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  1. prudenceb

    Cape Ann Saturday 9/22/18

    I,m not wild about struggling into headwinds (my troublesome right shoulder muscles). But I will if that,s what the group wants.
  2. prudenceb

    Cape Ann Saturday 9/22/18

    I'm in.
  3. hully rollers and kayak saddle are now taken. Anyone still wanting the cross bars, let me know.
  4. I'm getting a new car to replace my 2013 Subaru Impreza hatchback. If anyone wants the Yakima Cross bars (round), fairing that eliminates all wind noise, all attaching hardware (pillars etc), kayak saddle and TWO sets of Hully Rollers (one has never been used), they're yours. They would be available only by pickup at my house, or to give you at a paddling event. Available early October. Prudence
  5. prudenceb

    More NSPN stars!

    Boy do I love doing these posts! Congratulations to NSPN member Janet Lorang, who passed her three star assessment today! I wasn't the least bit surprised to get the news. Congratulations, Janet! Prudence
  6. prudenceb

    Odiorne Saturday, September 15, 2018

    have fun back at ya!
  7. prudenceb

    Odiorne Saturday, September 15, 2018

    I would need float plan info for all of you. Sorry you're no definites!
  8. prudenceb

    Odiorne Saturday, September 15, 2018

    Hello everyone, Conditions look lovely for Saturday. Point forecast for our area has two foot seas (hopefully some residual surf as well) and light variable winds. Sunny and warm. I will send PM to those who have expressed interest with details about launch time etc. Anyone else interested in joining should PM me or post interest here. Last signup 5 pm Friday. Looking forward! Prudence
  9. prudenceb

    Odiorne Saturday, September 15, 2018

    Uh, more like 9:30 or 10. Yet to be determined... but NOT 11! Hope you can join us!
  10. I had thought of doing a Portland paddle on Saturday, but have been spending too much time in my car, so I'm going to dial it back. Is anyone interested in a Saturday paddle out of Odiorne? Seas may be a bit, but not too, lively as a result of Hurricane Florence. Will have to keep an eye on the forecast, but at this point, it's looking like a sunny day with nice temperatures and manageable conditons. Nice to take advantage of the still warm waters while we can! We'd probably paddle south to Rye Harbor. Rock play an option if seas cooperate. Post interest here, and if there is sufficient interest as days go on, I'll firm things up. Or if anyone has other ideas... Prudence
  11. prudenceb

    Walden Wednesday - September 12th, 2018

    wish I could but have nspn board mtg that night...
  12. Re: Portland. Will keep an eye on weather and my schedule as it gets closer to 9/15 Sat. So keep an eye out on Trips forum. No further info on this Trip Report forum. Thanks for interestt.
  13. I'm thinking of posting a Portland paddle Saturday the 15 th. You in?
  14. Saturday, September 1 - Mourning the Psychological End of Summer Paddle - Lanes Cove to Rockport Thirteen (an auspicious number) of us set out, 13 of us returned. There is significance to this statement that I'll get to presently... But first, mostly sad faces here as it's September now. David Mercer a notable exception, but that smile was wiped off his face later, but I'll get to that presently... It was a pretty lovely day. While we had hoped for more lively conditions, the forecast starting three days earlier trended down to light variable winds (mostly E/SE) with two foot seas - except for when they were one foot or footless... We set out with some apprehension because Pintail had posted about squadrons of hostile biting flies off of Halibut Point earlier in the week. He posted that even rolling didn't discourage them - they just waited for when he came up; and he was covered with bites on his shoulders when he landed. A number of us made note to bring bug juice...but forgot. Always Prepared David Mercer did have some at the ready. But it was a lovely day - a cool respite from the brutal August heat - and the water was warm warm warm. Puffy clouds and blue sky. I I didn't take many pictures because how many new pictures can you generate from a familiar old route. So my camera wasn't at the ready throughout the trip. We rounded Halibut Point uneventfully, as always noting what I can only assume are envious land bound visitors watching and photographing us from the big rocks. No malevolent flies. And so we proceeded, somewhat spread out, but still acting as a group. I was pleased to see folks stopping before we turned major corners to allow the group to reform. CAM at its best. People responsible for themselves but looking out for their compatriots. And so we paddled, pretty leisurely. A few rock features for some to play. I hung back 1) to keep an eye on the rock people and 2) because it was easier to count the group from the rear to make sure we hadn't lost anyone. Lose anyone? How could that possibly happen on such a benign day, with such a group of proficient paddlers? And so...David Mercer and Joe Berkovitz were bringing up the rear as we proceeded along the shoreline with the breakwater by Rockport Harbor visible in the distance...when I heard an urgent exchange, "Is that a fin?" And then, before the discussion could continue, out of the corner of my eye I saw a large creature exploding out of the water immediately to David's right. Oh my god! Oh my god! Joe was right beside him and made a definitive identification: SHARK! Pointy head, distinctive gills - but mouth blessedly closed. At the same time, we saw a helicopter overhead, flying fairly low along the coastline. Coincidence...or looking for what we'd just seen? Might I add that that smile was wiped right off of David's face? (OMG, OMG!) And where is a Go Pro when you need one?? It was a CAM trip but I had organized it and felt a responsibility to and for the group as a result. I may be a four star now, but none of the scenarios I'd ever dealt with included What To Do If a SHARK Leaps Out of the Water Right Next to One of the Pod. So I did what I thought made sense: yelled ahead to the group to stop while those of us toward the rear gathered up with them. I informed everyone of what we had just seen, and suggested that we stay more closely together as a group as we proceeded toward the harbor. My thinking: safety in numbers, and a large pod perhaps discouraging to What Lies Beneath. And so we proceeded to Bearskin Neck, where we alighted at the usual place, hit the usual spots for strudel, lobster, ice cream and etc... I went to the kayak rental place to tell them what we'd seen and perhaps to notify...someone? Two tatooed young lads were lounging outside the shop in the sun. Employees. Their response to hearing about a shark breeching right next to a kayaker, "Sweet!" Ah, youth... But they went on to say they'd seen a shark cruising along the shoreline when they'd taken out a group earlier in the week. They spontaneously mentioned the helicopter, musing on whether it might have been monitoring activity. In any event, they said they'd notify the harbormaster. Whether they did, I don't know. Anyway, on the way back to Lane's, we all did stick closer together. Nervous laughter about whether we should try out those rolls and rescues some had talked about earlier in the journey. As it turned out, there were brave souls who went upside down (and didn't report seeing any sharks!) and rolled up in Folly Cove. I was not one of them. And so the trip ended uneventfully, and all of us agreed it had been quite the day. Good company, good conditions and a good scare! Thirteen left, thirteen returned. Thanks to David, Joe, Dave C, Dave M, Liz B, Jane, Al , Pablo, Karen, Elizabeth, Bob T and Mike for a day that I think none of us will forget for a while! And was it a coincidence that we noted this sticker on a car parked next to one of ours when we returned? Prudence
  15. prudenceb

    Saturday, September 1 - Lanes Cove to Rockport

    OK, pls send float plan info.