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  1. I already saw it and have made two comments. One can probably figure out who I am!
  2. While I can't paddle this Wed anyway, if weather and conditions are good next Wednesday, I may well post something…so keep an eye out. Prudence
  3. Gary raking Jewell singlehandedly deserves its own post on this thread!
  4. I hope Snake Island isn't aptly named 😳…
  5. Should facilitators sign up as well? what the heck…just filled in all the forms whether needed to or not.
  6. The paddle from Seal Harbor on MDI (plenty of free parking, clean bathrooms and outdoor shower!) out to the Cranberries is one of my faves. The coast of Sutton Island on the way out has some really interesting rock features. Also, if you're in Gouldsboro, paddling out to Ironbound (beautiful reddish cliffs) and the Porcupines is an easy reach.
  7. Hope it works out! It'll be good to see you!
  8. Hi, Richard. Sorry for the confusion. There are two different trips out of Odiorne this weekend. There is a Saturday 6/11 trip posted by Rob Folster for less experienced paddlers. Mine is for Sunday 6/12 and will be on the less protected area and will be a longer trip. prudence
  9. Conditions look favorable for a 9:30 am LAUNCH at Odiorne. Since it's after Memorial Day, I'm assuming the food stands at Rye Harbor will be open for a lobster roll - or whatever floats your boat - lunch. Followed by a well-fed paddle back to the launch. Opportunities for rock play and some sufing (although that's not the main point of the trip - the food is!), so...helmets! Even though it's June, the water is still cold, so dress accordingly. Boats with bulkheads, spray skirts required. Odiorne requires parking reservations, which shouldn't be left to last minute. https://newhampshirestateparks.reserveamerica.com/camping/odiorne-point-state-park/r/deDetails.do?contractCode=NH&parkId=270106 Please post interest here. Ten paddler limit. (Note: this is a different trip than the one Rob Folster posted for Odiorne the day before!) Prudence
  10. I agree with Jim that it's bad design that requires taking such care. Which I told the folks at Werner. “Almost everyone I paddle with loves the Cyprus, hates the ferrule"…or words to that effect. That's when she said there's a new design and made the Dawn soaking recommendation. I took the advice. While I'm happy for others who have had no problem with just drying the ferrule off with a towel or otherwise ignoring it, that hasn't been my experience. Happy to do a quick soak if it saves me what it cost to mail the paddle to Werner and get it fixed. Each to his/her own…but don't conclude from your N of 1 that that's the solution for everyone. Just sayin'… Prudence
  11. I was having trouble with my Werner ferrule. Sent it in and they replaced it (on my dime 🙁) with newer design that has fewer problems. They also recommended soaking both ends of paddle in warm water with some Dawn dishwashing liquid after each salt water use. I've been doing this and no problems. Plus new ferrule works better.
  12. So what happens if you're in your EV and you're in northern Maine (maybe the wilds of Northern Maine) for a kayaking trip and you didn’t do the best job in the world estimating your kayak-on-the-roof battery degradation…and the car runs out of juice and glides to a silent stop in the middle of nowhere? What next? I guess a long tow…assuming your phone is able to get service there to call for one. Seems most folks I know who have an EV live in a two-car household, where the other vehicle is not an EV. Not ready to turn in my one-car household's thus-far trusty Subaru just yet…
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