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  1. WOW!!!! That would be wonderful, Mike! Any paddle with a lobster roll but without Mike is just flat out WRONG!
  2. Saturday, May 25 Memorial Day Wknd Food Destination Paddle - Odiorne to Rye Harbor Round Trip Join us to celebrate the psychological start of summer (which we really need given that spring appears to be completely passing us by!) launching at Odiorne, lunching at Rye Harbor - where the lobster roll and hot dog stands will likely just be opening - and then returning to Odiorne. The water will still be cold, so dry suits (or at very least wet suits) are required - as is boat with bulkheads. And spray skirts. This beautiful coastal paddle can range from mild to wild depending on weather, wind and waves. Rockhopping an option, as is a bit of surfing - if Wallis Sands Beach is not packed with people out enjoying what we hope will be a beautiful weekend in the weather department. Please note interest below. If you have questions about the paddle or your appropriateness for it, please PM Janet. She willl be putting together float plan, so will need participants to provide the usual info: name, cell, e contact, boat description, car description. Since it's still over a week out, it's too early to even guess at conditions. We will be monitoring the forecast. If it is looking dicey, we will make a go/no go decision by Friday 5/24 midday. In the meantime, let us know if you're on board! This will not be a led trip. Participants will have input and all will be expected to contribute to the safe running of the paddle commensurate with their skills. As noted above, if you have any questions about this, PM Janet! Info about specific launch time will be sent to those who sign up, although it will likely be no later than 10 am, with a return by 4 pm. Janet Lorang and Prudence Baxter
  3. prudenceb

    5/15/2019: Wednesday Lunch Paddle in Marblehead

    Folks should know that this will be my first paddle since breaking my wrist in late Feb. I've just been cleared to be on the water but told not to overdo it. Thus, my wish that I expressed above that this not be a long mileage, many hour, rough water paddle. If people feel that what they want is all that I don't (🌊🌊🌊) pls weigh in now and I will take a pass πŸ™.
  4. prudenceb

    5/15/2019: Wednesday Lunch Paddle in Marblehead

    I’m in, but is this going to be a mellow paddle we discussed?
  5. prudenceb

    Paddling Woods Hole

    I'd very much like to get there this summer, and have indicated this to Mel. The only difficulty is finding a time that works. I have a super busy summer ahead. Are weekdays ever any good? I'm happy in a PM to tell you when I'm away in hopes that we could come up with a time that I'm actually in town. Prudence
  6. prudenceb

    5/8/19: Wed. Lunch Paddle, 2nd Edition

    You just needed a woman’s sharp eye to find 😁!
  7. prudenceb

    5/8/19: Wed. Lunch Paddle, 2nd Edition

    And nobody searched for sea glass at your lunch spot! Well, that leaves more for the next time I’m there, so I guess a thank you is in order. 😁
  8. prudenceb

    May 7 - Walden Pond at 5PM, Comella's restaurant at 7:30

    Can't make Comella's tmrw, but hope to be on water soon!
  9. prudenceb

    5/8/19: Wed. Lunch Paddle @ West Beach

    Can,t make this Wednesday, but am hoping PT guy will give me go ahead for the following week. Frustrated to still be on sidelines...expecially since you'll have had two paddles in areas that I really enjoy!
  10. prudenceb

    May 7 - Walden Pond at 5PM, Comella's restaurant at 7:30

    I,m gonna try for Comellas bc can't paddle yet.
  11. prudenceb

    Walden-area Tuesdays

    Ain't retirement great, Kate!
  12. prudenceb

    5/1 - Wednesday Lunch Paddle @ Lanes Cove

    I'll be with you in spirit! Excited to see your venture get off the ground.
  13. prudenceb

    Experience paddling Vinalhaven ?

    I've done two circumnavs. Once we island hopped from the mainland and did some commando camping bc of limited options. The second time - with Gary - we took the ferry over. That was great. Particularly fun at the end of the trip to have a relaxed ferry ride back to Rockland, watching ghe island recede in the distance. It's a really beautiful area. If conditions allow (calm water for the crossing) head over to the Brimstones, island a few miles off of Vinalhaven with The Most Amazing Shiny Black Rocks Everywhere that you ever saw!
  14. prudenceb

    Walden-area Tuesdays

    Thanks for organizing - and switching to Tues. I'm still healing from my broken wrist, so don't know when I'll be able to join the group. May try to make the pppo in Concord the first day. Itching to be on the water
  15. I would love to have a course. I always felt a bit baffled by my radio, and I have trouble following the threads folks have posted on various necessary or less necessary features. Marine Radios for Dummies...yes please!