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  1. For a lot more detail on society's options this is a great article: https://medium.com/@tomaspueyo/coronavirus-the-hammer-and-the-dance-be9337092b56
  2. Just found this model which predicts the last day each state can act to prevent overloading their hospital system. Take a quick peek at https://covidactnow.org/.
  3. I agree with Dan. The stress is getting to me, and all my normal social gatherings and exercise outlets which help me manage stress have just become unavailable. I don't like thinking about a summer without rolling or surfing. However, I don't think group paddles would be a responsible alternative. Our generation has been called to sit on the couch. Lets not mess this up. Solo paddling, especially on low-risk fresh water, is probably an option if and only if isolated put-ins are available. If you really must paddle in a group, I suggest you form a small group of about four people who figure they will probably all either avoid or contract the disease as a group. Then paddle only with the people in that group until the restaurants are fully open again to limit the spread. Still try to maintain 6 foot spacing instead of presenting a bad example, but realize that spending lots of time together will still increase the chance or spreading disease.
  4. Great idea! Though I personally doubt I'll attend many if any sessions because of the 9am meeting time.
  5. Sadly I will not be able to attend this weekend. Our dog developed severe vestibular issues Wednesday, basically severe vertigo. For now I need to carry him down the stairs every time he needs to go out to use the doggy facilities. So for the moment I'm confined at home except for short trips immediately after taking the dog out. Have fun without me.
  6. Pru, what I need to figure out is how many pool practices I am up to attending per weekend, and pick which ones! For December 2019 the choice was easy, Kevin is the only nearby show. For 2020 the choices are harder. AMC sessions in Nashua, NH about 15 minutes from my home some Saturdays at 6pm Kevin's sessions in Lowell about 30 minutes from my home most Sundays at 3:30pm. NSPN's sessions in Haverhill about 45 minutes from my home on various days scheduled by a morning person. and in past years when not injured I've also helped teach white water rolling with AMC Boston historically on Sunday evenings in March.
  7. My back is not sufficiently improved to play with kayaks today.
  8. According to CBS Boston Body Of Missing Cambridge Man Found In Walden Pond report dated September 9, 2109 at 1:19pm. So there is a good chance they will reopen the boat launch Tuesday. Though they haven't done so as I post this. What they have done is moved the close time a half hour earlier. So they will be locking the boat ramp gate at 6:30pm assuming they reopen the boat launch. Which means we would have to get off the water around 6pm. Unfortunately, I strained my back about an hour ago. I hope it will be all better by morning. However, my own ability to attend Tuesday has become uncertain. Unless someone else posts before noon that they definitely want to go this Tuesday, I won't be taking a kayak to Walden or White's Pond tomorrow.
  9. I'm hoping someone else will also post they are coming, so I don't have to drive home during rush hour around 5pm Tuesday after working with my White-Water rolling student. We might be meeting at White Pond this week (details in this old calendar entry) because Walden Pond is currently closed while police search for a missing man. Will decide which venue Tuesday based on https://twitter.com/waldenpondstate. Though someone else can post an event for the following week if they wish, I will be out of town. By September 24th sunset will be 06:38:50 PM which will probably mean the NSPN Walden after work sessions are finished for 2019.
  10. If the weather forecast holds, around 5pm I'm expecting to practice with a rolling friend who hasn't been to Walden recently. Everyone is welcome to join us. -Bill I might also be working with a white-water rolling student before hand.
  11. Hi Ken, Walden will soon start closing the gates earlier to stay ahead of the sunset. They will also close the beach and its building fairly soon for winter. They announce these changes on https://twitter.com/waldenpondstate. They will eventually close the boat ramp for winter, but I think the park itself is open year round. I recall one year a group of paddlers meet at Walden during Thanksgiving Weekend and carried our kayaks from main parking down to the pond to practice rolling because the boat ramp was closed for winter. Dan Foster only added Walden to the calendar through today, which is traditional. Some years the NSPN sessions at Walden have continued into September on a week by week basis, often moving the start time earlier. It is very weather and interest dependent. You are a paid member, so you can start a trip thread asking if anyone wants to join you at Walden. The weather might cooperate. I might join you. Others might join you. Eventually nobody will respond, then nobody will post, then NSPN Walden is done for the season. However, the water definitely cools off with the shorter days and colder nights. I will probably resume wearing my drysuit for comfort this week. Though it is certainly not required for safety yet. -Bill
  12. Anyone expect to join me this Tuesday for the last Walden on the calendar for 2019?
  13. Since we are hijacking Joe's trip report today. I'll tell a personal scary rolling experience that I always relate to my beginning rolling students. Back when I was trying to get my pool roll to work on the river, I took a rolling on the river training class. Most of the class was spent peeling out into a play spot, capsizing, rolling up. Below the play spot the current quickly smoothed out, and there were rescue paddlers standing by to assist. I missed my 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and perhaps 4th roll attempt before deciding I was out of air. From my laid back position I tried to sit up and reach the grab loop. Instead of reaching the loop my helmet hit the now shallow sandy bottom. The current was still fast, but the water was too shallow for me to reach the loop. I tried a second time, then switched to plan B. I grabbed the side of my spray skirt and got the skirt off the edge of the coaming. No air left to be fancy, I pushed down on the kayak with both hands like I was pulling off a pair of pants and felt myself leaving the kayak. My feet felt tangled in something, and I flutter kicked them until I was free and breathing that wonderful air. A rescue kayaker reached my kayak, righted it, and declared that my skirt was still on the kayak, which was news to both of us. I have never again worn a skirt with suspenders. I always make sure my beginner rolling students demonstrate they can pop their skirt without the grab loop, and I make sure they know it is possible to leave their skirt behind.
  14. Assuming the weather cooperates, I expect to work with a white water student until around 5pm, then join any NSPN participants who show up. As far as I can tell the DCR universal access program will not be reserving boat ramp parking next week, so returning the NSPN Walden event to Tuesdays.
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