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  1. I will bring assorted pastries. & I will not be there until 7ish....
  2. WooHoo! Many congratulations to you both!
  3. Oh, that "One China" policy is so yesterday's news...
  4. Funny! We should use that on the website :-)!
  5. Hi Matt, it seems like a great idea. Have you gotten the club's buy-in/approval?
  6. The article states that the employee is a "professional guide"... he suffered the most critical injuries.
  7. & missed the great white that was floating around. ..
  8. Hi, I found a great guy in Stoneham, unfortunately I don't remember or have any contact info. I found him through Google
  9. Wow, wow, wow! Many congratulations! !!
  10. And... had you all agreed that it was a CAM trip or was it a buddy trip?
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