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  1. prudenceb

    Thule saddle/sling vs. hullivator given NDK Pilgrim

    I have a Subaru Impreza. I carry boats and load them on to the car without any help. Like Jane, I'm not getting any younger (sorry, Jane, but it's true!) and still I can do it. There are things that you can get - short of a hullivator - that help with stabilizing the boat as you're loading it. Prius is a short car. You should be able to manage as long as your hand cooperates.
  2. prudenceb

    Odiorne Point - Monday, July 9

    Hey Sue, time to get your first boat! You appear to be officially hooked!
  3. prudenceb

    Walden Wednesday (Plan-B White Pond) - July 4th, 2018

    Wasn't able to get in. Holiday mornings when it's a million degrees don't work! Hope you had fun, Bob!
  4. prudenceb

    Sat June 30 Cape Ann Paddle - All Welcome

    Fun day on cool water escaping the city heat and paddling with a bunch of new club members, some of whom were game to capsize and practice rescues. Good work, Sue and Rich! And thanks to Joe for arranging and (mostly) herding us cats, in a challenging environment where we were outnumbered by power boaters by about a million to one. Getting across the Anisquam was like crossing Route 128 at rush hour. We all lived to tell the tale! Prudence
  5. prudenceb

    Walden Wednesday (Plan-B White Pond) - July 4th, 2018

    Yes...unless anyone wants to come early..like 8 am. Anyone? If any interest, I'd be there...
  6. prudenceb

    Muscongus Bay 6/15-6/18

    Nice report, Joe!
  7. Fabulous trip that a number of NSPNers did last year. Mladen is a terrific trip leader and organizer. The boats were high quality. The venue spectacular. When your only complaint about the trip was too much excellent food, you know it was a special. Prudence
  8. Got the answer to my question, have sent the $$ via paypal, and looking forward to seeing my first moose...hopefully not charging at us! Thanks for arranging, Gary. Prudence
  9. prudenceb

    Walden Wednesday (Plan-B White Pond) - June 6th, 2018

    Glad to hear! The Walrus is one dangerous creature! I'm heading up to Cobscook for the week so won't see folks next Wed.
  10. prudenceb

    Hermit island weekend

    I've camped and paddled all up and down that area...but have managed to miss Hermit Island. Next tIme, Nick!
  11. prudenceb

    Walden Wednesday (Plan-B White Pond) - June 6th, 2018

    Doubt I’ll be there unless last minute change in plans.
  12. Gary, how long a drive is it from Boston area, if you know... I'd love go join but may just have returned from a trip with six hrs driving ewch way.
  13. prudenceb

    3 Drysuits for sale

    Suz, by front entry I assume you mean the traditional across the chest zipper? And by relief zipper, do you meean to use with she wee etc. is this a Meridien orvdifferent mdel. Depending on answers, I may well be interested.
  14. prudenceb

    P&H Scorpio

    Jim, I've paddled the new corelite Scorpio MV. Really nice boat. I'm actually getting one. But have heard this old Scorpio is a larger boat than the new MV. Abd obviously heavier.
  15. prudenceb

    Walden Wednesday (Plan-B White Pond) - June 6th, 2018

    Bad weather = good parking. Back to the dry suit?