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  1. When I clicked on link, Google Earth told me I "don't have permission to view this project."
  2. Now not sure if I can make it 🙁.
  3. Wish I could, Jim, but alas...
  4. Cmon folks! Sign up! It’s easier than paddling!
  5. As I recall Red Heat Tavern in Wilmington opened at 11:30 am last year. I feel bad about not paddling but we could have a leisurely lunch discussion about what weenies we’ve become... And if conditions are better over the wknd...
  6. What’s wrong with us?! can we find any enthusiasm at Red Heat tavern?
  7. Not thrilled about the wind...
  8. Yay! Yes! And the other tradition is that if conditions are not favorable for a paddle, we meet for lunch on New Year's Day instead. So those who want to do something, plan to do it with us - either on water or off. If weather conditions are favorable for it, I'll put in an early vote for launching from West Beach in Beverly. Nice options - islands or along the rocky coast - and easy parking. And hopefully we have Mike to give advance warning about whether the dread seaweed will allow us entrance to the water or not!
  9. I hope to be able to be there. Will bring dessert.
  10. Have fun...wish I could be with you all...whoever you are. Merry Christmas, Jim!
  11. Kate, Northern Lights book is $39 paperback on Amazon! Hopemthey have it at library... or do you have copy I could borrow? Prudence
  12. I’ll stop by 9:15ish to say hello to kitties and change into dry suit. Thx for checking beach!
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