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  1. Thanks heavens that our party wasn't scheduled for last night! So fingers crossed for good weather next Saturday. We're hoping for a good turnout - both for the club's annual meeting at 5:00 and the party thereafter. Let us know what you're bringing and be prepared for plenty of time for mellow conversations about last and upcoming year, for enjoying a slideshow that will run in the background, and for good food and drink. And don't forget to bring any kayak related books that you no longer need for our first annual book swap! Hoping to see lots of you there! Prudence and Janice, your party tsarinas!
  2. prudenceb

    Ocean Paddler Magazine

    Nick, look at Kurt yang's post of Dec 6 in this forum. He was looking for old Sea Kayaker mags and would probably love yours.
  3. prudenceb

    Salem to ... maybe Gloucester? 1/14/19

    No one could keep up with you, Alex!
  4. prudenceb

    Where do you store your kit?

    Oh my! The room is official 😁! Short of leaving all my gear up at Jonathan and Kelsey's and letting them deal with it for me....I pretty much take the Andy approach sans drip tubs in basement. I bring everything into house (except for the boat, which will get cleaned periodically at pool session), wash it in bathtub and drape it on drying rack there. Drysuit hangs up in separate bathroom in walk in shower. Next day or thereabouts everything goes to basement where it hangs on line until completely dry...or whenever I get around to it (next paddle?)... at which point gear (pfd, soray skirt, tow belt) goes into tub for transport in car whenever needed, and dry suit gets hung up. It's all a pain. If I were building a house I'd have a first floor room built for all of this. But that's not gonna happen.
  5. prudenceb

    thin kid boat?

    If you,re wanting to paddle more this year, Rob, sign up to join NSPN! Prudence
  6. prudenceb

    Pre- New Year's Day Paddle

    It was a really nice day. If only I could figure out how to keep my hands warm! When I finally had the boat loaded on my car, I was happy that the next day would be for the second annual NSPN New Year's Day brunch at Red Heat Tavern in Wilmington and would not require wrestling with cold weather paddling gear. But it had been a very good paddle - a bit bouncy, a bit windy, mostly mellow and quite chatty. We were the only ones out there but for one SUP guy heading out of the harbor as we were heading in at the end of our day. So ten of us met today, January 1, for brunch/early lunch at Red Heat. Lively discussions about best bingeable TV series, who went to bed earliest on New Year's Eve, what kind of paddling we most enjoy and so on. Next year, hoping for a good turnout for paddle and/or brunch! Thanks, Rob, for initiating the tradition! Prudence
  7. Thanks, Dan, for posting the address. I'll be bringing dessert of some sort.
  8. Xth Annual NSPN Winter Party aka Cabin Fever Party Saturday January 26 2019 6 pm Gould Barn Topsfield, MA to be preceded by the club's annual meeting at 5 pm OK, we've all hopefully survived the holidays and stepped confidently into the new year. While it hasn't gotten too cold or snowy yet, all that may be just around the corner! So it's time to turn our thoughts to NSPN's annual winter bash. We wll return this year to the Gould Barn. This year's party will have a total emphasis on food, drink and socializing! We have decided to give the raffle a break this year to allow more time for folks to enjoy each others' company. So bring yourselves, a spouse if you like and some fabulous food (and a beverage - adult or otherwise - of your choice) and enjoy the company of your fellow (and gal!) paddlers. The party will start with appetizers (assuming someone signs up to bring!) and drinks at 6 pm. It will be preceded by the annual business meeting, where members will have a chance to hear about the past year, the financial status of the club, initiatives the BOD is considering, and will also be able to weigh in with ideas about how to make our club even better going forward. Our president, Rob Folster, will be posting separately about the annual meeting. So let us know if you're coming and what youll be bringing! Your Psrty Tsarinas, Prudence and Janice
  9. prudenceb

    New Years Day Brunch

  10. prudenceb

    Pre- New Year's Day Paddle 2019

    Yep. But it looks as though it's 9:30 if we don t hear othwrwise, right? Please someone confirm actual launch time - especially for those of is coming some distance...
  11. prudenceb

    Pre- New Year's Day Paddle 2019

    Especially if we're launching at 9:30. I for one will be cold well before 3:30 and will be happy to be off water!
  12. prudenceb

    Pre- New Year's Day Paddle 2019

    Also, I'm putting this suggestion on both this and New Years Day Threqd. Suggesting late brunchish NPPO on Tuesday at 11:30 am at Red Heat Tavern in Wilmington, where we went last year. Thoughts.
  13. prudenceb

    Pre- New Year's Day Paddle 2019

    Launch time?
  14. prudenceb

    New Year's Day Paddle 2019

    We ate at Red Heat Tavern, I think in Wilmington, last year, and it worked out well. Shall we do again. I think we got there early - sort of late brunchish? - and were able long table. What do folks say about 11:30 am New Years Day?