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  1. On the Baxter Scale, I'll give you a 9.2. A long and fun report about just one day. As for your swim... it made me think of how everyone up at Cobscook jumped into what I'm sure was stronger current and rode it around a rocky point. Great fun and nothing to worry about because 1) everyone was watching and onboard with the plan, 2) someone set up with a throwbag on the point to toss at the swimmer zipping by and 3) there was a backup swimmer-catcher in a kayak in case the swimmer missed the throwbag...or the thrower missed the swimmer. Silly you! Glad it turned out ok and that you learned something. Wish I'd been there. As much as I enjoy planning for and going on Big Trips, I really really really miss all the great paddles my friends are doing with each other in this great area thst we are blessed to have such easy access to. Thanks for a great report that made me really envious! Prudence
  2. Have a great paddle, everyone! Wish I were with you, but other shores call...
  3. Swimming not allowed at Horn Pond, altho there is apparently a boat launch, but what we do in and out of boats may not be acceptable.
  4. I've done virtually all of MDI in pieces, but never on one trip. Your adventure sounds great. Looking forward to meeting your buddy Dan for a paddle further north...or rather, August with some NSPN folks and others. Prudence
  5. Sounds wonderful! year!
  6. I highly recommend recommend these early morning sessions for those who have a free or flexible schedule AND are willing to get up early. Magical quiet, easy-peasy parking, and the joy of having already been on the water fooling around and being upside down for two hours...and it's still only 7:30 am! Thanks to Jonathan and Kelsry for posting this, and may it become an NSPN summer tradition! I will for sure be a regular when I'm not off traveling! Prudence
  7. Expected didn t go! It helped to have had a fun time by myself in the morning...altho I was interested in sitting in Peter's boat again after getting mine foamed out in attempted copy of his.
  8. Fyi to everyne. I was at Walden for two hrs this am practicing rolls and self rescues. When I left at 11, park closed to new arrivals. First time this summer on a weekday. So everyone be sure to check the Walden twitter feed before setting out. I anticipate that it will be hard to get in at 4. Maybe 5:30... If it's closed til the , I'm not going. Got a pretty good workout today anyway! For potential early birds, I'm joining Jinathan and Kelsey Oltz tmrw (Thurs) am EARLY - like 6 am. Pls join us. Parking a breeze at that hour! Prudence
  9. Ill probably get there at 6, but hey, you never know. Bad sleep and I'll be up earlier!
  10. I may try qnd join you this Thursday, hoping it will allow time for my gear to dry by Fri/sat. If you decide not to go on Thurs, please post Wednesday evening. I'd hate to get up at crack of dawn and find no one there! Prudence
  11. I will also plan to be ther, but am not optimistic about parking. Susan, I'm actively working on rescues so would be glad to help out. i had interesting conversation with DCR guy early Sunday morning. He said closures are NOT caused by full parking lot, but by staffing cutbacks. I am also willing to meet people first thing in the morning. I may well be at Walden before 8 am on Wednesday just to be sure I get practice in. If others would like to join me then, post here. Prudence
  12. Gary, You've bought another boat!! Hope the School Bus isn't jealous. What did you get and why? I assume it's to supplement, not replace...
  13. Jane, you're on the wrong thread!! This is one for June. You mistakenly posted on a thread of PAST events. There's a whole thread for future events of people going tomorrow!
  14. Don't know if I can make it bc have appt with Carl Ladd down in Westport to foam out boat so that it works as well as Peter's and may not be able to get back in time.
  15. Those paddleboarders I can live with! Can we entice them to join NSPN?