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  1. So the old "We can launch a boat for free, right?" line doesn't work anymore?
  2. Nonresident parking fees at Riverhehad?! When did that start??
  3. No. Numbers going up in MA. We're heading in wrong direction with metrics and ME will not welcome us until metrics in line with theirs. 🙁
  4. I just got back from MDI. Fortunately even with MA license plates, I had no problems with anyone. Things were notably less crowded...although I was staying on quiet side of the island. As for Covid testing, I'm fortunate to be a Cambridge resident and was able to get a free PCR test...with results back in 24 hrs!
  5. I was there. As was Joe. Joe got the best look. I think Peter Brady weighed in on what kind. Mako maybe. Def not a great white.
  6. What a nice comment! My old Olympus Tough TG 5 just bit the dust so this paddle was the first, I think, with my new TG6.
  7. I got a Covid test yesterday morning - one of the free PCR tests for Cambridge residents thru Cambridge Health Alliance. 24 hrs later, they called me with my - negative - test result, I was prepared to be waiting 4-5 days...even up to a week. Negative result reassures me...and makes me feel better about all the paddles I've been on with many of you these pasts months.
  8. Christopher, read the article accompanying the vid. Answers your questions.
  9. It was a really wonderful paddle! Our newest member, Amy, in a 14 foot Carolina kayak, new to conditions like this, did splendidly. A very special day. Thanks to all, especially Bob, for arranging and giving geological narration to whet our appetites for the Geology Paddle to come. This was a new launch spot for me. Socially distant beach briefing. Heading out under beginning-to-clear skies. (It had been lightly raining when many of us approached the put in.) Michael at a gong. Amy at a nav aid. The group in lumpy seas approaching....? I didn't have a chart and I don't remember the island names! Michael at another marker. Al giving some George's Island background. Socially distant on-water waiting. Nancy and Jane plotting some rolls... Five paddlers, one boat at Lovell's lunch stop. Hmmmm.... Oh my but the day turned absolutely glorious on the backside of Lovell's as Bob gave a mini-geology lesson pointing out former drumlins in the distance that were now submerged forms over which waves were breaking. Preparing to cross back to Deer Isle. Eyes mostly left viewing the city skyline...and the waves breaking over spit of rocks off end of Lovell's. I wish I had photos of what it was liking crossing over to Deer Isle, but, alas, it was a two-hands-on-paddle crossing. Bob describes what we saw in trip report above. He said that there were some six foot wave/swells. One would pass and you'd look down the steepish wall into a canyon of water. Very impressive. But we all made it across. Bob later confessed that it was his great fear that someone would capsize in the channel. If someone had, it wouldn't have been a bad day for it...there were virtually no boats. Jane surveys the waste treatment plant. We are fortunate to live in a city with such a beautiful skyline, and to be able to paddle and see it from the water. And finally, back to the take out. What a day! Prudence
  10. Amazing. That's the fastest I've heard anywhere - and that includes for people in the hospital where a covid rule out was high on list!
  11. Everything I've read indicates that it is pcr testing and I don't think results will be any faster than they are at the other public testing sites run by city health departments. Five days or more.
  12. Read article about treatment. It said hot water or hot pack inactivates remaining tentacles/toxins after vinegar has done initial job. Article said cold application makes it worse.
  13. That is really something! I passed on story to a friend whose brother has been traveling back and forth. And btw, I knew you were offering as cautionary tale!
  14. You are welcome in ME! ME ok with NY, NJ, CT, NH and VT. you paddle 80-100 times per week!? When do you ever sleep! 🤪
  15. It was a wonderful day! Socially distanced boats...and a small cluster of masked but not so socially distanced NSPNers. The whole group passing Thatcher in the distance. Along the coastline after our turnaround point near Straitsmouth. Folks on the rocks envied us, I'm sure. Their little yippy dog...not so much. Starting the Thatcher circumnav. You can see the water was getting lively as Joe heads up a wave. Bob. Sue in the sporty distance. No good place for lunch on Thatcher, so we crossed over to Milk Island. Nasty red West-Beach-ish chopped up seaweed to get through before a nice socially distanced lunch. Seagulls at the spit at end of Milk. We crosssed back to the ledges along the short. It had gotten sportier since we passed that way in the other direction shortly after launching. Bob being Bob couldn't resist the opportunity to practice hauling himself out on the rocks. It wasn't easy but of course he succeeded. And then it was back to the seaweed soup beach, where a lot of work cleaning boats awaited us when we got home. I am really appreciating how even mostly trapped in MA as we are now, the lunch paddles have brought at least some of us to new stretches of the coast. Thanks to Bob and Joe for arranging! Prudence
  16. Wow! Kinda doesn't make sense. If you go to Maine you have to stay for two weeks to quarantine even if you're going for just a day...during which you quarantine. And also, how did they know the person hadn't been tested? How much?
  17. Carewell Urgent Care in Cambridge also offering quick test for $160. Fhose signs are all over the highways too. Widely ignored. ME is different.
  18. Really wonderful paddle. I unfortunately didn't have my camera with me, so all my pictures are in my head - where they are came out perfectly: clear and focused!
  19. Nine of us - Joe B, Janet L, Lorrie and Phil Allen, Mike H, Sue H, Liz B Jim S and me - set out in getting-to-low-tide Odiorne launch mud for a jaunt to Rye Harbor and back. Thanks to Liz, we knew we needed to make our launch parking reservations expeditiously because they did sell out, and even though the lot was never full, they did not let folks without a reservation in. NOAA was its unreliable self. Predicted morning SSW winds of 5-10 with 1-2 foot seas increasing to 10 kts with gusts over 15 never materialized. The day was one of those strangely magical ones: mostly windless with overcast skies bleeding into flat gray water that had that almost oily look... but with surfable waves at Wallis Sands and many rock feature to amuse those who wanted to play in them. We pulled into Rye Harbor for lunch. Alas, in the age of socially distanced paddling, we chose to avoid the wonderful food stands (no lobster rolls! No picnic tables!) and landed on the rocky beach by the jetty for a socially distanced lunch. Then it was a leisurely paddle back with a number of wave and rock stops. All in all, it was an excellent day on the water with friends. We were all happy Odiorne is open once again. I look forward to going back! Prudence
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