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  1. Rob and Cathy probably know.
  2. Nice! Glad for you all. Swimming sounds particularly nice.
  3. Best news in weeks and weeks of terrible news!
  4. OK, looks as though everything will be nicely calmed down on Thursday, and temps will be returning to summerlike ones after several chilly days. Thursday's paddle will be Lanes Cove to Rockport and back. I know we can park at the state ramp. Not sure about the Duley St dirt lot. The temporary no parking signs were gone at the dirt lot - while still up on the road - last time I was there a couple of weeks ago. Given that it's going to be a lovely day and parking may be an issue, let's meet at the state ramp by 8:30 at latest for a 9 am launch. (NOT Wed lunch paddle schedule.) Limit six paddlers/cars. Right now we have Jane, Al, Jim, Dana and me - so room for one more! Look forward to seeing you. We'll sign waiver at the launch. Bring your own pen! Prudence
  5. This is the place we always parked back in the day, right?
  6. Barry, Out of state cars overnite parking got egged at Round Pond this summer. I've always used parking at Muscongus Harbor. Also small fee but well looked after. Haven,t been there in a few years, but assume it's still operational. Folks who have houses on islands park there. All tide ramp launch. Prudence
  7. Nice, Kyle! Had the same feeling on the Bold Coast trip!
  8. OK, great. We have at least three so let's say it will be a go. Maybe decide on venue tmrw or Wed depending on forecast, whether Teddy stalls, etc. Meanwhile, anyone else who's interested, pls post here.
  9. Looks as though conditions are going to be beyond sporty on Wednesday with the passage far offshore of Teddy (although it would be a fun day to go to Halibut Point to look at the chaos from the rocks!). Things are forecast to settle down Thursday. So let's paddle. Details below. Prudence
  10. Glad you had a nice day. Keep me in mind next time!
  11. Wish I could but have appt that day...
  12. Looks to be a very breezy day, so I may want to find a different day to paddle this week.
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