pm.
  7. Jeff, I'm coming and expect to arrive at the launch around 4:30pm. Best, Beth
  8. Weather looks great. If things go right, I'll be there.
  9. Jeff, Thanks for organizing this. I intend to be there today at 4:30pm for a 5 pm launch. Best, Beth
  10. Practicing skills in Little Harbor sounds like Big Fun. I'll be there on Aug 15, if it seems other paddlers are going to be there.
  11. Gary, I've heard the trip last year was enjoyable. I would like to attend this year and explore the ocean with other NSPN sea kayakers. Let me know what I can do to help you. Regards, Beth
  12. The further we got from shore, the bigger the waves became. When the waves became over a foot and possibly close to two feet, I had the three of us “raft up” (bring the boats along side of one another and so we could hold on to each other's boats). In this configuration we were very stable. We decided to aborted our original float plan, and go back to the launch. While we were rafted up, I requested that one of participants use a sweep stroke to turn us around so we were heading back to shore. This avoiding having individual kayaks going broadside to the waves while turning (solid bracing skills are not a requirement for Level 2 paddlers, I really didn't want to have deal with anyone capsizing). Have others used this technique? I've never heard or read about it, but it sure did the trick in this trip. It required communication and cooperation but not a great deal of physical skill to implement. By turning the kayaks around, we went from facing open water and being concerned about seemly ever increasing waves to looking towards the shore and being pleased to be heading there. Overall, I'd say this trip was pleasantly challenging for all participants. Thanks to Ann and Kieth for kayaking with me on a rainy day. A big thanks to Bob Levine for his help in trip planning and his emphasis on paying attention to trip level ratings.
  13. Hi Keith, I propose we paddle to Salem Willows Park, which is the blue trail on the Salem Coast Watch trail, land there and paddle back. I estimate we'll be back by 2pm. best, Beth
  14. NOTE: We are going to meet up at the Forest River Park in Salem (previously this was the backup location) This is a more protected place. There's parking which makes things easier, too. Here's the location in Lat,Lon: 42.507468,-70.88415 We'll meet up around 11 am for an 11:30 am launch. Rain or shine. (You might want to bring dry clothes to change into after the paddle, since there a 20% chance of rain, no lightning.) Best, Beth
  15. k The level guidelines are on the web site at http://www.nspn.org/paddle_levels.htm. A roll in not required, but experience recovering from a wet exit is. Bob Levine, an NSPN board member who has extensive kayaking experience in Salem Sound offers this: The trip looks fine as long as the chop/swell on the Beverly coast is one foot or less, and winds less than 10mph. I’ve taken very inexperienced paddlers on the same trip after assessing the conditions. If the wind and waves are over the L2 level, you need to find an alternate route and put-in. For example, Forest River is close by and very sheltered. So, here is the back up put-in with some route options. http://www.salemsound.org/KayakGuide/KayakSALforestriverpark.html I appreciate you checking in about what's required. The ocean is beautiful and also dangerous if you get beyond your capabilities.
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