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  1. prudenceb

    Winter Reading

    Kate, Northern Lights book is $39 paperback on Amazon! Hopemthey have it at library... or do you have copy I could borrow? Prudence
  2. prudenceb

    West Beach, Beverly to ??, Saturday Nov 2

    I’ll stop by 9:15ish to say hello to kitties and change into dry suit. Thx for checking beach!
  3. prudenceb

    West Beach, Beverly to ??, Saturday Nov 2

    Conditions for tmrw look just fine. Assuming we don't hear from Mike that the storm blew in seaweed up to our necks, see everyone tmrw at West Beach, Beverly, ready for beach briefing at 9:45 and BIB at 10 am. Prudence
  4. prudenceb

    West Beach, Beverly to ??, Saturday Nov 2

    As long as we have three people show up, the trip is good to go...unless Mike tells us that the seaweed at West will eat us! So if you've posted you want to go and change your mind, pls post that here as well. Looking forward to a fun day on the water! Prudence
  5. Anyone interested in a paddle from West Beach in Beverly this Saturday? After a lively next few days, things supposed to settle down with nice weather forecast for wknd. Trip open to folks with boats longer than 14’ with both bulkheads and decklines. Drysuits required. Depending on forecast on the day we could go north along coast or out to various islands. Group decision. 10 am launch after 9:45 beach briefing. Post interest here. Prudence
  6. prudenceb

    Squam, 10.19

  7. Hey Rob, I have a local friend who has an Aries 150 to sell. Naval blue with yellow trim, keel strip, expediiton layup. You can contact her (Sue) at shriciga01at gmail dot com. She knows I've posted this. Hope you find what you're looking for! Prudence
  8. prudenceb

    Gear Lab Greenland Paddle

    why you selling?
  9. prudenceb

    Ogunquit, 10/19/19

    OK, it just let me do one more. Here's Janet... And Paul already in the water.
  10. prudenceb

    Ogunquit, 10/19/19

    My computer is fighting me and will only allow me to attach this one photo - of Andy and Paul getting psyched to jump. I have several more of the actual jumps, but can't upload...
  11. prudenceb


    I don't know this area at all - have never been there - so would appreciate clearer description of where we're meeting up. Maybe "main parking lot on Beach St" makes sense to others, but not me!
  12. prudenceb


    Whenever is good for me.
  13. Never got the hats! 🙁 Should we make sure you have correct address? (Sorry, Rob, for hijacking your Aries thread!)