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  1. Hi Rob, Thanks for the post. I'd like to attend. Just to clarify, do you mean the boat ramp at 400 Chebacco Rd, South Hamilton 01982? Cheers, Mike
  2. Hi Lisa, Looks great. Fiona will have her work cut out for her this year at the Blackburn! Wahoooo Mike
  3. Hi Folks, The woodstrip kayak shop will be moving at the end of March. If anyone is interested in a custom ordered cedar (lightweight) euro-paddle (any length, blade size, fixed angle feather or unfeathered), I'll be happy to take orders for delivery before 31 March. Cedar can be blended with pine/hemlock/fir for added strength with slight addition in final weight. $95, fully refundable if you aren't completely satisfied. mike 781-913-4759
  4. Wooden Kayak Building Shop to Share, Tired of paddling a 55 lbs plastic boat? Want to get out there in a wood strip kayak that weighs less than 35 lbs and will cost ~ $750 in materials? Consider building your own cedar strip kayak. While such a project will require 200-300 hours in the shop, the reward is a very classy boat that you will have the satisfaction of having built yourself. We have lots of room available to share (500 square feet), 250 sq feet is more than enough for one project. 50 cents per square ft/month (no lease required). Will share tablesaw, router, bandsaw, thickness planer, 24/7 access, heated, light-industrial space. Space is in Lynn, MA. 271 Western Ave. Will be happy to discuss your project with you (for free), and offer some basic instruction (for free). mike 781-913-4759 [email protected]
  5. Wooden Kayak building shop to share, Use of tablesaw, router, bandsaw, thickness planer, 24/7 access, heated, light-industrial space, 500 sq feet available. 250 sq feet is enough for one project. It will take a first-time builder at least 250 hours in the shop to complete a boat. Space sharing will cost $150 for 250 square feet per month, no lease (stay month-to-month). Space is in Lynn, MA. 271 Western Ave. Thus far, I've built 3 kayaks and am finishing a canoe. If you need free advice and some free basic instruction, I'll be happy to discuss your project with you. mike 781-913-4759 [email protected]
  6. Hi Folks, Shop space is still available. 24/7 access, 250 square feet, and use of power tools for $150/month. If interested, we can negotiate working together on your boat. cheers mike
  7. Hi Ern, I'd like to join you fellows if I may. Cheers Mike
  8. Just like to thank everyone for sharing a great time on the water. Special thanks to Doug and Lisa for the many beautiful pictures. cheers, mike
  9. mikeaguiar

    Full Moon Paddle

    Full Moon Paddle, 13Aug2011
  10. Sounds like a great paddle. Would like to tag along if i may.? Cheers, Mike
  11. Hi All, Shop-space is still available, but don't delay if you're interested. As we head into September, everyone starts planning their winter boat-building projects.. Attached is a photo of the canoe taking shape; for inspiration. cheers mike
  12. Hi Folks, A little more info. The shop space is one large room, 22'x46'. The rear half is occupied by myself and a professional carpenter; the front half is available for one or two new builders. If you're at all curious about what the project entails, I'd recommend ordering up Nick Schades books "Building Strip-Planked Boats" or his "The Strip-Built Sea Kayak". Within you will discover everything you need to know to take a project from from start to finish, as well as offsets for 3 different single kayaks, 1 double kayak, 1 yacht tender/dingy, and 1 double paddle canoe. Drop me an email if you've got some questions or would like to stop by the shop to have a look. cheers mike
  13. Hi Folks, It's nice to see that some of you have been perusing this post. I should mention that the shop is equipped with a table saw, table router, 9" band saw, thickness planer, so you need not bring your own. You would need some sort of workbench and a number of small implements including a 6" block plane, jackknife, clamps, wood-glue, random orbital sander (with adapter to plug into shop-vac), and materials for your boat. I don't recommend buying a kit; we can go over to Gilbert and Cole and get you 2 or 3 nice clear cedar boards that can be turned into enough strips in 1/2 day work. Fiberglass is relatively inexpensive (Carbon-fiber and Kevlar is more expensive but more classy). MAS epoxy is on sale right now at Chesapeake Light Craft ($254 for economy kit 2 with free shipping), regular price is $291. Attached are a couple more photos for inspiration; 2 finished kayaks and a canoe under construction. cheers mike
  14. Hi Folks, For anyone interested in building their own wood-strip kayak/canoe, space for 1 or 2 new projects is now available at the Lynn MA (271 Western Ave.) wooden kayak shop. From past experience, a first-time builder will require at least 250 hours in the shop to turn cedar boards into a beautiful/lightweight/seaworthy kayak; a good fall/winter project (but it's never to early to get started). For those who are comfortable with this sort of time commitment, shopspace is available immediately at the rate of $150 for 200sqft/month. For those who want the finished boat but aren't ready for the whole 250 hour commitment, we can discuss a plan to work together and agree on terms. As an example of the kind of work we do at the shop, attached is a photo of "Ginger", a recently finished Petrel (Guillemot Kayaks Design) built for my fiance. Ginger is a rough-water boat, 17' long with 20" beam, weighs just 27 pounds, she is constantly turning heads. Ginger also has a brother "4th July", a Guillemot 17' long with 21.5" beam, weighs 34 pounds. If you've never paddled a Cedar strip kayak, let me know if you'd like to arrange an audition. Should you have any questions regarding references or sources of building materials, do not hesitate to reply to this message. Happy summer paddling
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