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  1. Walden Wednesdays are coming to an end for 2017. Weather permitting I believe the consensus is that September 27th will be the last Walden Wednesday for the year. I currently hope to arrive around 4pm. Note that as of September 20th the water temperature was 71 degrees, and the park was closing at 6:30pm meaning we get off the water around 6pm.
  2. Walden Wednesday (September 20th, 2017)

    We missed you Peter. While it was overcast, it was also practically deserted which gives Walden a very pleasant relaxed vibe. The Walrus reports the water temperature was 71 degrees.
  3. Anyone want to come out and play this Wednesday? I would like to arrive around 4pm. Note that Walden is closing at 6:30pm these days, which means getting off the water around 6pm. The National Weather Service is also currently predicting "Showers likely, mainly before 2pm," but is NOT predicting thunder. Since I expect to get wet anyway, I consider the chance of showers to be a minor inconvenience.
  4. Walden Wednesday (September 13, 2017)

    Get better Jane. We will miss you.
  5. I plan to arrive around 4pm if someone else posts they will join me. Forecast looks warm.
  6. Drysuits

    I find the Icon more comfortable than the Front Entry when draped. I have never used suspenders with any drysuit. I notice the back zipper against the PFD for the first few minutes, kind of like when first putting on a watch, then I forget about it. Switching to the Icon did not change what PFD I used. My only real concern in your case would be your shoulder issues. Agree you should try one on.
  7. You don't need me to have a good time at Walden. Which is a good thing, because I'll be in Maine this week. Have fun!
  8. I expect to arrive around 4pm this Wednesday for the final Walden session on the calendar for 2017. Last week the water temperature was 78 degrees according to The Walrus. However, with the cooler air temperatures predicted this week some form of thermal protection is now recommended for comfort. Concord public schools resume this Wednesday. That combined with the cooler air temperature forecast makes a closing unlikely. However just in case, plan B for this week remains Whites Pond (See the Walden Wednesday Plan-B options Discussion Thread for Whites Pond logistical details). Basically if you don't get a space marked for car-top boats, park at the school. Definitely do NOT park in the private beach club's upper parking. While I am very open to continuing Walden sessions into September on a week-by-week basis, I will be in Maine next week, arriving home late the following Tuesday. So others will need to step up and organize next week, and perhaps announce the following week as well.
  9. New Hampshire salt water practice sessions!

    Have fun. Unfortunately I cannot join you this week.
  10. Walden Wednesday (August 23rd, 2017)

    Looks like the weather is being agreeable today. I plan to be at Walden or if Walden closes Plan B Whites Pond today around 4pm.
  11. As of Sunday there is a chance rain will cancel this week's rolling practice. If weather permits, I'll again plan to arrive around 4pm assuming someone else posts they want to join me. Last week's plan B diversion to Whites Pond was very successful (See the Walden Wednesday Plan-B options Discussion Thread for Whites Pond logistical details). We had a good turnout, and it was easy for some people to arrive later than others. In my case I even paddled White-Water this Saturday and Sunday because of paddlers I met on Whites Pond last Wednesday. So in the rather unlikely event that Walden closes but we are not rained out, I'm definitely heading to Whites Pond again this week. However, I still hope to enjoy Walden's waters. If you haven't attended before, see the NSPN Calendar Entry for other useful details.
  12. Walden Wednesday (August 16th, 2017)

    Plan B today. Whites Pond. See the Walden Wednesday Plan-B options Discussion Thread for details.
  13. New Hampshire salt water practice sessions!

    Leaving in a few minutes.
  14. New Hampshire salt water practice sessions!

    I still plan to attend. As of 9:30am, the NWS point forecast is very good with only a slight chance of showers before noon: I suspect the forecast might be different inland.
  15. New Hampshire salt water practice sessions!

    I expect to attend again this week. We will miss you Jeff.