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  1. Josko, if world ever returns to semi-normal I would love to come down and take you up on your offer!
  2. Dan, thank you! The cocktail hour was super fun! Let's do it again. I'll try and figure out how to get more than 9 people on my screen! Stay safe everyone and go wash those hands now!
  3. Hey, I know plagiarism when I see it, Joe! That was BOB'S trip report that you stole! Jeesh.
  4. For once being a city gal isn't such a bad thing!
  5. I think we need to spend more time discussing...er debating...er arguing about the necessity of waivers. Looking forward to attempting to enter this brave new virtual world. I never had heard the word Zoom - except as in "go fast" - until late last week. Now it's every other zoomin' word!
  6. Does anyone know whether a virus can stick on a boat that has been in constant contact with salt water - either from just floating or from being splashed by waves?
  7. Although can still have two person boat carries - with gloves - and unload and load boat onto car with help.
  8. I assume pool sessions are now canceled. Correct?
  9. Josko, What is it about the Taran that makes it such a good boat for downwind surfing...and do you say Surf and Aries are definitely not good for it? Thanks for any explanation. Prudence
  10. Glad to see you spent the 15 bucks! 😁👍
  11. Mark, you're not a member so no one can PM you! Spend the 15 bucks and join us again!
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