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  1. Lane's Cove to Rockport, Saturday November 24 Any interest in working off a couple hundred of the extra 9000 calories you packed in on Thanksgiving? Join me for a mellow post-holiday paddle. While Thanksgiving and day after are forecast to be cold and windy, things will hopefully moderate by Saturday. Current marine forecast calls for winds SW 5-10 with seas 2 feet and temps trending up to 40’s. I'll be keeping eye on forecast over next few days. While the calendar says fall, reality is saying winter. Drysuits required for all participants. If you have questions about adequacy of your boat or gear, post here or send me a PM. And if you know you're interested, please post to that effect here. Prudence
  2. prudenceb

    Odiorne, Saturday, 11/24

    Hi Jim, i'm interested inpaddling but not at Odiorne. Sorry. I'm going to post a Lane's Cove trip for Saturday if you,re interested in joining. Prudence
  3. prudenceb

    New member looking for pool training

    Hi Mark, Pool sessions are at Haverhill HS. I live in Cambridge and it’s about a 40 minute drive for me. Well worth it! People will help you with wet exits, rescues and rolling. Loads of fun. No email notifications will be sent out, so keep an eye on the Trips and Events forum as Rob just said and then sign up! See you there! Prudence
  4. prudenceb

    Thanksgiving Weekend at Walden

    I had hoped to do this but sadly have to attend a memorial service that day so won't be able to make it.
  5. prudenceb

    Solo loading

    Kate, , Newer tall cars require the suction cup thingy bc they all have a stupid "eyebrow" at top of rear window that sticks out and is not strong enough to support a boat leaning against it. Look at Subaru's and all SUV,s going down the road. They all have it now. Dumb feature. In the old days with old tall cars you could lean it against rug on car. No more.
  6. prudenceb

    Solo loading

    I have a new Crosstrek, which is a few inches higher. Definitely need the Malone suction cup thing for that, but definitely no need for Impreza. I don't use a towel for protection of car. I have a small doormat, fuzzy on one side, grippy on the other. No damage at all to car in six years of use. It also doubles nicely as a mat for changing out of wet paddling clothes.
  7. prudenceb

    Solo loading

    I found loading u Subaru Impreza solo a snap. It's not a tall car. If you have saddles, just get a rug fragment to put over back edge of car, lift up bow of boat and rest on towel. Walk back to stern and pick up and then slide forward into saddles. j hooks are a pain. Get rid of them for solo loading. If I was able to load an Impreza solo, anyone can.
  8. prudenceb

    Squam Lake, Oct 19-21, 2018

    Nice! I agree with you that camping trips are wonderful, as the Lake Unbagog group found at the beginning of the month. I too encourage those with questions about geat, skills etc to reach for answers/ discussion.
  9. prudenceb

    Paddling around So. Bristol, Maine?

    Hi Rob, Avoid Thrumpcap circumnav and outside of Thread of Life if condtions are lively. Things can get quite sporty there and do not fit the bill of what you said you wanted. Prudence
  10. prudenceb

    Lake Umbagog kayak camping, Oct 5-8, 2018

    Saw Yong cheerful as could be packing up his boat and camp this morning. We had great weekend and all is well!
  11. prudenceb

    Rockport to Milk Island 9/29/2018

    No photos, Joe??
  12. prudenceb

    that ledge outside Straightsmouth

    Others of us were up in Maine and found that the long period swell (15 seconds) was producing occasional and unpredictable big waves seemingly rising up from nowhere. If you weren't watching a given area for a long period of time, you'd never know where trouble might rear its ugly head, unless you had local knowledge. Chart didn't identify every single underwater ledge... That's sure sad and scary news from Rockport...
  13. prudenceb

    Thanksgiving Weekend at Walden

    If I'm around, sounds like fun. Tgiving a long way off yet, but plans will firm up as it fets closer.
  14. prudenceb


    I am completely thrilled to report that I just received word from Wales that Jonathan Oltz, Kelsey Oltz and Tom Donovan all just passed their BCU Sea Kayak Leader assessment - familiarly known as BCU Four Star! They did it in truly challenging conditions judging by what the weather report has been telling us back here in the US. They are apparently the first Americans to get the award in Wales! I am so proud of them and NSPN should be, too! Prudence
  15. prudenceb

    Cape Ann Saturday 9/22/18

    Joe, I,m not comfortable putting all that info on spreadsheet than anyone on the NSPN site has access to. If it were in a group PM to those who signed up, that would be fine...