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  1. 2018 Pool Sessions (updated 2/6/18)

    Slot open for Saturday, Feb 24. Anyone? Prudence
  2. Easter Plunge Saturday 3/31/18

    Looking forward!
  3. 30 second assisted rescue

    Weird that he said some rescuers like to give their paddle to the one in the water. Huh? Never seen that.
  4. Saguenay Beluga kayak - camping

    Troad, I've sent you another two PM's that you should check. One tells you how to link a PM to your personal email so you'll know when someone has sent you one! Prudence
  5. Saguenay Beluga kayak - camping

    Troad, I sent you a PM re organizing this trip. Did you get it? Prudence
  6. FS: TideRace Xplore-S

    Love the photos! I assume you'll resume trying to sell her come spring? You'll see me in her on the photo at the top of the NSPN home page. Hmmmm, how many boats ago was that? I look forward to paddling with you. Prudence
  7. Terese, look at first post in chain. It hs contact info.
  8. Barb Todd, new NSPN member known to many, is also going!
  9. NSPN Midwinter Party 1/20 is Fast Approaching!!

    Hey folks, let us know what delicious food you're going to bring! And those who haven't already, sign up to join us. You'll miss the camaraderie, the food, and the swell raffle prizes! Prudence
  10. Potential Trip on Sunday January 21st

    Possibly interested.
  11. Welcome, Todd! If you haven't already signed up, you might want to consider coming to our annual party. There's a post on the Trips and arvents forum. A good chance to meet club members in a relaxed setting. Prudence
  12. Midwinter Party, AKA Cabin Fever Breakout Party, Saturday, January 20, 6 pm -- Beverly Farms, MA Hello everyone. We hope everyone survived the arctic chill, and is ready to party to celebrate the pure ongoing-ness of winter! As previous posts have said, the party will be at the home of a club member in Beverly Farms, MA. Because it's a private home, we won't be posting the address on this site. Any club member planning to come - and we hope that everyone is! - should RSVP on the club calendar. On Monday, January 15, we will be sending out PM's to all who have signed up to give them address and directions. Not to worry, though. If you haven't signed up by then, you will be sent the same information soon after you sign up. One request: folks who can carpool should consider doing so. There will be parking for everyone, but that parking will be easier if we don't arrive on a one car/one person basis! The party will feature great food - that all of us will provide! - great conversation, a slide show, and as always a raffle of fantastic items. Among them: trainings with John Carmody and Carl and Sam Ladd; private lessons donated by Kevin Beckwith and Bob Levine; a Peak UK pfd (very snazzy colors!) donated by Greg Paquin paddling jacket; and cool deck bag donated by Newbury Canoe and Kayak, amazing artwork by various talented club members -- and other cool stuff to help warm your winter! We hope for good turnout and lots of raffle tickets sold so that we can make good donations to MITA, Maine Coastal Heritage Trust and Salem Sound Watch. Your chance of winning any of this is ZERO if you don't come and participate! Did I mention food? If anyone wants to weigh in as to what they're bringing, feel free to do so on this thread: Prudence is bringing a dessert. Everyone should bring whatever adult or other beverages they enjoy imbibing at a party. Look forward to seeing you all there! Prudence and Janice, The Party Tsarinas! ps...the party house has cats, but theyll be locked away. If you have allergy, plan accordingly!
  13. New Year's Day Paddle 2018

    Bummer, Jeff. Happy New Year to you!
  14. New Year's Day Paddle 2018

    Sounds good. Count me in! Thanks.
  15. New Year's Day Paddle 2018

    Other thoughts for venue?