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  1. Hello all, Anybody interested in an assortment of Yakima equipment including a Sweetroll? Will accept a reasonable offer located in Ipswich. Please email @[email protected]
  2. I will bring assorted pastries. & I will not be there until 7ish....
  3. WooHoo! Many congratulations to you both!
  4. Oh, that "One China" policy is so yesterday's news...
  5. Hi Matt, it seems like a great idea. Have you gotten the club's buy-in/approval?
  6. The article states that the employee is a "professional guide"... he suffered the most critical injuries.
  7. & missed the great white that was floating around. ..
  8. Hi, I found a great guy in Stoneham, unfortunately I don't remember or have any contact info. I found him through Google
  9. Wow, wow, wow! Many congratulations! !!
  10. And... had you all agreed that it was a CAM trip or was it a buddy trip?
  11. Sorry about the problems. Rob Folster manages membership problems and checks the board frequently. I am sure he will be in touch. If he hasn't responded by tomorrow evening I will message him.
  12. Same problem as me, most embarrassing considering my involvement with the club, also posted on our Bod forum...
  13. Looks like a great time, thanks all for helping and thanks Kevin for spearheading this event.
  14. Looks pretty simple except for the time crunch
  15. Please know that the survey is "closed" & we are not pursuing MeetUp.
  16. Unfortunately the date of the pool session has changed and it will not be held tomorrow
  17. I can help, let me know if you need me. I can't bring my boat though.
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