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  1. Really wonderful paddle. I unfortunately didn't have my camera with me, so all my pictures are in my head - where they are came out perfectly: clear and focused!
  2. Nine of us - Joe B, Janet L, Lorrie and Phil Allen, Mike H, Sue H, Liz B Jim S and me - set out in getting-to-low-tide Odiorne launch mud for a jaunt to Rye Harbor and back. Thanks to Liz, we knew we needed to make our launch parking reservations expeditiously because they did sell out, and even though the lot was never full, they did not let folks without a reservation in. NOAA was its unreliable self. Predicted morning SSW winds of 5-10 with 1-2 foot seas increasing to 10 kts with gusts over 15 never materialized. The day was one of those strangely magical ones: mostly windless with overcast skies bleeding into flat gray water that had that almost oily look... but with surfable waves at Wallis Sands and many rock feature to amuse those who wanted to play in them. We pulled into Rye Harbor for lunch. Alas, in the age of socially distanced paddling, we chose to avoid the wonderful food stands (no lobster rolls! No picnic tables!) and landed on the rocky beach by the jetty for a socially distanced lunch. Then it was a leisurely paddle back with a number of wave and rock stops. All in all, it was an excellent day on the water with friends. We were all happy Odiorne is open once again. I look forward to going back! Prudence
  3. Wish it could have gone longer!
  4. Josko, I,d love to come back down to your neck of the woods (hole) when conditions are on the mellower side. Or a Naushon circumnav if it isn't a race. But not this wknd!
  5. Sorry Liz, we're filled to overflowing and I do not anticipate any additions from a waiting list at this time. But...next time! Prudence
  6. Al, I have added you to group thread.
  7. A short ordeal. Took me about three minutes!
  8. I have sent you a PM. Sue, I,ve sent you one, too!
  9. DATE IS SET FOR ODIORNE THIS WEEKEND! OK everyone, Saturday the 27 is the day. Long range weather looks good and parking reservations are getting eaten up. The following have indicated that they are good with Saturday: Janet Lorang, Liz Burgess, Lorrie Allen, Phil Allen, Jane Cobb, Mike Habich, Joe Berkovitz and me. Waiting list: Terese Pawletko, Sue Hrciga. I would recommend folks make reservations NOW. https://newhampshirestateparks.reserveamerica.com/camping/odiorne-point-state-park/r/deDetails.do?contractCode=NH&parkId=270106 If anyone doesn't want to go, please let me know ASAP so those who would won't get shut out.
  10. On the list. Will make day decision tmrw and post link for reservations.
  11. Fri least likely day but I have you down.
  12. You're on the list. Will let you know.
  13. Trip is now FULL (and maybe a bit overloaded, which is ok). The following are on the list. Some are ok with any day - Fri,,Sat, Sun, others wknd only,,and in one case Friday only. We'll get that sorted out in next several days. Then we'll see where things stand. Janet Lorang, Phil Allen, Lorrie Allen, Liz Burgess, Joe Berkovitz, Al Coons, Jane Cobb, Mike Habich, Bill Harter and me. if others are interested, I'll keep a waiting list. Because of scheduling vagueries at this point, spot(s) likely to open. Waiting list: Jim Snyder, Terese Pawletko, Nancy Hill, Sue H Prudence
  14. Approaching limit on signups if all who've expressed interest on post and elsewhere follow thru.
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