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  1. From Capt. Bill - this is such a loss! Sherry Dear Old Quarry Enthusiasts, I regret to inform you that after almost a year of trying my hardest to ensure that Old Quarry would stay open to the public in perpetuity, I have made a decision to sell it to a private landowner. As a result, I will have to cancel all upcoming reservations past July 31 and will promptly be providing you with a full refund. Reservations for the month of July remain as planned. Thank you for your patronage. I will miss seeing all of your friendly faces and hope you all stay healthy and well. My best, Capt Bill Baker
  2. Llangolan Inn will pick up food for guests from grocery store or restaurants etc. Sherry
  3. Maine is requiring a PCR covid test - my local test site can do those tests but results could take up to 14 days. Maine requires a negative test within 72 hours. How are people managing this? Thanks! Sherry
  4. Hi all - here are travel rules re MDI : https://www.visitbarharbor.com/travel-faq
  5. Thanks for putting this trip together. Could you let me know which charts we need? Also what are the likely paddles like? Thanks very much, Sherry V. smith
  6. Thank you so much Bob and Jo. It is so kind of you to put this together - and putting out the schedule so early in the year makes it possible for me to shift everything around the skill sessions. This is perfect for me! Sherry
  7. ssmith

    Cabin Fever Party

    I will bring an Indian crustless potato pie. Looking forward to seeing everyone! Sherry
  8. Thanks so much for organizing this event. For guide in addition to MITAs I recommend "AMC's Best Sea Kayaking in New England" by Michael Daugherty. * Yes, I am attending REI event * Yes, going to Jewell, don't know which pods will be offered - l have large waterproof chart and laminated smaller chart * Yes going to Solstice paddle if I doesn't conflict with other plans - have large waterproof chart and laminated smaller chart - possibly will go to lunch paddles * Yes to dinner - prefer restaurant Sherry V. Smith
  9. Hi Julia, Is it possible to send to you a check? $25x 3 = $75 + 8.5x4= $ 34 total: $109 ? do you know what that is in US dollars? Thanks so much, Sherry
  10. HI Julia, I am definitely interested in joining and am open to any plan the group comes up with. Hoping to also stay an extra few days and learn about the area. Thanks so much for putting this together, this is so great! Sherry.
  11. Could you give a bit more detail on where we park, unload and launch? I have a map - It shows Church st. off of 127 at north end of harbor. Do we park on the street or is there a parking lot? Is there a public launch or beach? Thanks, Sherry
  12. HI Beth and David, could you PM me about this? Thanks, Sherry V. Smith
  13. 11-24-16 Hi Kevin, Great to hear that you are doing the pool sessions. I signed up for 7 sessions as follows with instruction and with your equipment. Is it possible you have a small boat for me?: Could you tell me the time for the sessions, I did not see on the email. Can I pay you by check? My membership in ACA lapsed, membership # 35686219 but I will pay up today. Where can I send check? I believe amount would be $455?.-- Please reply to this email - I am very excited about the sessions! Sherry 12-11 - Sun 1-29 - Sun 2-5 - Sun 2-25 - Sat 3-1 - Sat 3-11 - Sat 2-25 - Sat
  14. HI Kevin, Missed you at Mt. Desert Island - I am looking forward to working with you at pool sessions this year - is the schedule available? Thanks, Sherry V. Smith
  15. Chebacco lake Thurs Aug 11? I am planning to attend!. Thanks Sherry.
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